Feast your eyes on the gekko….manual

Our friends over at hiptop3.com were fortunate enough to get their hands on the manual for the upcoming sidekick gekko. All in all it looks to be just solidifying details already uncovered. Look forward to a 2mp camera, changeable shells, video capture and a George Foreman grill. Again, there really isn’t much uncovered by these pages that wasn’t already detailed here but its nice to know that this brings the likelihood of a new sidekick one step closer. I have to mention though and I’m sure most will agree, there doesn’t really seem to be any drastic physical changes in the design. I know I was looking forward to a sidekick that would fit in the palm of my hand and use telekinesis to send text messages but alas, looks only to be a slight modification of current offerings.


Head on over to hiptop3.com for the rest of the pages available for your viewing pleasure.

  • David Washington

    Can’t wait

  • debra

    Well its getting closer to seein the actual device


    Guys, i think you forgot to post the weekly recap

  • lilhustler247

    How much would a Sidekick Gekko/Aspen be? Will there be any software updates for current Sidekick iD users? If so… When?

  • please tell me around how much will it cost

  • debra

    Well heres the manual you can check out the features

  • this guy i know got one from the uk , and for free,and said the screen is bigger than the lx’s

  • drew

    i would like to see the actual device ,hopefully by the first week of july and if not ima go buy a lx