Upcoming Sale & T429 going PrePaid

If you were thinking about switching to T-mobile, you might want to wait until April 25th. From April 25th to April 28th, all activation fees will be waived. Well, not exactly, but the $35 per line will be credited to your first bill. Spending $35 may seem trivial, but if you are activating 5 lines, the price jumps up to $175.

After this promotion ends, on April 30th, T-mobile will be launching a new PrePaid Pay As You Go service. Accompanying this launch will be the T429….which has, drum roll please, a VGA camera. I asked for a phone with a VGA camera back in 2002, thanks T-mobile, just what we always wanted. Get this, it’s a slider too, T-mobile just loves them sliders. PhoneScoop loved this phone so much, they wrote a whopping two sentences about it. Along with the amazing quality of a VGA camera, this phone has a speakerphone and hold onto your seats, GPRS data! We’re expecting pricing to be somewhere around $50-70 dollars when switched over to Pay As You Go.

Update: Just received news that the $18 upgrade fee will also be credited to your account between the 25th and 28th. Just in time to get the Scarlet Sidekick Slide!