Dish Chairman, Ergen states that T-Mobile acquisition is still “on the table”

The sign in the lobby of the corporate headquarters of Dish Network is seen in the Denver suburb of Englewood

After failing to compete with Softbank on the purchase of Sprint earlier in the year, Dish is still looking at ways of getting in to the mobile communications market. One of the ways apparently still “on the table” is to purchase T-Mobile US. The company’s chairman, Charlie Ergen, spoke to Bloomberg and stated that this was just one of the options. It’s also looking in to “acquiring a company, selling our company, merging, partnering — those are all on the table.”

Apart from that, there’s very little on what this would mean in reality. With T-Mobile currently performing well above its competitors in terms of new subscribers, and with it committing to expanding and improving quality of coverage, it’s in its strongest position for years. Is now the right time to sell?

A couple of years back, when AT&T and Deutsche Telekom tried to organize a buy-out, many magenta colored hearts sank in to their respective boots. In that instance however, it was just going to be a case of AT&T swallowing up Tmo and owning the monopoly on GSM networks. How they’ll respond at hearing news of a Dish takeover is difficult to see, since it’s purely hypothetical at the moment.

Do you think T-Mobile needs to consider a partnership/buy-out now? Or can it survive and grow as it is? Does it need more investment to expand coverage more rapidly?

Via: Bloomberg 

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