New Sidekick (Gekko?) passes FCC

Remember the Gekko we’ve been telling you about? Well it looks like we can add it to the list of phone to hit T-mobile before August. The label you see above was provided to us by the wonderful FCC, who passed this device yesterday. Unfortunately you’re not going to be surfing with speeds any faster then EDGE on this new Sidekick. Boy we’re excited for a 3G Sidekick to come out though…and hey, while your at it, add some UMA. Now we’re dreaming though…

Anyways, expect the SK Gekko to drop near the end of July, or beginning of August. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for further info on this, for all you avid SK users. Enjoy!

  • daniel

    Yay!! I wanna see a picture tho

  • Can’t wait!

  • Oh yea! Might be nice but I have grown attached to my BB and this new opera mini browser that the SK still might be behind in time for me. I really like the whole sidekick trend though oh what to do.

  • debra

    Yes cant wait to see what it looks like

  • bob sanders

    Can you tell me if the gekko will be available in the pre paid plan. Have you heard anything about that?

  • Can’t wait to c it, but i really hope it comes with video this time.