T-mobile to release 16 new phones by August?

Pondering the nearby future...

Well this is one that you may have to take with a grain of salt, but lets hope for the best! Between June 16th, and August 1st, T-mobile has 16 phones slated for release, or should we say 16 device launches. The document from which we snatched this data is indeed internal T-mobile, however usually it is more of a good guess of what will happen, rather than an set-in-stone depiction of upcoming launches. That said, 16 launches, a color refresh, and Curve and Sidekick software updates are all things to get excited about! Off the top of our head, here are a few of the upcoming devices we know of:

  • 1. Nokia 5310
  • 2. Nokia 5610
  • 3. Shadow II
  • 4. Nokia 2760
  • 5. Nokia 1208
  • 6. Nokia 6301
  • 7. Shadow III (Damn, did we say that?!)
  • 8. Samsung T339
  • 9. Samsung T229
  • 10. Blackberry Bold
  • 11. Blackberry KickStart
  • 12. Motorola W450
  • 13. Motorola Rokr E8

That leaves three unknown releases, given that all the listed devices will in fact launch in the next two months, which we highly doubt.

Now if only we could tell you about that awesome addition to MyT-mobile.com…but of course we can’t because we don’t want T-mobile to lose their edge in this competitive wireless industry. Update: Looks like this is coming sooner then we thought, look for an article in the next week!

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  • mingkee

    where are these SE phones?????
    will Z780 come out in July?

  • Mockerfab4

    Anyone know, which one of the Nokia, Samsung or Motorola’s have qwerty or suretype?

  • jewishnose14

    tell us about the curve update and when its coming out!

  • Glenn

    Sidekick gecko, z780 (or whatever its called) aspen. There’s your 3 maybe

  • shawn

    Wha….Wha….What? Two Shadows by august????

  • David Washington

    Yeah, I was wondering what happened to the Sidekick Gekko. Is it releasing or not? Cause you have 13, and 3 are missing, and the new Sidekicks not on the list, and I was excited for that one.

  • ryan

    sidekick gekko, se z780 and the other se phone prob

  • Vision77

    Hopefully that shadow3 is really the raphael or some other awesome 3G windows mobile phone with a qwerty keyboard.

  • mingkee

    my guess is
    Diamond will become Shadow III
    but the battery…..you may need to buy 99!

  • csmall

    That’s great but the majority of them SUCK. For the love of god can T-Mobile catch up with the rest of the providers??? T-Mobile seems to have this thing where they love to push out lower level to mid level phones. Can we get some nicer phones please????????????? WTF

  • IndysHat

    Stop with the infitile teasers, either tell people whats coming or don’t mention it.

  • csmall

    Why was my comment deleted?

  • antoine66

    that list is missing a high end nokia

  • EricE51

    I was hoping for an E71.

  • Albarrios

    No SE XPERIA X1… :(

  • Max-Andre

    can u please tell us the whole story,people hate tidbits!

  • Nwahs

    Your comment was not deleted. If you are not a member of the blog, we need to approve your comments before posting. Otherwise link-backs and spam would be filling up the comments section

    IndysHat: Most people would rather know a little, then none. We have some fun with the teasers. If you don’t appreciate it, then I do apologize, but our writing will not change.

    No news on the Xperia guys, sorry.

    Also, we have no information regarding SE launches before August. That said, our best guess would be that at least one device, and one new SK launch before August. The document we had did not refer to this at all though (Although there were some places where SE or SK device could fit…the document was very ambiguous at times)

  • mingkee

    didn’t here a post about 3 weeks ago about SE, and one of them stated will launch in July, is there any change happened?

  • z

    from what i have heard from infosyncworld.com they believe that the htc touch diamond and the sony xperia will be for tmobile

  • Max-Andre

    could the Shadow III be the HTC DIAMOND??????????????Holy !!

  • money69

    Any news on the exact Curve update? Also, any clarification on the varying reports about 3G in the Blackberry Bold?

  • silk7

    @ NWAHS
    keep writing just the way you do !!!
    I like a teasers here and there.
    One thing gets me. theres not many 3g phones coming out.
    why buy a 2g when 3g will be all over by 2009?

  • Robert S.

    I thought the Nokia E71 was going to be in that list. Supposed to be an AWS version of it too!

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  • turbotim

    Let’s hope one of those is the Diamond / Raphael. I’ve got a Dash I’m ready to retire. With the advent of T-Mo’s 3G, it would ROCK to move to one of those models. T-Mo’s current smartphones are all pretty sluggish (200MHz OMAP), but the Diamond looks like it’d be a good bit better with 128M of RAM and a 528MHz clock. :) Will T-Mo get it right?

  • WatchGuy

    I spoke with a couple of salespeople in a nearby T-Mobile store, when I purchased my 8820 a couple of weeks ago and they had just come back from a Blackberry training session. All they could tell me was that the new OS 4.5 would be available for all of the newer Blackberrys.. not just the Curve.. but the 88XX series as well. I asked who told them that and they said the Representative from RIM and their boss. So hopefully that will be the case.

