Eyes on the new W490 colors, 1208 and 2760

(Left to Right: Nokia 1208, Nokia 2760, Motorola W490s in Bubble Gum and Heather Grape)

Not too much of a ground-breaking article, but for those interested in any of these new low-end phones, here are some official T-mobile shots. Also, some good shots of the two new colors for the W490s, which you can pick up in stores on May 5th. Enjoy!

  • David Washington

    What happened to the Black/Red Motorola w490?

  • Nwahs

    We’ve been told its coming, but it looks like it’s not coming on the 12th. Hopefully we’ll see it in the future…We’ll keep you updated.

  • David Washington

    Oh, I didn’t really want it anyways, I was just asking cause I thought 3 color refreshes we’re coming out at once, not just 2

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