Details revealed on the Tony Hawk Sidekick LX

Well, it’s been a little over a month since we reported on the Tony Hawk Sidekick LX, but more details beyond just the release date (mid-July) have finally surfaced (yeah okay, so we’re a tad late to the party). Skaters rejoice, your Sidekick has arrived! This baby is rockin’ a skateboard-textured bottom cover (not pictured) with simulated screws and even retractable mini-wheels for those long, grueling days at school or work; why not give those idle hands a workout and try out some sweet new moves right there at your desk? You also get some videos of Tony Hawk doing what he does best, and some custom skate-themed sounds for when the screen is slid open or closed.

Looking forward to video recording and playback? What about HTML web browsing, stereo bluetooth support, a built-in MP3/AAC player, and more options for theme and background customization? You got it, all this and more comes standard with this new Sidekick. What’s even better, is that a free OTA (over-the-air) update incorporating the new functionality will be coming to all Sidekick LX’s after the Tony Hawk version gets released. So even if you don’t have the bones for this device, you hate the look of it, or just don’t feel like you have much of a skater in you, all the new functionality should be coming your way for free anyhow. Exciting!

Apparently, T-Mobile customers (that’s you!) can snag this piece early, July 9th, before it “skates” to the streets on July 16th. Yeah, the “street date” seems to be so that anybody can use them on any GSM network [without internet or MMS functionality outside of T-Mobile’s walls], of course the only other US network it can be used on being AT&T, but using a special edition phone like this without internet and MMS? Is it even worth it? You’ll have to be the judge of that.

Want more pictures? Check ’em out at (if you haven’t already)

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those that believed the part about the mini retractable wheels on the back of the phone, sorry but it’s completely and totally false. Though… was it really that believable?

Update: Just for clarification, because it wasn’t specifically mentioned above [but is mentioned at the source] there IS a new feature for watching videos AND recording them. The OTA update will also be including the video watching feature, alongside all the other fun goodies mentioned here.


  • debra

    I rather wait for the new sidekick since im gettin the ota the only thing i wont get is the tony hawk video and theme i can live with out

  • David Washington

    Love it, i’ll be getting it July 9th. Glad u guys are back

  • Scott

    Hey Editor- if it was so unbelievable why did you allow it to be reported? Why not take responsibility for failing to verify YOUR sources instead of putting the blame on the gullibility of your readers for believing a fact YOU stated to be true. The way the Editor responded annoyed me more than the factual error.

  • Nwahs


    There are many faults in your post. I ask you not to get mad, but listen to what we have to say.

    1. Our source: If you look at the end of the article, we show our source, Hiptop3 (A great SK site). No where on their site does it say that the device has retractable wheels. Which brings me to…

    2. If Hiptop3 didn’t say it had wheels…where did that come from? Us. We put it in there as 100% a joke. No one but us made up that it has retractable wheels. And it was edited into the picture as a joke.

    3. We didn’t expect users to believe that a sidekick device would have retractable wheels, for any reason. We apologize that you did believe this.

    So to reiterate, it was a joke from Us, TmoNews, at no point did we think it was true, nor did we expect anyone else.

  • Scott

    I just read the article today. I had no clue whether the phone had wheels or not- nor does it matter to me personally. To tell you the truth, it does not seem unbelievable that a pro skater would come out with his own model phone that had wheels.
    To address your comments- I had many faults in my post? Really? What faults did my post have other than not liking the way the Editor addressed the readers? In re-reading the article, the point about the wheels does not come across as a joke. But the Editor’s Note still comes across as derisive.

    It’s a joke- that’s fine. I can understand that. And the Editor’s Note? Still annoying.

  • thanks for posts – the reason is of current importance – will read yet again