T-Mobile Teases LTE Speed Sightings On Twitter With Instagram Pic, Crazy Fast Speeds

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Oh T-Mobile, how you tease us with all these LTE sightings popping up lately. Is that why you’re teasing us on social media with this Instagram image showing speeds that are unlikely to be found in the real world, but intriguing nonetheless? As the tweet itself mentions, speed sightings are showing up every day and we’ve already seen more than a dozen cities pop up with plenty of supporting material and location analysis to know that this is more than just fine-tuning. With that in mind, I’m hopeful the UNCarrier has an announcement tucked away in its back pocket ready to hit the internets any minute now, but until such news comes to pass…we’ll get to enjoy this Instagram pic and our own plethora of sightings.

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  • Diane

    EH same speeds my man is gettin on at&t over here in san fran we have screen shots with todays date to prove it just dnt kno how to post em on here . 50-60 mbps dwn 20-25 up is a regular over here for att. Anyone dnt beleive me come to san fran . Im on tmobile but going to att soon better signal in buildings,better coverage cant wait to dump tmobile soon hate that when we go to Oakland, san jose which we go a lot for work tmobile coverage is spotty and its edge while att has solid LTE.

    • Lagurl

      Lol @ diane I agree I go to the castro district a lot to visit my brother n his man n wow have I been amazed with how att gets up to 50 mbps with bursts of 60 and 20 up. I live in los angeles and never seen those speeds on att -_- highest I seen in LA on att is 15 dwn 6 up , I guess san fransisco is one of there lucky areas, funny thing how a few years ago san fransisco was considered one of atts problem areas now it improved a lot. And one thing I can tell u its that att in san fransisco fixed there network a lot i had less dropped calls on att than on tmobile in san fransisco and oakland.

      • JJCommonSense

        “to visit my rother n his man” LUVZ IT! LOL

        • Djenni

          hmm i dont see were it says “ROTHER”? AM i missing something??

        • JJCommonSense

          ok so i typo’d and left out the b… but actually since you’re analyzing, the “rother” is actually in the original comment, following a B… contained in the word BROTHER on the first line. Try looking again :)

    • macman37

      You have to keep in mind that if your area is not 1 of the 7 areas that are officially lit up with LTE, your experience will be different than what it currently is. A good thing to wait for will be the results of the 600Mhz auction that takes place early next year; as this will help expand the coverage and improve the in-building penetration. The reason that I see why AT&T has improved their network is due to much of the improved progress at T-Mobile. Having a new GSM iPhone 5 released when T-Mobile became an official carrier will light a fire under AT&T’s spotty coverage and corrupt customer service.

      • Djenni

        funny how u say atts spotty coverage . LOL T-Mobile s coverage is much more spotty than atts in san fran sisco and LA and oakland and texas and vegas and arizona and seattle i know cuz i been to all those places tmobile works good if u on the city go out the city ur stuck on what EDGE? that is soo 2008 while att has at least 3G LOL only thinG i agree with what u said is atts corrupt customer service yes i hate there customer service .. but im sticking with them for better service had tmobile hated being stuck on edge outside the city sure i had unlimited data on em but try downloading apps,gettin driving directions etc on EDGE not FUN AT ALL.. while on att u dont have that problem cuz lets face it att 3G is waay faster than tmobile edge and its available outside the city were tmobile has edge.

  • JL

    Id be happy with a steady 12 up and 5 down at this point, like so many on HSPA+. Because for the looks of it, Cincinnati won’t be getting LTE anytime soon. So all you folks b*tchin about speeds and all that good stuff, be thankful you at least have some form of LTE lol :-)

    • JB45

      I get anywhere from 9 to 13 down in Cincinnati. On east side at least.

  • Lauren

    I’m in the Elk Grove / Sacramento area and the LTE sightings are driving me crazy! At work (Elk Grove, just off I5) I’m now getting LTE in the building and just outside all day. Get on I5, GONE. Get off I5 8 miles up, has it for a brief second then goes out again. Go a tad farther north into the Arden area and it lights up. I sincerely hope that’s not the coverage I can expect once my market is officially lit up!!!

