T-mobile 2008 lineup revealed??

We like to pride ourselves in bringing you all T-mobile, all the time, and that means having the first scoop. However, it looks like BoyGeniusReports beat us. Well, at least it wasn’t anything we didn’t know already. We’re sure by now a good majority of you have already read this news. We have to say its a little bit of a yawn, but we think we speak for just about every T-mobile fanboy expressing major excitement about the return of Sony Ericsson to the lineup!

Boy Genius was nice to give us a glance at some super secret (well not anymore) agenda meeting that took place only a few days ago. Here is what they had to say:

  • Sony Ericsson handsets will be returning to T-Mobile by Q4 of this year. The first two SE handsets out of the gate will be the Bella, a 2 megapixel flip with aGPS and 3G support. The second SE handset will be the W670 W760, a 3.2 megapixel slider which is essentially a replacement for W580 and should also come complete with 3G and aGPS support. Expect to see both of these by October/November of this year, hitting stores with a complete complement of SE Bluetooth accessories, including the famed SE Bluetooth Watch!
  • Motorola will be coming to the table with bot the Z6w and the ROKR E8. The Z6w should sport Wi-Fi, making it a great candidate for T-Mo’s Hotspot@Home service, but sadly neither of these are expected to support 3G data transfer. There will also be a relaunch of the W490 in a host of new colors, including Light Purple, Light Pink, and Orange.
  • Disappointingly, Samsung will only be releasing a couple of low end handsets for now, though they apparently have some “incredible” camera phone coming down the pipeline.
  • Expect “massive” software refreshes from HTC for their T-Mobile lineup…Windows Mobile 6.1 anyone?

Sound off in the comments about your excitement for the return of SE to the lineup. We want to know if everyone is excited as we are at Tmonews!

  • marco

    yep, let be more aggressive!!!, more info!!

  • mingkee

    the only phone I am interested is W760, that’s all
    btw, where is Z10 now
    it looks nowhere to be found in the world

  • William Gary

    I love HTC (just as much as I love Haggar at JCPenney’s both company’s have great quality products) can’t wait to see what they have coming. I’m probably going to buy the T-Mobile Shadow for my birthday (I need an upgrade bad)

  • jonathan

    well wasnt there a phone called the xperia x1 coming out for t-mobile also?? itz also a se phone

  • zeke

    can we get a windows mobile 6.1 update watch going? i hope the dash gets an update or a good winmo 6.1 is released this year.

  • Vision77

    I would like for T-Mo get a phone thats as good as the Tilt. If they get the xperia x1 I am breakin the bank for real. WMWifiRouter will be the first app I add to my phone once their 3G is unleashed.

  • Jeff

    can anyone confirm a release date of moto rokr z6w?

  • derrick

    Xperia??? If not bye bye T-Mobile.

  • highjack

    xperia is an at&t device, check the phonemag.com archives

  • mingkee
  • mingkee

    sorry to recall back the old stuff
    the first one finally will be TM506
    hope the second will be same as mentioned