T-mobile to launch new Online Portal


This is pretty big news T-mobile fans. It looks as if T-mobile will be launching an Online Portal that may be an addition to MyT-mobile.com, or may be its own separate site containing all of your online T-mobile life. This new service will have four major components, which all have their own section on the home page.

  1. MyAlbum
  2. MyContacts
  3. MyFaves
  4. Mobile Backup

1. MyAlbum will be a much needed upgrade of T-mobilePictures. Besides great visual changes, MyAlbum will offer easy picture searching, easy album access, slideshows, and simple drag and drop functionality to add your thumbnails to whichever album you chose. There will also be some kind of easy sharing ability with picture services such as PhotoShack, MySpace, and Snapfish.

2. MyContacts will offer a nice alternative to any online contact book you currently have. With easy syncing via Mobile Backup (Which we will get to soon) your online contacts and mobile phone will stay up to date. Again, drag and drop functionality allows you to easily put contacts into groups, (IE Family, Work, Friends) as well as providing simple navigation through all your contacts. Options include search by name, sort by first name, last name, cell number, groups, change the page layout, and more. Our guess is that T-mobile will allow you to import contacts from other address books such as Outlook, Yahoo, or Google. To go with that, you will also have a group of contacts that will be listed under MyContacts but will not be put on your phone when MyContacts and your phone are synchronized.

3. MyFaves on this new online portal will likely not provide anything too new or exciting. With the expected launch of MyFaves 2.0 coming, you will be able to keep track of your 5, or 10 if you chose, MyFaves via this portal. It will provide visual improvements to the current MyFaves online portal. Options include viewing your Fave5 (or 10), Changing your MyFaves, changing/editing your Fave’s icons, or sending a message to your MyFaves.

4. Mobile Backup will provide a few improvements from the current Mobile Backup system T-mobile has in place. Some recant T-mobile phones have been coming faded and unselectable options such as Backup Calendar and Backup Notes. When backing up your mobile contacts, you will see these contacts listed under the MyContacts section of this page. Mobile Backup should provide some solace to those geniuses that have dropped their phones in the toilet, or jumped in the pool with their phone in their pockets (Don’t worry, we’ve all done it too).

Sources tell us that this new Online Portal and Mobile Backup will be out near the end of the May, or beginning of June. We’re definitely looking forward having our mobile life all in one, easy place. More to come soon, including screenshots!

Thanks Dave, and all that sent this in.

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