Blackberry Bold pricing…with HSDPA?!

Ok all you blackberry bold lovers out there. Crunchgear gave us a surprise today by showing up with pricing for the blackberry bold. Every carrier is mentioned but really, does anyone really care anymore when Sprint releases phones?? Looks like a September release date for T-mobile while AT&T scores the exclusive starting in June. This is the great part, looking at the bottom it mentions, ready for this, 3.6 HSDPA speeds for T-mobile! Can I get a WHAT WHAT? Also includes wifi (hotspot @ home not included?), 5 hour talktime, 1 gb memory out of box and a partridge in a pear tree. Anyone looking to jump into a curve in the near future might want to wait it out and pick up this super-star come September. Might this phone put my unlocked iPhone to rest??


On a more important note, have you seen our news forums?

  • ryan

    why is tmobiles the highest priced? you would think it would have H@H ablitys .. im thinking that is why we are not getting it first becauase they are going to give it that

  • I saw this the other day…but became disheartened when I saw the little “UMA: No” at the bottom – no UMA, no @Home.

  • mingkee

    I’d like to see the complete spec sheet
    also, I want to check the possibility to add other language (esp Asian languages)
    this one is probably hybrid 3G + TalkForever phone

  • Max-Andre

    awesome,can’t wait i m so excited!!!The first HSDA phone.Way to go T-mobile

  • Sam

    Says UMA – NO on the bottom.
    That’s dumb.

  • kevin

    It does say UMA: no…don’t think it’s going to be a hotspot @ home phone. Looks like i’ll be sticking with my curve.

  • DarkJedi

    Ok…my bad here guys, I just saw UMA and clearly got a little excited. I edited the post to reflect no uma but thanks to those who noticed it!

  • David Washington

    LOL @ saying who really cares when Sprint releases phone. But, truthfully who really cares ^~^

  • justblase

    Did you really say “Can I get a WHAT WHAT?”


  • Ricki

    NICE!!! its good to see the bold make it in the tmobile lineup. I just got my curve at the lower price yesterday cuz Im tired of waiting and waiting for tmobile to release new phones, 3G, etc etc. I got a 1yr contract because I know whenever tmo releases new phones, the price is freakin’ high so waiting a few more months to get it is not that bad. Besides, by then, they drop the price by $50 to even $100 bucks. I’ll buy the bold next year for at a cheaper price and wait for others iser to detail the pros/cons.

  • Sam

    Ok, now this link has the graphic and under T-Mobile UMA it’s now blank. What gives? Could it be that the $50 extra is going to be the hardware to make it UMA? If so, bye bye Curve. I have to have UMA.

  • bluemonq

    Hold on a mo’. The frequencies listed for T-Mobile do not include the 1700/2100 band…

  • All I really care about is that it is coming and that it will have 3G. I could care less about UMA. Omg I can’t wait!

  • bluemonq

    Funny, my comment appeared and then disappeared.

    Anyway, it looks like “max data speed” has been corrected to EDGE. So, no HSDPA for us until they do some fiddling.

  • Tom

    Whats UMA anyway? sorry i know – dumb question.

  • ryan

    Unlicensed Mobile Access is what uma stands for and uma is for t-mobiles hotspot@home or now know as talk forever mobile …it is so you can use wi-fi phones that have uma in them to use them basicly like VOIP phones

  • Nwahs

    Wow looks like a lot has changed in the last 24 hours. The picture posted was updated on infosync, the guys that released all these rumors. UMA is unknown, and 3G is a no. Oy
    Hopefully these are not the final specs

  • fastball

    I wouldn’t believe any of that information. If you go to Blackberry’s site and check out that specs there you will see when you click on “features” and then wi-fi that it really speaks of being able to do Wi-Fi calling.

    Here is what it says, “Simple and straightforward. Lower your cellular costs and get service in areas where cellular network coverage may be limited or unavailable, with BlackBerry® data services over Wi-Fi® networks.”

    Sounds like UMA to me. I could be entirely wrong, but I guess we will find out in September. :)

  • PlainShane

    So there is nothing miraculous here… No 3G (1700 band required, remember?) and no UMA. Poo what a waste of a device launch

  • Mockerfab4

    Does anyone know why it’s $50 more for Tmo??????

  • mingkee

    I guess the price is applied for hardware modification (add TalkForever, change 3G band to 1700)
    but it’s too early to speculate the price this time, because there’s still several months away

  • blah


  • T-MoRep

    Considering the only decent thing about Sprint is their handsets, I know a lot of people that care when Sprint releases them.

  • James

    I think the Bold will have UMA as does the Curve. Why go backwards? The Pearl II has it right? As far as the 3G goes, I sure hope so.

  • I’ve ordered mine and should be getting in about a week