    • jay jay

      I have got 20+ Mbps up and 10 Mbps down.In elk grove

  • Aaron

    30 down and 9 up with only two bars in Dowtown Columbus.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      buckeyes! #1

  • Dakota

    Hopefully, theyre going to fire their ad agency and start over again. Their current commercials have been terrible in communicating the messages they NEED to communicate about no contract plans, cheaper rates, phone payments etc…They also are doing nothing to reverse their poor brand image…(shoes, icebergs, frankenstein arent a whole lot better than motorcycles – and nothing about how theyre different from others)…LTE will obviously be a plus but consumers already expect that from their other carriers. When most people still arent aware of their plans and Ive already seen 3 instances on business channels where the NEWS ANCHORS and ANALYSTS say “why is tmobile pricing this device so much higher than ATT and VZ?”” they need to do a better job. Even people I know with ATT iPhones dont even know TMobile carries it let alone could be cheaper for them

  • Chris

    The amount of complaining here is unbelievable. There are only 7 cities with officially launched LTE per the company…if you live elsewhere and are seeing SOME form of LTE, be grateful it’s being worked on. They’re rolling it out at an unprecedented speed. Some of you will never be happy.

  • rfgenerator

    Worcester, MA HSPA, lucky to get 3 down 1 up…Just outside of the city still on HSPA 1 down .5 up, a couple miles further and useless GPRS/EDGE.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Yeah .. same here. I finally had to ditch them. I was hopeful but I doubt our area will EVER see a release from EDGE.

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    60 down?! I wish! More like 30 down is what I’m seeing today in an established LTE area.

    • RobotChupacabra

      Depends on if you’re in a 10×10 (75 Mbps max) or a 5×5 (37 Mbps max) area. If you’re in a 5×5 area like NYC, you won’t see more than 30 or so.

      • tmofan

        How are you able to tell what an individual local area is capable of.

        • RobotChupacabra

          Hard to tell unless they specifically announce. However, if you get download speeds in the high 30s, it’s clearly 10×10.

        • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

          i consistently get 30+ down 20 up in DC metro area, must mean I’m in 10×10. Great

        • RobotChupacabra

          Basically consider the limits (5×5 is 37 Mbps, 10×10 is 75 Mbps) and that it’s a wireless network and you’ll never see the actual max speed and use common sense from there. If you’re at 30 or so, you’re basically near a cell site (I am) and network load is OK.

        • milanyc

          Dial *#0011# if you’re on any Samsung TouchWiz ROM, or *3001#12345#* if you’re on an iPhone 5. Look for DL Bandwidth.

        • tmofan

          Thanks, I had done this before but I am not seeing the dl in the service menu.

        • milanyc

          LTE DL BW : 5Mhz or 10Mhz….

        • tmofan

          Okay, finally saw the DL BW. 5MHZ, what I was doing was checking the service mode while it WASN’T in Lte mode. Thanks for all of your help.

      • sidekicker89

        how is NYC only 5×5? With the spectrum T-Mobile got from Metro PCS shouldn’t NYC be more than that?

        • milanyc

          Will be, but they have to repurpose MetroPCS spectrum first.

          Here in NYC MetroPCS is running LTE on AWS C block, and CDMA on D block.
          In order for T-Mobile to widen their 2x5Mhz LTE which is in E block, they would first have to reshuffle MetroPCS’ CDMA from D onto C block, that way MetroPCS’ LTE moves to D block and becomes contiguous with T-Mobile’s LTE on E block.

          Once that’s done, T-Mobile will be able to MOCN D+E and deploy shared 2x10Mhz LTE for both T-Mo and MPCS user base, similar to what they’ve done in Las Vegas.

          It’s not that straight forward as you can see…

  • scowoski

    Mechanicsburg, Pa LTE sighting

  • Emory

    In case nobody else noticed, T-Mobile’s picture is from the Seattle area, as Condointernet.net is a local ISP exclusively here in Seattle.

  • nerdlust

    I dont have lte yet but im very happy with my current speed on my note2. Everything is so fast. I cant imagine how those speeds must be. Tmobile take as long as you need too.

    • JP

      Lucky you, I’d be fine if we were at least an HSPA+ 42 market, but poor Cincinnati, has no Spectrum, it’s been hogged up by the other carriers lol.

      • Adrayven

        Sadly, I don’t think this will change for a few years. AT&T and Verizon have spent a ton to corner market spectrum. Hopefully the spectrum sharing they are proposing impacts t-mobile and other smaller carriers first.

      • JB45

        I thought we were hspa 42…. I get 12 down and 3 up. Not as fast as I have seen others get but still not too bad

  • xbaer

    Wilmington,DE worked on lte for the last two weeks with hspa speeds. This afternoon it went up to 30/8. What concerns me is that there are already signs that not all EDGE areas will be upgraded. Since there is a lot of EDGE around us I’d rather have hspa coverage 99% than lte as piecemeal.

    source: wakeforestfiber.com – The gentleman there wrote to Lagere from T-Mobile and was told that that location will remain on EDGE.