  • HTC Source is quoting this story and claiming that the Shadow III will be the HTC Touch Diamond. More details:http://htcsource.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=281&Itemid=1

  • John

    1) USB dongle (with true unlimited, don’t jump on the 5GB bandwagon)
    2) Express Card (same as above, not 5GB limit)
    3) Nokia E71

    Come on T-MO… get on the ball. If you want my business, get those things out ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    Tmobile doesn’t release a lot of expensive phones probably because the customer base are younger class and they have a majority of credit challenged customers. Also everyones cheap and wants free phones and they don’t want to pay so much for a phone even if it does pretty much do everything. STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PHONES!! If you don’t like them buy an unlocked phone that is supported for the network and get the settings so it works with tmobile. i did!

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  • chelsea

    holy crap 2 shadows and what about those sidekicks??

  • i want to know about the new htc touch diamond that’s supposed to come out in september. That’s the phone i want.

  • gzizzle

    What about any news for hotspot @ home phones?? No more new blackberrys. What about a REAL phone for this group. I don’t get service @ home and would love to get one of these phones, but the current offers are poor. When will there be a new option in this catagory?? H@H 2.0????

  • Dragos

    by the time they release the diamond it will be outdated. what are they thinking with September as the launch date….
    I will wait because of my tmo contract, but how I wish tmobile cut the red tape sooner… release the 3g phone before the network, i don’t care, i’d rather crawl on edge for a while on my new diamond!

  • daniel

    so t-mobile is getting the blackberry bold and the htc touch diamond?

  • MAD!!

    wtf i wanted a new sidekick my old 5300 just broke…

  • madmatt

    is this for north america or europe????

  • Chronicle

    Will T-Mobile ever get over what a crappy phone the Palm 600 was? I wish they would get one of the newer GSM Palms (WinOS & PalmOS). I’ve hated the issues with the 600, but everything else on it worked well. Most if not all of those issue have been resolved in later phones. I bought an unlocked 680 at full price because I like it so much.

  • fernessa

    omg! when will the nokia 5610 come to the US?

  • steve

    If they just announced the 3G launch it October, it would make since the Xperia would come out after or the same time as they launch since the Xperia is 3G.

  • Jolene

    I am waiting to upgrade my Blackberry but when I went into the store they told me I should wait for the launch of the Blackberry Bold in June or July. Well….I am still waiting, could you please tell me the status of T-mobile’ release of the Bold?

  • Shawn

    Yep…it looks like this was a goal T-mobile set, that was changed with the upcoming release of 3G. Honestly, September/October are looking to be exciting for T-mobile…so maybe the big handset push is just being delayed a month or two.

  • DarkLight723

    Why is it that T-Mobile is the last to jump on the 3G wagon and not only that it is the last cell company to still not have a nice touch phone, by the time they come up with one it will be last year, and the internet sucks. Don’t get me wrong I have been with T-Mobile before they were T-Mobile Iv been with them since Errial but Im tired of them not having nice phones or being so late in the tech department, they need to step it up. At&t, Verizon and even Sprint have nicer phones.

  • WinMobileFreak

    I hope T-mobile gets the Xperia. I hear it;s going the way of At&t which is horse balls beacuse they already have some nice phones. Time for T-mobile to man up! If young people have credit issues tough sh** go with Metro PCS or go prepaid. For those of us who are contracted with T-MO we want better phones and now! I hope a T-mo corp. rep reads all these posts. Finally the fact that they still don’t have 3g is intolerable! I am surprised they don’t lose customers left and right or maybe they do? T-mobile if At&t gets the Xperia and you don’t offer it I am gone… Over and Out………………………………………………………………….

  • Ms. FL

    So will T-Mo get the BB Bold or not? At&t states that it’s exclusive to them on their site.

  • tam

    i agree. why can’t t-mobile come out with cool phone like other phone companies!!

  • Rome

    Tmobile’s coming out with their version of the Blackberry Bold. It’s going to be the same phone but a different name. The Blackberrys are going to be the best of the bunch between now and next summer. I heard just about all of them will be 3g but that’s still to be determined. (not from a reliable source). The way Tmobile keeps all their customers is their plans are reasonable. I’m an avid Blackberry user and always will be. The iphone is a waste of money regardless of how you look at it. Stick w/ Tmobile, you can’t go wrong.

  • CHRIS1954

    does anyone knowws which phone is going to the best and do anyone know is these phones going to come out in touch screen

  • G mustafa taj

     Neo3D, are you using Sprint Touch? It seems all Sprint Touch users are reporting that the fix doesn’t work.

  • Anonymous

    All of the 16 new phones area great ,I like them very much ,how I wish ,I chould have one of them!