TmoNews is going on vacation

Update 6/8/08: Just an FYI, but we should be coming back real soon. No, really… we mean it this time ;)

Avid T-mobile fans, TmoNews has some unfortunate news. Well, unfortunate for you, we’re pretty excited actually. Thats right, we’re going on vacation! This means, we’re sorry to say, that we will not be able to bring you T-mobile News on the blog everyday. However there is a bit of an upside here. TmoNews Forums will be up and running strong, and you should definitely head over there to check out T-mobile news, discussions, and more. Click below to head on over to our oh-so-awesome forums!

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  • Jose Rodriguez

    Have fun in Dominican Republic!

  • Adrian

    Have fun in Dominican Republic! Flying with JetBlue wouldn’t be bad.

  • debra

    Have fun

  • You guys need to start posting again soon! Im starved for news!

  • sidekickfan

    So does anyone know when the site will be back up with news? Anouther 2 weeks..3 weeks? I miss the news :(

  • Nwahs

    We’re working on it! We should be back up and running within 48 hours…hopefully today though.

  • YAY!!!!

  • mingkee

    hope there’ll have other 3G phones posted and released the next 3-4 months

  • Jake

    when are u guys coming back!?
    its been over a weeeeeeeeeek!
    im craving my tmonews!

  • Sam

    Loooooooong vacation.
    Must be nice!

    Hurry back. Dyin…

  • Jake

    48 hours…48 hours ago… coming back anything soon?
    or ever….?

  • Nwahs

    Things are taking longer then expected…we’re hoping for early next week.

  • DriveHigh

    Pulling my hair out! Ahhhhhh

  • max andre

    good i think are going to have so much to talk like the htc dream