  • famished

    Max I’ve gotten in L.A. is around 18-19 Mbps down and maybe 8-9 MBps up. Usually averages 13 down and 3 up.

    • tonkotsu

      i’ve seen 30

      • famished

        What part of Los Angeles are you in?

        • http://profiles.google.com/gallimichael Michael G. Galli

          I get between 16-21 MBPS on LTE w/ NO latency. This is faster than my home Internet that is ‘fiber’ from Time Warner! Also, as a side note, using the speedtest app eats A LOT of data.

        • tonkotsu

          san gabriel valley

  • dylan

    tMobiles LTE runs on 1900mhz instead of 1700/2100 mhz it is why some people are getting lower bars in areas because instead of connecting to edge your connecting to LTE

    • just me

      What? No it doesn’t. T-Mobile is deploying hspa+ on the 1900mhz band, and lte on the 1700/2100 band. This is in addition to the already existing edge and hspa+ networks, which are having most of their spectrum reassigned to make way for the new deployments. The reason people are setting less signal in some cases is because of that spectrum reassignment, and a couple other factors.

      • scb1898

        I’m getting T-Mobild LTE on my Lumia 920, and I’m pretty sure this phone doesn’t have 1700/2100.

        • just me

          A quick Google search says otherwise. It doesn’t have 1700/2100 for hspa, but it does for lte.

        • scb1898

          Excellent! Always good to learn something new.

    • S4

      TMobile frequency use and services:
      Edge (2g) on PCS (1900 mhz)
      4g HSPA+ on AWS (1700/2100 mhz)
      4g HSPA+ on PCS (1900 mhz)
      LTE on AWS (1700/2100 mhz)

      This is for sure what they are running their networks on.

    • Dylan

      I’m saying this because my iPhone 5 will have 5 bars of 4G I Also have a 3GS which can only connect to 1900 mhz on TMobile 2G say it has two bars on same area as my 5 that has 5 bars of 4G ill turn lte on and also only get two bars. Kind of makes you think it’s connecting to 1900mhz eh?

      • S4

        It also depends on the tower placement. 3GS has PCS (1900) for 2g and 3g. IPhone 5. depending if you got the new updated version or old version. the old version is just like 3GS with certain bands, but the new one has all tmobile bands being used currently.

        In the area i am in, particularly at home. I get 4g full bars on AWS band but when LTE jumps on it has 0 – 2 bars. LTE runs on AWS band also. It depends on where the tower is located and if they updated all the towers in that area.

        • Shahzad Malik

          How is your service on lte with 0 to 2 bars? I have the same issue, full bars on 4g and 0-2 on lte.. I’m thinking something wrong with network… Am I wrong? How can I tell what frequency I’m running.

        • Adrayven

          Most likely it’s not fully deployed. LTE ON T-Mobile is defiantly a work in progress. Just be because you start seeing it does not mean its fully deployed or should be considered complete.

        • kev2684

          if you own a Samsung Galaxy device, you can dial *#2263# and select which band do you want to use.

          here are what you want to select to see T-Mobile’s services:

          WCDMA 1700 = AWS = HSPA+42 “4G” service
          WCDMA 1900 = PCS = HSPA+21 “4G” (market dependent/not all markets have been refarmed)
          LTE B4 = Band 4 = 4G LTE on AWS

          to tell which frequency is your phone connected on (on a galaxy device), dial *#0011#. it will say if it’s LTE or HSPA+ on PCS or AWS. when you do, download something in the background and if it reads HSPA+1, that means it runs HSPA+21 network. if it says DC_HSPA+1, that’s HSPA+42 network. on LTE, it will say how much bandwidth they have deployed in your area, it’s either 5 or 10mhz. 2×5, or 2×10. the higher the better.

      • sidekicker89

        I think you’re confusing 4G with LTE … 4G HSPA+ is running on 1900Mhz in some areas… LTE is strictly on 1700/2100

    • Adrayven

      No. LTE from t-mobile does NOT run on 1900. It runs on 1700/2100 aws. That was the whole point of reframing HSPA OFF AWS TO THE 1900 bands. It was also the reason the merged with metro as metro has LTE on 1700 AWS bands.

