Nokia Music Promotion launches with the 5310

The Nokia 5310 will be released on May 28th. But that is not all, on the same day, T-mobile will launch a huge Nokia Music Promotion. With T-mobile and Nokia teaming up, you can’t really go wrong, right? Customers who purchase a Nokia 5310 on or after May 28th will receive free downloads of themes, wallpapers, and other customizable features for their new music phones. But wait folks, thats not all! If you purchase a 5310, you will be able to head over to a promotional website, enter a number from the 5310 box, and be entered into T-mobile and Nokia ran contest. What does the winner get, you ask? Well it seems like there is not going to be one winner, but well over 10,000 winners (Could this be true?) of the grand price, which is a $100 Ticketmaster gift card, to bring yourself and a “Fave” to a concert. By the way, that is NOT the 5310 pictured above, here are some pictures of the upcoming device:

  • mingkee

    nokia teams up with T-Mobile (global) for misic selling
    it’s good to see USA is also joined
    it’s about time for 5320 though

  • David Washington

    Wow, too bad I can’t just get that phone temporarily cause i’m saving up for the Sidekick Gekko, and I don’t have money like that.

  • Max-Andre

    wow i m speechless!

  • IndysHat


  • TmoBin

    I was told that it’s the first 10,000 customers who register their devices on the website will win that $100 ticketmaster prize.

  • v

    5320? What about the 5610

  • ryan

    that is actualy the 5310 not the 5610 … the 5610 is a slide phone