Nokia 5310 Unboxing

Normally we wouldn’t bring you this much news on one phone, but we have to admit, the somewhat-sexy 5310 definitely has impressed us much more then we expected. Again, in case you for some reason don’t know, we can expect the Nokia 5310 to be released on the 28th in Purple, Red, and Orange. Check the column to the right to see exactly how long until the phone is available* to purchase. Pictures include unboxing, accessories, and part of the Nokia music promotion also starting on the 28th. Check Nokia’s Promotional Site for the terms, conditions, and more.

Update: It turns out you do NOT have to purchase a new phone to enter into the contest!

Update 2: It looks like if you want to pick up a 5310 now, you can head over to Best Buy and pick one up. Sounds like they have had them there for the last two or three days.

*New phones are usually available when T-mobile stores open, and available at 12:00 PM on The countdown shows when we expect the phone to be available online.

Great pictures BreatheTmobile!

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