Am I Dreaming?

Andoird + T-mobile

First and foremost, TMoNews has not fully confirmed this. Our lack of commitment and confirmation on this subject may also stemming from our disbelief that T-mobile plans on being leading the wireless industry, an event rarely seen. Other carriers which will remain unnamed seem to follow the business strategy of ‘lead and hope,’ while T-mobile has always seemed to ‘follow and do it right the first time.’ The tables have turned it seems. Coming Q4 of 2008, T-mobile will lead the wireless industry by releasing the HTC Dream, the first Android handset ever. We should have more information for you shortly. Here is what we know now:

  • 3 inches long, 5 inches wide
  • Will feature a full touch screen, with a swivel screen which reveals a full QWERTY keyboard.
  • Unlike the Iphone, the Dream will not only be touch sensitive, but touch-time sensitive.
  • The phone should be a full media phone, have easy access to YouTube, and let users view and edit documents.

Quick Recap. Confirmed:

  • An Android Handset will be released by T-mobile in Q4 of 2008


  • The first Android Handset released will be the HTC Dream


  • David Washington

    If this is true, I am live so love struck by T-Mobile.

  • Matt

    Android is 100% for sure. Dream wont be the Dream but…

  • elgoog

    ‘swivel screen which reveals a full QWERTY keyboard’
    sounds familiar. but wouldn’t surprise me

  • terryjohnson16

    What does Touch-time sensitive mean? How will it be different from the regular touch screen like the i-phone has?

  • Nwahs

    Time-sensitive touch gestures: Hold down your finger longer, and the area you’re controlling expands

  • BeCareful

    I first heard this news on a while ago. They had been hinting that HTC would release the first Android handset, and that T-Mobile would be the carrier most likely to get it. Very excited! Can’t wait till November.