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FlexPay Update and more!

Very few people are familiar with T-mobile’s FlexPay plan, but those that are familiar with it, know that it is buggy, messy, and complicated. It looks like T-mobile caught on to this too, because coming this July is FlexPay 2.0. Sounds intense right? Flexpay 2.0 should fix all the annoying bugs and problems in the original Flexpay. T-mobile is so sure of it, they are launching a FlexPay ad campaign after to try to boost awareness of this product. Speaking of advertisements…does anyone notice how Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T all advertise coverage (America’s best network, America’s most powerful network, and Raising the bar), while T-mobile, well…T-mobile just doesn’t. Well coming this July (Deja Vu?) T-mobile is responding to this, by launching an ad campaign focused on T-mobile’s coverage. One more update, we promise, we’ll stop pestering you with all this information shortly. It looks like July will be a big month for T-mobile, as starting in July of 2008, T-mobile will be allowing users to block incoming SMS, a long-overdue feature for T-mobile customers. There you have it T-mobile users, FlexPay 2.0, Coverage Campaign, and SMS blocking.

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