What's that I see? Might it be…the Shadow II

[Picture Removed]

It’s confirmed from the picture, the Shadow II WILL have MyFaves. We can all breath a deep sign of relief. In this case, pictures speak better then words, so enjoy the first picture of what is going to hit T-mobile’s lineup soon. Who is TmoNews you ask? Oh well lets just say we’re the new source for everything T-mobile. This beauty not only will support T-mobile’s MyFaves, but it happens to be one of T-mobile’s 10 Hotspot@Home phones that they plan on releasing before back-to-school. Enjoy!

  • J

    Looks very sharp. But the real question is…will it have 3G?

  • I want it, and i’m gonna get it. I was just gonna get a Blackberry Pearl 2; but, I will wait for this.

  • Rick

    …but will it blend?

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  • Nick

    Reminds me of the HTC Pharos…

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  • USMC Will

    That looks pretty sweet for an HTC device…

  • Do you know how much will it cost or anything more ? I would love to add that to my blog. I gave you credit for picture and link to this post.

    I am t-mobile’r ! lol

  • JMTS

    SOB! i just bought a Shadow! Dammit this one looks hella cooler than the Shadow I. Maybe T-mobile will jump on the 3g bandwagon better late than never!

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  • SmBizMan

    I have the shadow, I like it. I wish it were faster though. It is so slow. I wonder if this new one will have GPS? That would integrate nicely with google maps…

    If it does I will upgrade in a heartbeat.

  • Champs

    Will this one come with a battery that doesn’t need twice-daily charging?

  • Randy H

    Will they fix the battery on this one?

  • D

    I like the smaller rounded edges, looks more comfortable in the hand…

  • Vision77

    Where’s the 3G?!!!

  • mingkee

    the original Shadow was a disappoint
    this one…..I worry it’s just Shadow with TalkForever
    if so, it’s too bad

  • 3g?

    if its not 3g its garbage… and by 3g i mean 1700 spectrum

  • aikipunk

    dude, T-mo didn’t get into the most recent auction.

  • it’s pretty

  • Spink

    i doubt 100% that that is the shadow 2

  • SRC

    I’m guessing that this will probably not have 3G. The redesign of the Shadow has been in talks since before the original Shadow was released… why? Because it has WiFi support, but HTC and MS were unable to develop the functionality to make it compatible with the @Home service in time for the release date.

    Oh, and just a hint, if you have issues with Shadow I battery life, make sure that the “Beam” feature in your ConnMgr is turned off. This has been known to eat up as much as 45% of your battery life on every charge :) Plus, does anyone use the “Beam” feature? Seems so 1998…

  • William Gary


    AllShadow.com reported a while back that the Shadow II will not be out for a while and that this is not it. They claim that the Shadow II will make the Iphone “look like a toy”. Just in case this is true when I buy the Shadow I will not use my upgrade discount so that when the Shadow II with it ;)

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  • enjoijams

    “AllShadow.com reported a while back that the Shadow II will not be out for a while and that this is not it. They claim that the Shadow II will make the Iphone “look like a toy”.

    1st) That phone in that article is not the same as the tmonews
    spypic. That is the HTC MDA IV i believe.
    2nd) So many smart phones out there are branded the “Iphone Killer” or some other variant of that. But is that the truth in most cases? NO! haha. Some T-mobile rep told me that they are coming out with an update to the wing. Also their gonna release a phone later in the year that is gonna completely break the ice. So If I were you, I would save my upgrade and all of my money till Dec 29. (When they have released all their phones for the year.)

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