Coming up next? T-Mobile To Go Renovation

It looks like T-mobile has finally decided to switch over from Prepaid, to pay as you go. T-mobile will charge users $1 a day. This $1 charge will not occur if a call is not made that day. What, you might ask, do you get for $1 a day?

  • Unlimited Mobile to Mobile calls
  • Unlimited Nights Starting at 9 PM, 7:00 PM
  • Unlimited Weekends Turns out Weekends are not included

So, what if I want to call during the day?

Well then unfortunately your going to get charged $.10 a minute. Text messages are not undergoing any price changes, and will be charged as they do now. Doesn’t seem like to bad of a deal to us though, especially with the nights starting at 7:00 PM. Hey T-mobile, wouldn’t it make it easier on your system to just switch everyone to 7:00 PM nights? For those interested in this new pay as you go plan, you can drop by a store and sign up starting April 30th. Oh, and if you were planning on picking up those two new prepaid Nokias (1208 and 2760) they will most likely not be available in any T-mobile store. Target, Walmart, Sams Club, and other indirect dealers got stuck with the two phones T-mobile wasn’t willing to sell in their stores.