Details emerge on T-mobile's new Family Allowance Service


About two weeks ago we brought you the news that T-mobile was working on a new family allowance service, and now we’re here to bring you some more details. Starting July 30th, parents will be able to add the allowance restrictions add-on to their T-mobile Family Plan. All good things can’t come without a catch, right? Right. Well the cost of this add-on will be $2/month, for the whole account. For $2 a month, parents will be able to restrict the number or minutes used, the numbers kids are able to call/not call, and the times calls can and cannot be made. Restrictions can also be placed on text and picture messaging, 411, and chargable downloads. We assume T-mobile is smart enough to let emergency calls go through during restricted times. (T-mobile’s online portal for customers) will be updated with a easy-to-use interface for users that are opting to purchase the $2/month restrictions. Parents will also be able to use T-zones to manage this service. Let the parent-teen arguements begin!

Thanks David, and everyone who sent this in

Update: It is confirmed that with the addition of minute allowance, T-mobile will discontinue their KidConnect plan

  • Orlando Reyes

    This is a real cool feature. I can see that T-Mobile is working on living up to their motto “Sticking Together.” It is great that they are working on bringing in families. Families will bring in more money each month, as well as, have have more people to have under contract. Parents will give their children phones so they can be “safe” and there is another line in T-Mobile’s corner. This is a good way to give value to parents that are looking to keep in touch with their children as well as keep their children from driving them to bankruptcy.

  • Krubuntu

    This is a godsend for parents and I’m sure most T-Mobile reps as well. Two bucks a month seems well worth that kind of control especially if you have teenagers or even a “black-sheep-bad-credit” relative on your plan. Plus it sounds easier to use than the Fixed Dialing Number List on most GSM handsets. (Which you need the SIM PIN 2 to activate and most reps won’t give it to you let alone know what it is but based on the default PIN 1 it’s not too hard to figure out!)
    Props T-Mobile! :)
    Now release some 3G smart phones!! ;)

  • PT

    Sounds good, although what would be great (and should have existed even before this add on idea was hatched) are alerts that could be sent out to the parents phone when certain conditions are met.

    For example, when 80% (or whatever percentage you pick) of the shared minutes have been used for the month, a warning alert would go out. My 14 year old daughter has been pretty responsible with her phone but one month she ran the minutes way over at an additional cost of about $100 to the account. Had I received an alert when, for example, 500 of the 700 shared minutes had been used up, I would have shut her down long before the +$100 hit the account.

    Same sort of alerts could be provided for limited messaging plans, calls to internation numbers, etc.


  • This is something people have been asking for a long time, I know I was asking for this at least 5 years ago. Better late than never I guess. sigh

  • J-Nic

    It’s up and “running”. There seems to be quite a few glitches with the Allowance online. It’s taking forever to set allowances and then my changes disappear. Will try again tomorrow after they figure it out.

    Seems like once it’s working properly it will be a great application!


  • something to look at (:

  • I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  • I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks


    • JFish

      Wow. If my kid had as much trouble with anger issues, spelling, and capslock as you do I’d use this service, too. It might have been inadvertent, but you’ve convinced me to use this service. T-Mobile should be paying you.

  • It only goes to show where there’s will there’s a way. Keep on trying.

  • Mom of teens

    Question though, if I set timers on my kids phones so they can’t txt or call anyone during a certain time slot (other than on their allowed list) will they get any msgs sent to them during that black out time when the time allowed starts? Example: I have a time set that no calls or txt are allowed from 9pm-6am, a friend sends them a txt at 11pm (right in the middle of the blackout time) will they get that msg when they turn their phone back on at 6am that was sent while the txts were blocked?