Blackberry Bold pricing…with HSDPA?!

Ok all you blackberry bold lovers out there. Crunchgear gave us a surprise today by showing up with pricing for the blackberry bold. Every carrier is mentioned but really, does anyone really care anymore when Sprint releases phones?? Looks like a September release date for T-mobile while AT&T scores the exclusive starting in June. This is the great part, looking at the bottom it mentions, ready for this, 3.6 HSDPA speeds for T-mobile! Can I get a WHAT WHAT? Also includes wifi (hotspot @ home not included?), 5 hour talktime, 1 gb memory out of box and a partridge in a pear tree. Anyone looking to jump into a curve in the near future might want to wait it out and pick up this super-star come September. Might this phone put my unlocked iPhone to rest??


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