FCC passes 3G Nokia with Hotspot@Home Capabilities

It looks like it has the bands for T-mobile 3G, as well as capabilities to support T-mobile’s Hotspot@Home. T-mobile’s first 3G UMA phone anyone?! We can’t guarantee that it’s on its way to T-mobile’s lineup, but we sure hope it is. We’re digging for more right now and we’ll update you with anything we find, stay tuned!

  • Any chance you could add the FCC link so we can peruse the documents ourselves?

  • Nwahs
  • Kaliman

    Some time ago I read that the Nokia E51 may be picked up by T-Mobile US to support AWS bands and Hotspot@Home…. If that’s the case that would be my next phone (^_^) !!!

    Here’s the link -> http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/p_forum.php?p=1357

  • mingkee

    the link doesn’t work
    got error

  • Nwahs
  • tman

    it will the nokia 6301 that was sold in the uk

  • mingkee

    the documentation won’t be available till July
    just wonder whether it has HSDPA or not

  • Thanks for posting the link!

  • Kaliman

    The specs listed on the FCC arel for a quad-band GSM and WDMA on the AWS Bands… so I don’t think it will be the Nokia 6301 because that phone doesn’t support WCDMA at all and it’s only tri-band GSM….

  • mingkee

    don’t hold your breath…..
    I finally can open FCC documentation
    this phone uses BP-4L, currently it’s used by E61i and E90
    then I can tell it’s 50% possible Eseries phone

  • Kaliman

    Wow…. being a 1500mA battery it’ got to be the rumored Nokia E71 !!
    “availability in Q2, qwerty keyboard, wifi, HSDPA, GPS, 57x112x10mm 120g, 3mpx camera…”

  • mmac

    I’m really excited about all the new Nokias coming to T-Mobile. I’m a big Nokia fan, but I don’t want to buy a new phone without 3G capability. I also need a full QWERTY now, so that would be nice too.

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