Sidekick 3 gets an OTA update

For those complaining about coverage and network problems with the Sidekick III, here comes a solution (Hopefully). Between Today (May 19th) and May 30th, Sidekick III users should be receiving text messages asking you to backup your contacts. In addition, you may want to backup your pictures and media as these may also be deleted during the update. As Hiptop3 reported, this is what is included in this OTA (Over the Air) update:

* GSM network feature enhancements
* Enhanced USSD Support
* Retry option for failed Text Messages
* Enhanced SIM PIN protection
* Optimized PLMN scan algorithm to improve network registration time when returning to good coverage
* Faster PLMN searches

So on the user-end, coverage should improve, and when going from an area without coverage, to one with coverage, you should see less time before you receive a signal. Hopefully this doesn’t wear out the battery even more when no coverage is available, like many phones do. T-mobile is really pushing the fact that this update should lower the number or dropped calls, but we’ll be the judges of that. After you have backed-up all of your contacts and registered to receive the update, you wont have to wait too long. Updates will be sent out starting June 2nd, and the last update will be sent on June 13th. Anyone who receives this update, let us know if you see any differences.

Click Here for T-mobile’s instructions regarding the SK3 Update.

  • zink

    pssh. this is old i got this update like the beginning of the month…

  • Andy, Inc

    i got the update yesterday morning around 7:30 am when i turned my phone on

  • Randy

    Mine updated a few days ago. I have seen an increase in dropped calls since then, but it seems as though the web browser goes faster now.

  • Najib

    Im Not too Sure if i got the update but all of a sudden i noticed i stopped getting coverage everywhere. And when i get coverage its only fer a short amount of time. i called tmobile and talked with there supervisor. she had told me that i had to get a new one. i am not buying a new sidekick for something that they did on there end. And plus I actually love my sidekick 3 more than my lx.

  • Heather Lavespere

    i just bought the sidekick 3 and let me tell you that this thing is not too dificult to figure out. but for some reason my jump button hasent worked since i got it and i cant put a signature on my text messages, how gay