3G, wherefore art thou?

Dearest T-mobile fans, we’ve gotten quite a few requests since we took the site public, regarding 3G release dates. I’d be lying if I said we haven’t heard anything, we hear rumors from many sources. We really want to present you guys with what we have heard, but in an effort to keep our good reputation in it’s place, we want to verify all our information. You may not like it, but more important to us than pumping up TMoNews, is giving you accurate information. I think we can all agree that T-mobile customers have been teased and teased a little more with promises of launch dates for the last 2 years. We want you all to know that as soon as we get our hands on something concrete, something that sounds like a definite launch day, you’ll know seconds after we do.

The commitment TMoNews Staff have to this site and to T-mobile is unwavering. With that in mind, we want you to see us as dependable and reliable source of information. We could throw out dates we have heard right now, but they may just be one more chalk mark on the wall of rumored 3G release dates.

We’ve had a tremendous amount of thank yous in the last few days. “Finally a T-mobile-centric site for those who love the wireless company that could.” Thank you, it’s those who tell us that we are awesome, bookmarked and just excited to come back again that we designed this site for.

Make sure you stay tuned, we just may have exciting news working in the pipeline. Android anyone?

Keep your browsers pointed here for the latest T-mobile news.

The TmoNews.com staff.

  • keep up the good work boyz

  • Kudos, keep up the good work. I’m loving you all already.

  • William Gary

    I want to say thank you so much for this blog. Once a week or more I look up T-Mobile USA on Google to try and keep up with the latest news and announcements from my fav Wireless company and it works out Okay, but it’s great to finally have a site that will tell me what to expect in the future from the company. This is really useful seeing as I’m about to upgrade my cell phone in May (my own little bday present)

    My T-Mobile Story
    Why do I love T-Mobile so much? well it’s the only cell phone company I’ve been with. I really wanted to go to VerzionWireless because they do have good phones, great service and a lovely store layout (they are even improving it now). I was 18 (or 19) at the type so I had no credit and they wanted a $500 deposit so I was like I’m never going to get a cell phone. I went into a T-Mobile store to look at their phones and told them what happen to me at VerzionWireless and they where like we’re totally different. So I picked out the cheapest phone and paid my starting fees and my first bill was like $150!. I pay $60 a mo for 1000 anytime, UL nights & weekends and my bill is always what I expect it to be.

    So Thank you so much for this site and thanks T-Mobile you Rock! :D

  • Vision77

    I guess what us TMo 3G chasers want is certainty. We’ve waited for a very long time for 3G. I hope to hear the news from you guys soon. Helluva job people helluva job.

  • William

    When I last checked, A CSR told me that more 3G phones should be showing up in the summer and the actual 3G roll out will be in Q3 of 2008. Also that they were setting up to have a “very nice” 3G device out around Christmas end of year.

    I’d really like to see it happen, but I’m calling BS until I see more phones or hear more rumors. Sorry, but Tmo has irked me with the whole 2+ years of the “Any day now!” attitude.

  • mingkee

    rumors say it may start 28 April in NYC, keep fingers crossed till I find it

  • J

    Very admirable way to go about this whole “3G launch date” thing. I completely understand and respect what you guys are doing. TmoNews.com is on my Links toolbar and I am checking it multiple times a day for updates. Thanks guys!

  • SRC

    I will say that the anticipation is building as we see new handsets being launched that support the 3G network (i.e. the Samsung t439, t639, t819, Nokia 3555, etc).

    I tell you, I will really start getting excited when I see a data device in the pipeline with 3G support (do I hear the BB 9000 whispering in my ear?) After all, the only thing that TMo needs is a high speed data network and they can blow the competition away. They’ve already got the customer care, informed sales teams, excellent prices, and a revolutionary service (@Home, which, IMHO is seriously one of the greatest and most consumer-centric systems out there! Unlimited calling for $10/month? Madness!)

    Good job on the site, by the way!

  • R

    in response to william … yes there will be a really nice device launched around xmas time for tmo. we were told this at are yearly kick off, no details on the phone just basicly will be great compation for the iphone and should have 3g, and also with the H@H serivce with the home phone side of it should have nationwide launch mid this year also bring even more options to all are valued tmo customers, there is no launch dates we have heard yet but only around summer of this year in the nations 25 top markets

  • I agree with J, and SRC, and I can’t wait till the T-Mobile Shadow II releases.

  • RD

    im excited about this site dedicated to tmobile. i’ve been a tmo customer for over 2yrs now so far it’s the best experience i’ve had with a mobile company when it comes to customer service. I’ve been wanting to upgrade my phone for the longest but tmo doesn’t have a 3g network nor a 3g handset, so i’ll hold out on that…hoping this site will give me the information i need. thanks guys.

  • All

    The major hold up on TMO’s 3G network launch is spectrum clearing. The Department’s of Justice and Defense, as well as a few other Federal agencies are still utilizing the spectrum and quite frankly their stand point is they’ll get off the frequencies when they get to it since they have more important things such as the war and undercover field agents.

  • DarkJedi

    Thanks for all your support guys, we will not forget for whom this site was designed. You, the loyal and faithful T-mobile customers!

  • mingkee

    depends on your area
    it can be as early as May in Tri-State area

  • William


    All well and good, but I’d love to find out what the “top 25” markets are. I’ve also heard that they’re predicting and 80% roll out by years end in the top 20 markets…

  • William

    Also I don’t know if it’s a screw up or not, but this evening I was playing with my wife’s BlackJack 2 (unlocked, using a Tmo SIM) and saw a “T Mobile (3G)” network listed. I don’t know if it was a goof up from running a non-Tmo mobile on their network or what. I’m around the Columbus, OH area. Should anyone else be able to verify/validate this I’d love to hear about it. :)

  • someone

    we just got word today at tmobile what the top 25 markets are… we got word the first release is new york in may… other networks are miami, houston, austin, seattle, theres a city in jersy, minneapolis, kansas city, los angelese, las vegas.. just to name a few off the top of my head.. i guess if someone wanted the whole list i could get them.

  • Nwahs

    Glad to see Minneapolis is on there!! All hope is not lost.

    Thank you all for supporting the site.

  • mingkee

    it’s posted on phonescoop, and I grabbed the link and post on hofo and cellphonesignal (on official 3G thread)
    check it out
    glad to see the long waiting is over!