Announcing the TmoNews Wiki!!

TmoNews will be down between 11:30 PM and 12:00 PM Central Standard Time, (12:30-1 EST) time for scheduled upgrades. Please be patient

Upgrade Completed – Thanks for your patience (All 1 min and 30 seconds the site was down)


We are so very proud to announce the official launch of the TMoNews Wiki support site! If you (and why aren’t you yet?) are a current member of our forums with at least 15 posts and would like to help out your fellow T-Mobile users by pitching in and helping out on the wiki site, then just reply to this thread.

While it may not look like there is much to be had over there (it’s still in its infancy!) with your help we can make this into the webs top resource for T-Mobile information! If you have ever wanted to get in on something great from the ground up, then this is your chance! Don’t worry, the forums are still going to be the place to discuss while the wiki will be the foremost place to learn/write/edit.

So come one, come all, join the forum, get your 15 posts and start editing! Seriously, start now. Right now.

Lets be frank(I’m not frank), the T-mobile official support site isn’t exactly mom friendly so this is your chance to ask questions, to answer questions and to have some fun. By all means though keep it appropriate folks!

Ok so the fun stuff begins HERE!