  • Noah James

    Just got back from a few day long trip.. No LTE but my areas network perfoference can badly reach above 1mb /sec with 3 bars of HSPA+ something isn’t right here. Called T-Mobile and did a service request,hopefully it gets fixed quickly. Will update when network is fixed.

  • Josue

    I’ve gotten 16MBPS, i wonder where they got that speed

  • OC

    i got 35 Mbps down in Santa Ana,CA

  • petraman


    ^LTE in Cleveland, OH… (North Royalton to be exact)

  • Astersion

    This is really not impressive. I am with Verizon LTE and I can get these speeds anywhere in the country while T-Mobile users can’t. My phone is compatible with their AWS bands for speeds even faster then these. I love Verizon and will never switch.

    • Sick

      Verizon is the best quality, but they cannot touch t mobile for price or value or convenience.

      • gentleman559

        Not to mention I can use any GSM phone from anywhere network in the world. Trump that Verizon bitches.

    • kbaer

      I concur with you. While it is nice seeing LTE in cities once again there will be plenty of EDGE spots outside of towns and cities and it appears that T-Mobile has no incentive to upgrade all EDGE areas.

      • Astersion

        Thank you you are right as T Mobile recently confirmed that some markets will remain on EDGE while other carriers have LTE in those areas. At least VZW has nationwide reliable coverage with the latest technology.

        • RobotChupacabra

          Again, not really true since Verizon has to physically upgrade a lot of their LTE sites for 3GPP Release 10 LTE, whereas T-Mobile needs only to push out a software update. Technically, T-Mobile has the latest technology.

    • Sok

      I got friend’s in Dallas with VZW LTE that barely goes over 10 dl..

    • Mr_Vault

      And its wonderful to see a Verizon troll on a Tmobile news site. We’re so glad you’re happy with V. We’re also glad that you’re paying a LOT more than we do. Glad to see someone doing so well in this wonderful economy that they can afford all these things. And actually, you don’t get those kind of speeds everywhere with V. You sir, are trolling.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        He loves getting ploughed by Verizon rates as well.

      • Astersion

        You all are jealous of our true nationwide LTE network. I have a friend in Florida who gets 60 down and 13 up. We have 490 more LTE markets then T Mobile. Hows the swag of TMUSA now? Yeah not so good.

        • Mr_Vault

          Shoo troll. I’m glad you’re happy with V. They have a good, maybe great network. We just don’t want to pay the price. We’re just getting started with LTE. Don’t know where you came up with “swag of TMUSA”. You really need to stay on Android specific sites. This site is for Tmo users (tmonews.com, get it???) Go away troll….

        • KingCobra

          Certainly don’t miss the nationwide LTE that you can barely use because of your data caps. Make sure your friend keeps his data monitoring app handy so he doesn’t get bombarded with overage charges. No thanks Verizon.

        • RobotChupacabra

          Not really. I mean, our HSPA+ network gave us great speeds anyways, and we get unlimited everything with zero caps for a lot less than what you pay. There’s certainly upsides to Verizon if one’s job requires travel to more rural areas, nobody denies that. In terms of value though, T-Mobile delivers a lot for a lot less. Not sure how trolling this site is supposed to prove anything.

        • MO

          haha i like that dont forget to mention we backhaul to hspa+ verizon goes down to pitiful 3g speeds smh

        • JackCAL

          Our LTE covers over 99% of our 3G covered areas. That argument is therefore irrelevant. We just got even more spectrum from the federal government. Our speeds and network can’t be beat. Oh yeah by the way, we have LTE all over the world. While your carrier T Mobile hasn’t even gotten close to a nationwide 4G LTE network we are already rolling out a 4G LTE Advanced Network with AWS.

    • KingCobra

      No you can’t. Take that LIE somewhere else. I had Verizon for 6 months and traveled all over the Southeast and the highest download speed I ever saw was 33mbps. Average was around 21.

      • milanyc

        When Verizon’s LTE just launched in 2010, it was easy 50+Mbps all day long.
        12Months after the launch, Christmas of 2011, I was still able to max out sectors at 70+Mbps: hxxp://i.imgur.com/G6oKP.png

        Now it’s much, much slower, but the point is we should be able to see similar speeds on T-Mobile’s LTE in 2x10Mhz markets, on their completely unloaded LTE network.

        • TMOTECH

          Most markets are still only 5X5 and getting up to 30Mbps. Just wait until it is truly unleashed.

        • pbxtech

          I suspect this is the case.

