All is well in WiFi world??

Sorry sports fans I know someone of us are still in vacation mode and the rest of us are sick as all hell. That would be me. Forgive me if the news comes slow today, I’m not even sure what day it is.

Anyways, while details seem to be pretty sparse it looks as if there has been a “settlement” in the T-mobile/ATT WiFi war over in Starbucks land. Engadget as well as multiple other news sources have picked up the whispers of an accord being reached but details are nowhere to be found. The original terms of the agreement were to give T-mo customers if memory serves 5 years of access to the hotspots. Personally for WiFi these days I head over to the nearest Panera bread where I don’t have to listen to a line of people ordering drinks that sound like they are from Mars. Starbucks made $672,000,000 in profit last year, honestly would it hurt them to give away free WiFi? Anyways, as details come forward we’ll be bringing them to you.

Ok, I’m going back to bed now.