3G coming to New York, Miami, and LA first.

After months of apprehensive waiting, T-mobile customers finally saw a spark of real 3G info last week when a list of the first 25 cities to be covered by 3G surfaced. Now, T-mobile and 3G are coming together a little more. The internal site that T-mobile employees have access to has announced an upcoming sale of UMTS handsets in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Although this isn’t an announcement of 3G, we think a UMTS handset sale can only mean one thing…unless T-mobile scrapped 3G altogether and is trying to get rid of their UMTS handsets! Just Kidding, sit back down, we don’t want any riots. We don’t have a date of launch for you yet, but keep your ears open over the next week, we should have some significant info to bring you.

  • mingkee

    it sounds very familiar…..
    didn’t exact same markets mentioned about 4 months ago?!

  • Vision77

    Just hurry up and hit the switch in Chicago already. I know I know be patient. But my impatience is totally justifiable.

  • DarkJedi

    Tell me about Chicago, thats what I want baby!

  • I hope they keep doing it like this. 3 cities at a time cause that’ll make the process a whole lot faster. I can’t wait till it hits Detroit!!!!

  • pimpin@aol.com

    Ok,,,,Let me light yet another cigarette. Cause I think I just came again.

  • Nwahs

    I agree. If they launch like this, 3 cities at a time, we should be down that list pretty quickly. Although I do wish they could flip a switch and just turn on nationwide 3G, I guess this way they will get all the quirks and bugs out.
    What would you say if 3G were just for Voice at launch? (Not saying it is, but what if?)

  • TJ

    3G just for voice would make it un-attactrative. I think most people want it for voice and data at the same time. Also for me to jump on 3G, T-Mobile would have to have a smart phone. I don’t see myself browsing and talking on a regular cell phone.

  • If it was just for voice, I would be highly upset. I already have excellent call quality/clarity in my area. T-Mobile know its customers are waiting for faster Data, not better voice/call quality, and yeah we know it would be nice if they could flip a switch for nationwide; but, it just don’t work that way, and they still got alot of work to do. I’m waiting for them to release some worthy 3G enabled phones.

  • SRC

    I’m a big fan of the Samsung t819, which is 3G capable. :)

  • Lil’ B

    3G launches in New York on May 1st! I don’t even live there and Im excited!

  • ryan

    yes 3g voice service no high speed data

  • aikipunk

    high speed will come with the launch, no word on how fast yet.

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile has been planning this for quite some time obviously. The samsung t639 was the first UMTS capable phone that was released — if I’m not mistaken it started in the LA market only. Many of the phones that T-Mobile have been releasing lately are UMTS compatible — they just do not advertise this. If you call customer service they will only release limited information if specifically asked about the UMTS capability of the phones. Everything I have seen has indicated that the 3G UMTS will be an improvement on data capabilities.