T-mobile to release 16 new phones by August?

Pondering the nearby future...

Well this is one that you may have to take with a grain of salt, but lets hope for the best! Between June 16th, and August 1st, T-mobile has 16 phones slated for release, or should we say 16 device launches. The document from which we snatched this data is indeed internal T-mobile, however usually it is more of a good guess of what will happen, rather than an set-in-stone depiction of upcoming launches. That said, 16 launches, a color refresh, and Curve and Sidekick software updates are all things to get excited about! Off the top of our head, here are a few of the upcoming devices we know of:

  • 1. Nokia 5310
  • 2. Nokia 5610
  • 3. Shadow II
  • 4. Nokia 2760
  • 5. Nokia 1208
  • 6. Nokia 6301
  • 7. Shadow III (Damn, did we say that?!)
  • 8. Samsung T339
  • 9. Samsung T229
  • 10. Blackberry Bold
  • 11. Blackberry KickStart
  • 12. Motorola W450
  • 13. Motorola Rokr E8

That leaves three unknown releases, given that all the listed devices will in fact launch in the next two months, which we highly doubt.

Now if only we could tell you about that awesome addition to MyT-mobile.com…but of course we can’t because we don’t want T-mobile to lose their edge in this competitive wireless industry. Update: Looks like this is coming sooner then we thought, look for an article in the next week!

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