BlackBerry Curve Sunset Delayed


T-mobile seems to have pushed back the launch of the BlackBerry Curve Sunset to August 4th, 2008. Although no new features will be present on the new colored Curve, this slick red/orange color may pull in some of the more daring BlackBerry users. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Curve Sunset, check the countdown to the right to see how much longer you have to wait. Check out the discussion on our forum on the Curve Sunset

Note that TmoNews has not confirmed this. We have two conflicting dates…August 4th and July 28th

  • Nice. I just kind of want to see how the Blackberry Pearl’s color refresh would look like. I also, wanna know, and see if the Blackberry Curve is coming in other colors other than this.

  • Greg

    weird since my store has like 30 in stock right now in the back room

  • Mike

    DANG! I was fully intending on going to the store Monday and getting one! I still have hope for the 28th, I am really looking forward to this color :)

  • TMO_Jon

    Maybe they got ahold of some lead paint from China.

  • Phil

    its being released today, i went this morning and played with it, love the color.

  • center rep

    we have it at customer care for sale call up

  • Mike

    SWEET! I am heading up to my T-Mobile store now to check it out!

  • Larry

    Wow that’s ugly.

  • nicey

    where is it available? cuz i went to a tmobile store today and they totally didnt have it. ive been waiting for this for a while =[

  • phoneking13

    I wouldn’t mind this one for my collection until the new ones come out. What’s the retail cost on it?

  • Blackberry Curve sunset with orange thingy is not been able to create the impression and push mush more users to wait for that when we all know that Bold is on its way on 14th of August.

  • Mike

    Yeah but the Bold is going to cost a TON more, quite a bit bigger and probably not available for T-Mobile.

    I want a Sunset Curve, I’m tired of blending in with all the other curve users.

  • kathleen

    is the sunset curve red or orange because on the tmobile website its red and here its orange! im confused! bc i just bought the phone over the phone now! and i want it to be orange!

  • kathleen

    ohh and the bold is not coming out for tmobile.