T-mobile offering 30 day trial of Blackberry E-mail/Internet

Starting next Wednesday, August 6th, T-mobile will be giving new users of the T-mobile Shadow or T-mobile Pearl, a free 30 day trial of the $19.99/month unlimited E-mail and Internet service. You heard that right, this is only for customers that purcahse a Shadow or Pearl after August 6th. Now here is the kicker; you must remember to remove this service after 30 days if you don’t want it, or your account will automaticly be billed the regular $19.99/month that the Blackberry E-mail and Internet plan costs. This is not automatic either, customers must opt-in when purchasing their new Shadow or Pearl to get the 30 free trial, otherwise? No internet for you! So what do you think? Not enough Shadow and Pearl users getting the $19.99 add-on, or is T-mobile trying to move through these devices so they can replace them? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

  • Tim horan

    I honestly think t mobile needs to go back to the original blackberry plan. You know the one unlimeted messaging, internet, and email for 29.99 but hey just my opinion!

  • I’m going to stop and look at the Curve on the way home. Debating whether to take the plunge now or wait for 3G. Leaning towards buying since it’ll take a while to work out the bugs…

  • BB

    Why pay $30 when you can pay $20. Even if you have to add unlimited messaging? I’m confused.

    So, unlimited email is $10/month, tmobileweb is $6, unlimited email and internet is $20/month….

  • antoine

    hopefully getting rid of them!!!

  • Charlotte Mohawgen

    Yes they are, with the T-Mobile Shadow II just around the corner. Of course they are.

  • Matt

    Tmobile already did this for me in March when I got my shadow

  • drivethruboy168

    I think this is good for t-mobile and good for the customers. They will get there mail in rebate and t-mobile will probably profit off of this becuase the customers will probably forget they have that on there or they’ll probably like the internet and e-mail feature. So it’ll benefit both sides. I think this is a good idea.

  • phoneking13

    Wake me up when the Blackberry Bold, Kickstart or Javelin comes to T-Mobile.

  • RS

    so whats the difference between BB Bold and Javelin?

  • David

    being that t-moweb is 3/4 times slower than 3g, and 3g smartphone plans are averaging 30.00/month, t-mobile should be charging us under 10 dollars. now for my real world answer, it certainly is a good promotion. honestly getting the current shadow or pearl is a good option especially if you don’t need the wifi home service. I would only wait for the shadow 2 if it had 3g which is doesnt.

  • I have figured out how to take the shadow phone apart,at the cost of my shadow.First slide phone open thenlift the screen part so u can see between the two sections,then take something to pop the spring off its latch,will be to the right side when looking undrneath the section.be carefull not to rip the ribbon connecting the face to the keys.

  • Try not to bore me to tears. Show me a handset that doesn’t have that less than appealing suretype keyboard and I’d be all about taking advantage of the deal. Maybe once the Bold comes out..but then, isn’t this promotion to sell a bunch of poor saps on old versions of blackberrys and shadows before the bold and shadow 2 come out? Classy move.

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