Shadow Users Getting Better Batteries


For Shadow users that have been getting poor performance from their batteries, some relief has finally come. Starting on July 28th, T-mobile plans to offer new batteries to Shadow users, free of charge, upon request. All you have to do is call in to Customer Care and request an extended battery for your Shadow. The catch? The new battery is larger, and requires a new back cover which creates a “hump” on the back of the phone. As stores go though their inventory of Shadows, they will also begin to be replaces by the new Shadow Hump with the extended battery life. No warranty required for the new battery, however you must be an existing T-mobile customer, and you must request the extended battery. Keep in mind this is all happening due to customer feedback, so all those Shadow users that called in to let T-mobile know that the battery wasn’t performing as stated, it looks like your complaints payed off. Click the link below for some pictures of what the Shadow Hump will look like, but keep in mind the new battery may not be the one pictured.

[AllShadow’s extended battery pictures]

Thanks to everyone who sent this one in

  • breathetmobile

    i already have this battery… ive had it for a while….. it gives my phone that nextel feel i’ve never wanted….. :)

  • eww

    I thought the hump would be a little bit smaller but its pretty big. That’s a pretty big battery

  • From a thin phone to a FAT one…..

  • Jessica

    That had better not be it in the pics, cause if it is, I’m sticking with the crappy one till I get the HTC Diamond in a few months ;)

  • A.R.E.

    Don’t need it have a battery hack from Allshadow so now my battery lasts all day now even with talking and Wi-Fi on.

  • miguel
  • David

    just called. they told me since I bought the phone in November of 07 and the existing battery has only a 3 month warranty, I dont qualify for a new battery.

  • Shawn


    That is incorrect. Call back and ask them to check T-mobileNews or Streamline, as any T-mobile Shadow Customer qualifies for the new battery, including you.

  • Mockerfab4

    Just called. Shipping it out free of charge today!!!! Glad I waited. And while sometimes Tmo drives me crazy with their poor selection of new phones, no 3G, etc, you have to admit their customer service is suuperb. They understood the demands and frustration of the consumers and delivered a solution free of charge! Kudos Tmo.

  • Nick

    What is this battery hack that A.R.E. Speaks of?

  • Ben

    I just ordered mine through an individual in the PDA dept. It was quick and easy. I found out about this offer from and i wanted to come over here and say thanks for the tip.

  • Brian

    Just wanted to confirm the process. Ask to speak with the PDA department, because going through any other route will cause you to wait another 5 minutes. Shippings details are as follows: Free shipping is 7 business days. Express shipping ($15.00) gets the battery out to you in 3 business days.

  • Josh

    I also just ordered mine. I’m worried about how thick it is going to be. I’ll probably just end up using it when I am going to be away from my charger for a while.

  • miguel

    @ Nick,

    the battery hack apparently can help aid with the power consumption. it makes certain registry hacks. results have varied amongst people.

    .cab file is near the end.

  • Erik

    Does anyone have any more definite info on this? I called T-Mobile, but they said I didn’t qualify because I’m not the original owner of the phone (I bought it one-day old from someone on Craigslist) and the warranty doesn’t apply to me. They said I should call HTC and see if they would honor it. So I did, and they clarified that is not an extended battery, but a battery replacement program. I paid $37 to have them ship me another battery that is identical to the one I had in the phone originally. I send back my old one, and they will reverse the charges and give me my money back. What gives?