FlexPay Update and more!

Very few people are familiar with T-mobile’s FlexPay plan, but those that are familiar with it, know that it is buggy, messy, and complicated. It looks like T-mobile caught on to this too, because coming this July is FlexPay 2.0. Sounds intense right? Flexpay 2.0 should fix all the annoying bugs and problems in the original Flexpay. T-mobile is so sure of it, they are launching a FlexPay ad campaign after to try to boost awareness of this product. Speaking of advertisements…does anyone notice how Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T all advertise coverage (America’s best network, America’s most powerful network, and Raising the bar), while T-mobile, well…T-mobile just doesn’t. Well coming this July (Deja Vu?) T-mobile is responding to this, by launching an ad campaign focused on T-mobile’s coverage. One more update, we promise, we’ll stop pestering you with all this information shortly. It looks like July will be a big month for T-mobile, as starting in July of 2008, T-mobile will be allowing users to block incoming SMS, a long-overdue feature for T-mobile customers. There you have it T-mobile users, FlexPay 2.0, Coverage Campaign, and SMS blocking.

  • someone

    what a breath of fucking fresh air… being a CSR for tmobile having to come up with excuses for our lack of SMS blocking will FINALLY come to an end… July anyone? fuck yes. haha. thanks so much for the great news report! i’d love to know how you get all this great info before us who EVEN work for tmobile do…

  • David Washington

    Yay! For T-Mobile

  • your mama

    Same here, Tmo rep… the SMS blocking will be nice, but I *cannot wait* for them to fix all the stupid problems with Flexpay. 75% of my customers are credit-challenged, so being able to actually HELP them (rather than trying to find work-arounds) will be wonderful. Bring it on!

  • fastball

    this is awesome news!

  • Bashok

    Finally!!!! SMS Blocking!!! yay

  • Max-Andre

    What is Tmobile waiting for about releasing an i phone killer?

  • Lil’ B

    Hopefully the flexpay “Freeze period” will be gone! That’s the dumbest thing I ever had to deal with.

  • Ryan

    yes! sms blocking will be a wonder! haha im a t-mobile rep also and damn i would also like to know how you find out this info before us as reps

  • William Gary

    I really like the idea of Flex Pay! T-Mobile is going to gain a major share of the prepaid market and have less churn. People are going to love this.

  • Nwahs

    Haha sorry guys…can’t reveal how we get our info. But the important thing is that you guys now know it is coming! Enjoy!

  • greeneyedbandit

    imma tmobile rep….. We had this info as of feb. On our 2008 big 5 kickoff orienation. Removal of msging, 25 markets lauching 3g,new advanced handsets “android” among other small advancments. What’s new is the flexpay update…can’t wait

  • BeCareful

    Nice site, but be careful that you don’t reveal information to the public that was not intended for the public. If you are an employee you could be terminated for this, and if you aren’t an employee of T-Mobile, but your source is they could be fired as well. Good luck!

  • Bernie

    T-Mobile flexpay sux! My daughter got this plan and they won’t let me roll it over to a post paid plan and add 3 phones without a 200 dollar penalty. T-Mobile is stupid!

  • Chicastix

    Hello well I have the g1 on flexpay and I absolutly love it ( don’t know if I spelled that right) but I still get all the perks and joy of having a plan without the hassle of termination fees and etc…………….. so I couldn’t be happier!!! Have not had any problems with it what so ever:)

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