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Details emerge on T-mobile's new Family Allowance Service


About two weeks ago we brought you the news that T-mobile was working on a new family allowance service, and now we’re here to bring you some more details. Starting July 30th, parents will be able to add the allowance restrictions add-on to their T-mobile Family Plan. All good things can’t come without a catch, right? Right. Well the cost of this add-on will be $2/month, for the whole account. For $2 a month, parents will be able to restrict the number or minutes used, the numbers kids are able to call/not call, and the times calls can and cannot be made. Restrictions can also be placed on text and picture messaging, 411, and chargable downloads. We assume T-mobile is smart enough to let emergency calls go through during restricted times. (T-mobile’s online portal for customers) will be updated with a easy-to-use interface for users that are opting to purchase the $2/month restrictions. Parents will also be able to use T-zones to manage this service. Let the parent-teen arguements begin!

Thanks David, and everyone who sent this in

Update: It is confirmed that with the addition of minute allowance, T-mobile will discontinue their KidConnect plan

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