Is T-Mobile on the right track for success?

Many people feel that T-Mobile has “dropped the ball” in regards to building their network to be bigger and better than the competition. They’ve been slow to release phones, slow to high speed data, lost their hotspots coverage at Starbucks to AT&T with no replacement in sight, and their advertising since the loss of Catherine-Zeta Jones has seemed, to some, to produce an adverse effect in attracting customers.

But have they really dropped the ball?

Over the past year, T-Mobile has worked to bring innovation to the wireless industry in the form of Hotspot@Home, the first VoIP offering by any cellular carrier – an inexpensive add-on to any plan – that offers unlimited minutes while connected to a WiFi network using “special” (UMA-enabled) phones. While the new service was mildly advertised and brought in a lot of customers, it mainly came across to consumers as a highly confusing campaign, one that would be more like a bait-and-switch tactic than an actual functional feature. Phones that could support this service, those with UMA built-in, were slim and news on any future phones was nearly non-existant. Advertising for the new add-on was scrapped, while any news of it was kept “on the down low” – left for only current T-Mobile users to advertise to friends and family as “their little known secret”.

In the meantime, T-mobile worked behind the scenes to get 3G high speed data to the masses, all the while keeping minute plans costs low and customer service helpfulness high. Now, T-Mobile is poised to launch a revamped Hotspot@Home, re-dubbed TalkForever II, with an aim at home phone service. 10 Phones that are able to take advantage of the soon-to-be-relaunched service are ripe to be launched soon, and T-Mobiles 3G network is rumored to be coming up this summer -emphasis on the rumor part ;)

With a well known positive customer service reputation, low plan price points, up-and-coming low priced 3G, and unlimited-minutes-for-rock-bottom-prices H@H/TalkForever, T-Mobile has never been in a better position to add significant numbers to their subscriber base. It all adds up to rock solid competition in the US Cellular industry, and a message to everyone that T-Mobile has quite a few more tricks up it’s sleeve as it continues to grow.

It all comes down to one thing… that proverbial ball that some may say has been dropped? It’s not going anywhere.


  • I hope. Its seems like this year, will be they year for T-Mobile. I hope they don’t let me down. I know i’m looking forward to the T-Mobile Shadow II for 1, and when I move away for college, i’ll be having the Vtech phone too as my home phone with H@H

  • [mode:internal]

    Excellent job, marketing- sounds very Engadget.


    OMG. I knew there was something missing from my life. I miss seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones, advertising Tmobile’s services. She was the reason I got a cellphone. All jokes aside, they need to get her back.

  • zeke

    t-mobile needs to step up at not be afraid to carry high end phones and create some services to strengthen their brand to lure AT&T customers. they do that by bringing in some high end phones and find a way to create better option plans than the arrogant AT&T.

  • derrick

    It depends on their phones. T-Mobile has crappy handsets. I’m in the market for a new phone but if they don’t bring out some serious phones that are feature packed, nice not clunky looking, etc. i’ll be looking for new service.

  • Ali

    I agree, Tmobile needs to capitalize on unhappy At&t customers and get some higher end phones with more incentives to compete with at&t’s unity plan too… i beleive the evenings shud become standard at 8pm, that will make it a win for those debating, also add in the high end phones such as HTC Touch GSM version and maybe a few Samsungs i780’s, etc.

    basically, tap the german tmobile and get some of there stock, simple.

  • Alpha Q

    Guess we know the answer to this question now with recent layoffs and the more recent pay cuts to frontline employees.