          For one thing I’m only getting 2 bars on the Note 2 compared that to my GS3 (non-LTE device), same cell tower, getting full bars about 4 blocks away.

          I think the LTE enabled cell tower are running half-power.

    • pbxtech

      Caught you in a LIE.

      I have a Novatel 4620L hotspot – don’t even get 30 download.

      I was in Atlantic City a couple weeks ago and I didn’t get LTE signal inside the Taj Mahal.

    • MO

      its funny you say that when i had Verizon LTE in NJ it was garbage and i only had max speeds of 10-12 down total and there 4g sim cards get faulty quick… im glad i made the switch to TMOB

    • gentleman559

      Yeah right. I had Verizon when I lived in Long Beach. I would hit 3MBPS and constantly toggle between 3G. When I moved to Vegas Verizon had NO signal in my house but T-Mobile had 3 bars of LTE. Guess what happened to Verizon?

  • marc

    I’m at the ATL airport right now, I’m getting 35down and 22up on HTC One

  • adam

    Im in tulsa, oklahoma. I barely get 17 down. But my up is 19? Im on LTE

  • adam

    Im also on t-mobile

  • D Velasquez

    Docomo have 100 mbps down and going to 150, if they are not there already, but talking in US speeds these are indeed impressive.

  • Alan713

    does Tmob really have a 15mbps speed cap on unlimied $70 plan? I heard that on forums and comments

    • superg05


    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      Not at all. No data cap either at least for now

      • pbxtech

        No data cap but the post is about speed cap which there’s none.

    • Guest

      No. I get 30mbps on LTE, which is around the max speed possible for my area (Richmond, VA).

      • disqus_WWP8bbR9AF

        i seem to just get max of 26 MBIT in richmond.. hope they can go higher soon

        • Guest

          Looks like Richmond is running LTE on 5mhz instead of 10 right now. I’m not sure, but I think that limits the theoretical max speed to about 35-37mbps. Hopefully they’ll be able to increase the amount of spectrum allotted to LTE down the road.

          Either way, I consistently get 25-30mbps down at different times of day, so I’m pretty happy. Same speeds as my low-tier FiOS connection at home. Now if they’d just spread the love down 360/west so I don’t drop to GPRS when I leave the city…

    • Sok

      I have used 16 gigs so far…no caps
      Got 37 yesterday

    • RobotChupacabra

      There’s no speed cap and there never was (wouldn’t make sense).

    • MO

      I been running 30 down and 15 up in NJ since the LTE hit my phone a few weeks ago,, i hate when other companies hate for no reason

    • cooldayr

      Actually that fast.t-mobile.com APN does have a 15 Mbps speed cap on HSPA+ (LTE is full speed). It is said this is to get users used to speeds on non LTE, soon AWS will be mostly converted to LTE (leaving behind 21 mbps HPSA+ on AWS and 42 mbps DC-HSPA on 1900 mhz).

      So if you have an older phone that does not support 1900mhz or LTE your speeds may slow in phase 2 of the LTE launch and this is just getting you used to it.

    • pbxtech

      NO speed cap. Tested on a Note 2 – a few feet away from the cell tower at full bar – getting 20-25Mbs down with upload 10Mbs at mid-day.

      I suspect that its still under test on those sites that are not officially announce to have LTE even though your seeing LTE on your phone. I also think those LTE enabled site are running at half-power because my GS3 (non-LTE phone) gets 4bars and the Note 2 gets only 2 bars, about 4 blocks away from the tower.

    • kev2684

      no if you’re using the right APN.

    • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

      I think all the confusion here stems from while they’ve been working on their LTE towers, their HSPA has been capped at 15Mbps. Considering they’re taking away spectrum from HSPA for LTE in the AWS bands, it’s completely understandable. LTE isn’t being capped at all and I regularly have been getting 30+ on it. Now if the HSPA 15Mbps is permanent or not, I have no idea but 15Mbps is still very decent for HSPA so I don’t understand all the Whining. Don’t like the speeds, get an LTE device. Simple as that.

      • Alan713

        i don’t even have LTE or need one, but interesting to follow. I’d like to have LTE on Ipad thru Tmo, don’t really see the need of mobile internet on the phone.

    • gentleman559

      No. That is fiction

  • sidekicker89

    I just read this on Verizon’s Facebook page… they have some of the dumbest hardcore fans ever! This is what one said:

    Pam Ferree – “You do not get unlimited with LTE through any company. Not prepaid, not ATT, not Sprint (unless it’s on their towers only) and surely not Tmobile.”


