Who hates contracts??

Well here we go all you flex pay lovers, starting May 26 – July 31 all new flexpay activations will receive a $25 dollar coupon toward the purchase of equipment. T-mobile is going to launch what they are describing as a promotional campaign designed to increase awareness of the flex-pay system. Unfortunately here is the real kicker: this offer is available in the Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston and Philadelphia markets only. Yup thats right, 5 whole cities get this special promotional offer. Obviously we hope for a larger, nationwide launch of this sometime in the near future but as of right now, the information we have pertains only to those markets. Pretty weak if you ask me, but maybe its a test for something big, much bigger. Whatever could that be?!

This promotion is exclusive to the Retail and Retail Partner Sales channels. Bonus points to anyone who catches pictures of the street teams which will be out and about handing out these flyers. I want some pictures on our forum pronto! Also, keep your eye out for specially marked vehicles advertising this no contract loving. Apparently door flyers and work-site lunchtrucks are also going to be around town. Door flyers rock, they always make me want to run right out and spend money.

Anyways since its almost 2:00am and I’m past the point of paying attention to what I am writing I am going to give you some viewing pleasure. No no, not the kind that requires a quarter.


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  • Are you serious? You really just knocked the Detroit Market? You do know the company looks upon the Detroit market in a very great light, right?

    What kind of web-site is this to slam one of T-Mo’s biggest markets? It’s Detroit. So what. What’s so wrong with Detroit being a target market?

    If you ran any special kind of blog you would know that T-Mo is targeting the MetroPCS crowd with this latest FlexPay initiative.

  • DarkJedi

    Post edited to reflect the fact that some people still live in Detroit.

    Seriously, I’m just still bitter over the Bulls-Pistons rivalry. It was a joke, my apologies.

  • The bad thing about Detroit, and all the other mentioned cities is that New York City, and Los Angeles aren’t there. Those are the cities that should always get everything.

  • Nwahs


    We’re not flat writers. I say that with regards to CNN.com, and sites like that, where obviously they have some of the best writers, but they have no personality in their writing. We add some personality, a joke once and a while, and we actually do like to have fun. We’re real people :-p

    Hell, I live in Minneapolis. What do you think about, when you think about Minnesota? Farm land and lakes?

  • ginacandy

    I live in detroit and have t-mobile postpaid for three lines and rest of my family have t-mobile. because we travel and get more minutes. As for the metropcs those stores are everywhere its 4 of them by house. that’s why so many people buying into it. I love tmo since 2002 not leaving yet.

  • lp894

    it’s a freakin blog…really….aint like his statements are representative of t-mobile or anything. not that serious

  • Flexpay is awesome, but u can’t move frm a flexpay to a regular mth to mth (postpaid) service :o( unlike bck when they had (some customers still have) smartaccess. So if u work for walmart or target n have a flexpay service u can’t get ur __% off discount :o(

  • erica

    Flexpay is nationwide it jus hasn’t been advertised except for word of mouth, and those r the 5 markets that get advertising first but its available to eryone