Nokia 5310 in the wild

Well what do we have here, the very first spy shots of the T-mobile 5310 in the wild. Based on whats popping up from a member on our forum the phone has started to arrive in stores preparing itself for the release on the 28th. TmoNews obtained some spy shots of the black/orange variant, but for those looking to color coordinate their phones, three variants will be released on the May 28th. The pictures show the black/orange, however a black/purple and black/red variants will also be available. On the 28th this phone will be available at the awfully low price of $49.99 with a 2 year prison sentence contract. Not a bad offering given the fact that it comes with a 1GB memory card, though the phone can manage 4GB of your music pleasure. Its an edge offering only (dodging rocks) so for those still waiting for some 3G love, keep waiting.

Thanks for the pictures BreatheTmobile!

Update: Turns out these pictures are of the RED Nokia 5310, not the orange as stated above.

Check out in the wild pics below.


  • Nwahs

    Yes, I do know I blurred out the face on a poster.
    When I was looking at just that picture, I couldn’t see right away that it was a poster. Haha enjoy the pictures anyways!

  • Dave

    anyone know what the full retail price of the phone will be? I’m not eligible for an upgrade yet. Thanks!

  • jeff

    the partial upgrade price is 130.00

  • Sam

    The speaker is decent on it, and it’s really thin and light. Battery life is better than on the 5300 that it replaced.

    Also has the new (and greatly improved) t-zones browser that launched with the 6263.

    Overall, a great phone for the money :)

    The only cons that I could find were: the buttons are pretty small, so texting was a bit difficult and the camera is not as good as I had expected from a 2MP.

  • Sam

    We were playing with this in our store today, along with the JBL Audio speakers (sold separately, $130). Pretty slick phone, I must say.

  • mingkee

    JBL speakers?
    does it support bt a2dp?
    I may be interested
    btw, all nokia phones support streaming 3GP (aka mobile youtube), but you need total internet

  • Jake

    cmon tmonews! post the big news about mytmobile website! you sent me an email saying to check it out early monday morning and its not here yet! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE post it im dieing to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!