Retina iPad mini coming to T-Mobile channels on November 16, starting at $0 down for 16GB


We announced earlier that Apple had started selling the iPad mini with Retina online at At the time, we were yet to hear anything from T-Mobile regarding purchasing the cellular device through its channels. Thankfully, Tmo’s just announced that it will be selling the tablet this Saturday.

From 12:01am Pacific Time (3am Eastern) on Saturday, November 16, T-Mobile will be offering the Retina iPad mini in “limited channels”. Qualified customers will be able to get the 16GB model for $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $22.08. That adds up to just under $530, or 92 cents more than the Apple retail price. If you want the 32GB model, it’s $99.99 up front or if you want the 64GB model it’s $199.99 down. Both will require the same 24 monthly payments of $22.08. At this time, it doesn’t appear as though Tmo will be selling the 128GB version.

One thing T-Mobile did reiterate in the press release – probably to avoid the confusion of the 200MB/$0 down promotion – was that new customers looking to get in on the financing plan/EIP must sign up to a new postpaid service with T-Mobile. Plans start at $20 (plus taxes etc.). Existing customers however, can get a tablet on an EIP even if they’re not taking a paid plan on the tablet.

“Well-qualified new customers can finance their iPad mini with Retina display if they establish postpaid service with T-Mobile on the tablet, with plans starting at $20 per month (plus taxes and fees). Existing T-Mobile voice customers who are on a postpaid plan can also get $0 down financing for their tablet, even if they don’t take a paid plan on the tablet.”

Because Apple is having a hard time making enough of them, you can expect the iPad mini with Retina to be a little difficult to come by. And with T-Mobile only offering them through limited channels, it’s clear the carrier hasn’t exactly got an abundance of new high-res tiny iPads in stock.

If you want one, you may have to wait up until 3am Eastern to order one online. There’s no news – yet – on what retail store availability will be like. We’re presuming as well that the free 200MB offer still applies to the new iPad mini, but again, no mention of that in the press release.

You can read the full release over at T-Mobile’s blog.

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