    • gentleman559

      Well you know those Verizon people. LOL

  • TMO_Mike

    LTE is picking up in Philly and the suburbs. LTE has been sighted in Bryn Mawr, Wayne & Plymouth Meeting/Blue Bell. The soft launch was May 30th and expansion continues.

    • BlackLighted

      Philly Suburbs is right! T-Mo just lit up West Chester, PA last night (one tower at the University that I’ve found so far) but that site has some massive coverage area around town.

      1900MHz HSPA+ is now up as well for iPHONE 4 users to get 3G/4G.

      Nice setup too, it’s a converted Ericsson RBS 3106 box on the ground, but a 6-pack of Ericsson AIR 21 Antenna Integrated Radio unit’s up top.


      Mapped a bunch via Sensorly, but their website is buggy, it only shows up if you zoom down to street level.

  • Ian Fong

    Dayton, Ohio has LTE. Just experienced it this past weekend.

  • JayMoney88


  • Jody Smith

    Been testing the new LTE network. It’s similar to the HSPA+ network: Fast in spots but the same areas that had slow faux G have slow LTE.

    Must be poor backhaul planning for our area.

    If T-Mobile can give me a fast network consistently over a very large area w/o the drops to EDGE or loss of service indoors they’d have more of my business

    • superg05

      You are basing that on them as you say testing the network OK…

    • DetroitTechnoFan

      The LTE rollout seems to be going MUCH better than the HSPA+ rollout ever did. I’m getting LTE in a lot more places than I had gotten HSPA+ and it’s almost universally incredibly fast… also, even directly after a fireworks show I was still able to get a call through. First time that’s happened since I started using cell phones!

  • superg05

    To all the whiners t-mobile is testing the networks they are not launched yet don’t make t-mobile regret giving you a sneak peek cause they won’t do it again

    • Shahzad Malik

      You act as if they are giving us something for nothing…In case you have forgotten, each one of us pays to use this service and T mobile is behind with their LTE roll out. So if anything, they need to put all their cards on the table.

  • sushimane

    is there any sign of lte that’s coming? because in my situation when i did my a speedtest now i been getting 6-7 mbps but like 6 month ago i would be getting 15-17 mbps

    • cooldayr

      This actually happened to me starting this morning where I live, speeds in my area went from 14-15 mbps down to 6-7. I noticed something similar occur in Harrington Park, NJ before LTE flicked on in that location.

      • sushimane

        So this could mean lte or sumthing lol

    • keasycase

      If u hepa+ speeds drops u will be getting lte soon

  • http://www.itrush.com/ IT Rush

    hmm, so is this mean no more cap on speed?

  • Sniper1087

    I have service on AT &T and T-mo and on AT&T the highest I got was 63 down

  • Manny

    In the Phila area last time I did a speed test I hit 54mpbs down and 20 upload.

    • keasycase

      And that’s wen that test 10*10… But imagine wen they get 20*20 up and running its a rap… And wen we get 600mhz more coverage more money we get… The better the service

      • Manny

        I was like, forget using my WiFi, I’ll just use my LTE cause it is faster.

  • keasycase

    Just to let yall kno it is only one place with 10*10mhz of lte and that is VAGAS…. They wanted to test wat happens wen they combine metro and our spectrum… I think certain areas of a town might have 10*10… Like where the headquarters is… But I thing san Jose is 10*10 tho speeds out there r crazy

  • Nick

    I’m a T-Mobile employee, and I had a customer that was getting 50mbps in their house in San Francisco, so I wouldn’t say that 60 is that far off. I get 30 in my house.

    • gentleman559

      Ive been hitting 50 lately here in Las Vegas

  • Philly Jim

    Just outside Philly , Delaware county area to be exact and I’m getting 25 down 10 12 up …………..

    • Manny

      Westville/Deptford in New Jersey, right next to Bridge, getting 54-60 up and 20-23 down.

  • keasycase

    And for all the people saying I get faster speeds on AT&T and Verizon… Is because they did 10*10 rollouts… And they r both doing 1700mhz lte rollouts 2 that’s y they r faster now

  • khalidalomary

    getting bout 22 down 7 up in Nashville,TN

  • bigsammoe

    Here in schaumburg,il right now 6mbps down 4.97mbps up…best ive seen so far is 11up kinda dissapointed in my “LTE”

    • Shahzad Malik

      I can’t get more than one bar in Addison IL