3G coming to New York, Miami, and LA first.

After months of apprehensive waiting, T-mobile customers finally saw a spark of real 3G info last week when a list of the first 25 cities to be covered by 3G surfaced. Now, T-mobile and 3G are coming together a little more. The internal site that T-mobile employees have access to has announced an upcoming sale of UMTS handsets in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Although this isn’t an announcement of 3G, we think a UMTS handset sale can only mean one thing…unless T-mobile scrapped 3G altogether and is trying to get rid of their UMTS handsets! Just Kidding, sit back down, we don’t want any riots. We don’t have a date of launch for you yet, but keep your ears open over the next week, we should have some significant info to bring you.