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3G, wherefore art thou?

Dearest T-mobile fans, we’ve gotten quite a few requests since we took the site public, regarding 3G release dates. I’d be lying if I said we haven’t heard anything, we hear rumors from many sources. We really want to present you guys with what we have heard, but in an effort to keep our good reputation in it’s place, we want to verify all our information. You may not like it, but more important to us than pumping up TMoNews, is giving you accurate information. I think we can all agree that T-mobile customers have been teased and teased a little more with promises of launch dates for the last 2 years. We want you all to know that as soon as we get our hands on something concrete, something that sounds like a definite launch day, you’ll know seconds after we do.

The commitment TMoNews Staff have to this site and to T-mobile is unwavering. With that in mind, we want you to see us as dependable and reliable source of information. We could throw out dates we have heard right now, but they may just be one more chalk mark on the wall of rumored 3G release dates.

We’ve had a tremendous amount of thank yous in the last few days. “Finally a T-mobile-centric site for those who love the wireless company that could.” Thank you, it’s those who tell us that we are awesome, bookmarked and just excited to come back again that we designed this site for.

Make sure you stay tuned, we just may have exciting news working in the pipeline. Android anyone?

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The staff.

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