Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present you with…3G

Up to this point, this is the most official statement (whether internal or publicly) T-mobile has made regarding 3G. Here is what we know: We can expect 3G in New York City sometime in May, and will have UMTS networks up and running in the following markets by the end of the year.

New York City
NJ and Long Island
Las Vagas
Kansas city
Los Angeles
New England
San Diego
Washington DC
San Francisco

We can expect more news on this to come next week. Like always, TMoNews will bring you everything you need to know regarding T-mobile.

Thank you everyone that sent this one in.

  • Jake

    is this the order that they will be released?
    and what is the time frames for each of these places?


    let me light my cigarette,,,,I think I just came.

  • William

    Meh. Not one damn Ohio city… Methinks it’s time to consider the death star.

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  • Nwahs


    New York should see 3G up and running by the end of May, while sources tell me that the 24 other markets should see it by the end of June. We think that may be a bit ambitious, but we are rooting for T-mobile regardless. They have never been one to go half-assed on something, so maybe it is true; 3G in the top 25 markets by the end of June. We will bring you more on this next week.

  • mingkee

    if so, we all are pretty surprised!
    but the 3G phone selection is not looking good, only 6263 is better

  • As long as 3G (UMTS) is available by the end of July in Detroit, and the T-Mobile Shadow II is 3G (UMTS) enabled, and it released late July, early August, I will be alright.


    CRUNCHGEAR, Thank you sooooo much for stating whats already been said. I love the fact, that no one here is smart enough to read and understand the article on their own, so you’re stepping in and explaining it to us—in the EXACT same words too! Dont ever leave us! We love you!

    PS> do you do highschool/college homework tutoring as well?

  • Vision77

    Okay so now all I have to do is wait for a nice 3g WinMo phone from T-Mo and I’m good to go…..Please T-Mo don’t release a high speed network to the public and give us crappy incapable phones to go with it…..

  • stefan


    i am from germany and will fly to ny in 3 weeks … i am sad that i can use my notebook only via gprs …

    umts is available in germany near everywhere. maybe i have some luck and it will be available when i am in ny.

    byebye and greetings from germany ;-)


  • JMTS

    To Pimpin: Dude light me up one too!

    Data plan here i come! WOOHOO! Cant wait hopefully Phoenix is not the last place to get it like on the list! Shadow II you will be mine!

  • Tmorep

    BTW San Antonio is included in the austin market launch.

  • ggg

    The next sidekick better be 3G capable

  • shawn

    That’s fake.
    well the list of cities at least.
    FYI:new england is not a city.

  • Ice

    lmao @ shawn saying new england is not a city

    do a lil research buddy, there’s more than one new england.

    This should be great, I’d love to get a new kick with 3G.
    NY all day baby.

  • mingkee

    to #14
    it’s by markets, not city

  • nchoma

    i dont know the order but work is on full speed in las Vegas. It should be on air in 2 months.

  • cblaymon

    Does anyone know what the frequency will be?

  • Zaxxon

    Hmmmmm…New England????? Thats a pretty big area, let’s hope my corner is one of those “New England” Cities. Totally psyched though…waiting for it long enough to arrive now – I need to get rid of that Sprint card in my notebook…

  • Ryan Worrell

    Damn. Houston is #9. If it we get it by June that will be just in time for a 3G iPhone. (Assuming it doesn’t take 2 months for an unlock)

  • Gary

    @Ryan: 3g iPhone will not work on T-Mobile’s 3g network.

    As for everyone else, its live in NYC today. At least Brooklyn and Manhattan.

  • IceDogHans

    I still have no idea why if the Nokia 6263 was tested in Boise, Idaho in October-November 2007, there will be no planned 3G coverage there. We do have a big call center here for T-mobile, hence the testing. Anybody know?

  • tiger

    Guys, has anyone had any experience with 3G in NY yet? What are the speeds?

  • haptic

    DALLLLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHH!!! now to get a phone with umts 1700 band..16m color..wifi..touch..good f480 wouldve been perfect if it had those..i would have bought it on the spot T_T

  • Chris


    How do you know it will not work on T-Mobile’s 3G service? It works on T-Mobile’s EDGE service just fine. If you are referring that the 3G is currently voice only then yes it will not work for the data portion, but once phase two is completed and it supports data, then I don’t see why not.

  • Shayne Sealy

    I’ve been using an unlocked Vodafone Motorola E 1000 on T-mobile over 3 years since Vodafone went 3G in November 2004. I’m hoping I can download an updated browser & also T-mobile will have video calls on their 3G network like Vodafone has in London. The video calls are great in London on the Vodafone network. I’m hoping we can make video calls in New york on T-mobile’s new 3G network.

  • Psyclops

    What frequency does T-Mobile’s 3G use? I’m rather interested, as I have a Nokia e61i that I’d love to use with 3G in the US. Does anyone know?

  • g-money

    T-Mobile’s 3G is going to be on 1700 mHz, which is different from all other 3G networks out there. Meaning, everyone will have to buy a new phone.

  • Bill

    Yes I’ve heard Info Earlier in the Year from TMO employee’s about Secret Devices underWraps that’s supposedly going to Blow Away the iPhone and all the Clones coming out.

    And everyThing seems to be Falling into Place, they’ve just taken their Time which was Hard for us BUT the Best REally IS Coming Very Soon Now, I cant WAIT to see all the Sweet New PHones they’ve been Developing!!!! – D

  • So when will it be available in Manhattan?

  • Alex

    From talking with a T-Mobile agent extensively, most of the markets that are going to launch 3G initially have all the equipment in place, they just cannot activate it until the government (they were using the bands first), vacates the bands. So basically its out of their hands.

    And also, they said end of October will be a huge phone launch, and likely to be the biggest nationwide launch of 3G, but some other markets pretty much ready to go might launch before then, and some might come after.

    She also said that they plan to be the first US carrier to offer a Google Android device (and she hinted that it will be 3G capable). She also said that the 3G launch will bring Tmo Sony Ericsson devices back to the US. Yay! Only good news to hear.

    I’m surprised she revealed all this, but hey, thats why I love T-Mobile.

    Oh and it will be the 1700/2100 band for 3G, incase you didn’t know. And yeah its different from any 3G network, so phone choices will probably be pretty slim at first. Oh well.

  • Devron

    I live in a chicago suburb, will i still get the 3g networking?

  • Jeff

    yeah just to say the same thing again (Alex above) My wife spoke to a rep who also said the same thing. I am pretty excited about the phone running Android to be released!! if anyone has more info about it please post ASAP!

  • Dave

    I work in one of the T-Mobile headquarter buildings in Factoria (Bellevue), WA and I’ve noticed my phone switching to 3G on an off throughout the work day. They must be testing. The odd thing is that I have the North American version of the N95 which shouldn’t be able to pick up the T-Mobile 3G frequencies. I hope I can use 3G when it’s out, but I’m guessing when it’s all said and done I’ll still be using Edge.

  • :))

  • elmer

    Does the Miami market include all of South East Florida, I’ll be moving to Ft. Lauderdale soon, which is like 30-45 minutes north of Miami.. anyone know this? I really hope it does! been a loyal t-mo customer for a while and i’m really looking forward to purchasing the ‘dream’ HTC phone on their new 3G network

  • erik

    Anyone, how far outside Atlanta will 3g likely work?