T-mobile Sidekick 2008 gets unboxed


Thanks to BreatheT-mobile, we (again) have pictures of an awesome-looking unreleased phone. The T-mobile Sidekick 2008, slated to be released on July 30th (AKA Tomorrow) comes in a small box, which helps to emphasize the small size of this new Sidekick. Not only is the size going to be small, Sidekick users will be able to customize their new Sidekick. Users can buy any of these skins for $14.99 each, however if 2 or more skins are puchased, they will cost only $9.99 each. The Sidekick 2008 will cost $150 for a new activation and 2 year contract ($50 Mail in Rebate) or $168 for a full 2 year upgrade (No Mail in Rebate), and it will retail at $300. To check out our photos of the T-mobile Sidekick 2008 unboxing, and of over 10 new skins for it, click here. Oh, and if you are that eager to get your hands on this phone, check out the online users manual.

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  • phoneking13

    Pretty sweet.

  • Rafael

    COME ON!
    Give me something new, exciting, fresh!

  • Mockerfab4

    I never thought I’d ever say this again…but that Sidekick looks sweet. Hmmm…I may need to pay a visit to the TMO store to check it out.

  • Reaper


  • im getting it

  • jj
  • devastatingforearm

    will it be worth it?

  • jaiden

    So the new sidekick is awsome…I just bouqht mine…I love it…I wish the screen was a little bit biqqer…but its all qood…the camera takes qood pics…and the video is pretty qood 2…

  • kumar428

    ordered today, will b my first sk. hopefully doesn’t disappoint.

  • Lame

    No wi-fi, no 3G (despite all the hoopla of T-mo finally rolling out 3G this year)… FAILURE of the worst kind.

    They actually took a step backwards on this one.

    And how old are all of you?

  • Kay Rod

    well what can i say.i currently have a sidekick 3.it was a piece of crap concidering i treated with not much care after the first 3months.i got it in March 2007.The cancelation fee is outraguoes.I am torn between getting the iPhone or the Sidekick 2008.
    Which should i choose between all the fee’s the prices are basicly equal.?
    iPhone or SideK!ck 2008?
    Please Commment Back Your Choose ALL COMMENTS APRECIATED!

  • Mundo

    I Think Its Not The Best Looking Sidekick Considering The LX But Its Pretty Cool