T-Mobile to sue Starbucks, file Frappalawsuit


Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but apparently it looks as if T-Mobile is going all lawyeristic on Starbucks. Apparently, they are seeking damages due to breach of contract and unfair competition and really, it seems a bit shady in the first place. The deal originally was going to allow a transitional period over the course of a few years so that current Hotspot subscribers would still get to ride out their plans and hardware could be switched out. Markets also would be switched over individually and T-Mobile would still be able to sell and operate their network for as long as the Starbucks in those areas weren’t fully converted. Unfortunately, according to the lawsuit, T-Mobile’s infrastructure is still there yet AT&T’s free WiFi access is riding off of that hardware., and as of yet only two markets have been converted. So why on earth would this happen? Well, we know the world revolves around money, and AT&T probably offered quite a bit of it to Starbucks and they got a little carried away, hoping that T-Mobile wouldn’t notice.

I mean, honestly, why would they even attempt to breach contract if they didn’t think anyone would notice? Obviously, their actions are now going to be rewarded with a nice little lawsuit. Whoever just decided to go ahead with this ATT-using-T-Mobile-hardware business is going to have some explaining to do, and Howard Schultz [Starbucks CEO] no doubt is scrambling around trying to find a way out of this one with the legal team. Well, good luck T-Mobile… you deserve to win if someone else is using your hardware for their own benefit, it’s just not right. Take em for all the frappamochachinos you can get!

Thanks to our super mega forum poster, knytphal, for the news. There’s a forum thread started here