Uncarrier 7.0 is coming – T-Mobile sends invites for September 10th event

Invites are out! T-Mobile’s next Uncarrier initiative is officially happening the day after Apple announces its next iPhone. The invitation simply states “This time it’s personal”, with the date set for September 10th at 12:30pm local time in San Francisco.  That’s 3:30pm Eastern time/2:30pm Central.

Oddly enough, T-Mobile isn’t using an iconic theater or conference center to announce its next Uncarrier move. Instead, it’s taking place at the T-Mobile store at the corner of Market and 3rd Street.

“John Legere and the T-Mobile team invite you to join us in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 10 at the T-Mobile store at the corner of Market and 3rd street (669 Market Street).  Doors open at 12:30 pm pacific, and we’ll kick off at 1 pm pacific.”

With Apple’s event taking place just over 24 hours before, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not it helps T-Mobile’s exposure, or hinders it. With a message like “this time it’s personal”, we could delve in to what that means. What exactly is Uncarrier 7.0?

Last time out T-Mo announced 5.0 and 6.0 at the same event, offering a free 7-day test drive and free music streaming. Which pain points will be eradicated next?

Let’s hear your thoughts on this. Use the comments below or – as always – send your tips to cam@tmonews.com.

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  • Arjun

    What about family pricing for individuals. Every simple choice customer treated the same. No need to have large families to save. Flat $25/ line. Add unlimited for $30 more.

  • Jesse

    Some people have it confused, uncarriers have always been about pain points, so I don’t understand how anything apple related would benefit every tmobile customer? I’m thinking it will have to do with Sprints recent price cuts and twice as much data added to their plans, maybe tmobile will be adding more data to their plans, (at no extra charge) or possibly reducing the price of the plans? A combination of both? Maybe even add more countries to the free roaming list .. improving the network will for sure be one of the topics. Sure something apple related could be a topic at the event, but that will certainly not be the main topic. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Chris Adams

    Could be free unlimited data on wearables? Samsung showed off their Gear S and it has cellular. If the Moto 360 or iWatch does too then that would fit with the personal sense and be uncarrier.

  • marc benigno

    I think they are going to more of a prepaid style company. I worked for 4 years for them. When i started they had no contract plans and contract plans. Then they eliminated the no contract plans and used whst they called flex pay. Then they eliminated the contract plans and went with no contract plans all together. There contracts were 2 years. Well by now all tmobile customer should be contract free. So by going to a prepaid company you eliminate fraud becuase you make your customers pay upfront to be able to purchase devises unless they utalize there bring tour own devise program in which case they start making money from day one with every single customer just like they do overseas. Cell phone companies loose ten of millions yearly on fraudulent activity. Or they will start selling all the used devise people trade back in from the simple choice plans.

  • Charles David Riley

    Maybe life unlined plans $ 300 fee and that’s it unlimited mintues , text and data for life.

  • Guest

    “This time it’s personal.” Unlimited PERSONAL hotspot anyone?

  • Jzayn

    Look at the location and time of apple event and tmobile event. the tmobile event is 40 mins away from the apple event,and the apple event is 24 hours before tmobile event. looking at ios 8 (Tmobile Wifi Calling) and the 7 day test drive with 5s. tmobile and Apple are building a relationship. Trying to read between the lines. Apple and T-Mobile exclusive deal? trade in old iphone and pay flat fee? IWatch? any of these are possible IMO