Rokr E8 and Prorated ETFs coming June 30th

The Motorola Rokr E8 seems to be a device that cell phone users either hate or love. But this, you can’t hate: Prorated Early Termination Fees. Thats right folks, it looks like starting June 30th, T-mobile will not only offer you the Rokr E8, but they will begin prorating ETF. For those that don’t know what a prorated ETF is, it means that as you have less and less time in your contract, your early termination fee goes down. Here are some examples: 12 months – $300. 6 Months – $100. 2 Months – $25. These are not exactly what T-mobile will offer, but you get the idea. Sounds sweet huh? We’re excited! Check out the new “Rumors” page for more fun rumored upcoming phones and services!