Rumor: Boston, MA And Providence, RI Metro Areas Now Live With LTE

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Chalk this up with the standard rumor warnings, but according to this statement I just received from a host of sources in the New England area, T-Mobile has green lit Boston, MA and Providence, RI with LTE. That’s based on this internal statement we received that went out to area employees announcing the LTE activation. As far as I can tell, no other markets saw a similar announcement today but that’s not to say some of the markets we’ve seen sightings in haven’t soft launched. It’s likely that a number of markets are well into the last few testing stages and we will see an official announcement for many markets in the very near future. At least that’s our hope if T-Mobile wants to hit their target goal for 100 million POPs covered with LTE by summers end.

Sound off Bostonians and Providence residents, how’s the signal where you are?


Good morning everyone,

I am happy to report that the New England Market has successfully launched LTE in the Boston, MA and Providence, RI Metro areas of New England as of 1:00am this morning, June 14th. Please refer to the map below for a coverage footprint and a table of geographic references where LTE is now active.

This is a major milestone for the New England Network and the team members from the Network Engineering, Operations and Development teams.

Initial Performance results are good so far and we are seeing Max Downlink Throughput values of >30Mbps and Max Uplink Throughput values of >9Mbps from our statistical analysis. The Network Engineering & Operations teams will continue to monitor the initial performance of the new LTE network throughout the day and over the weekend.

Looking ahead – this LTE footprint is just our Launch area so you can expect the footprint to grow over the coming weeks and months. We will communicate these updates accordingly via email and in our next Engineering update meeting with your teams.
Note – For those of you located in the Newton Sales office, you can expect the cell site covering the office to be LTE activated by the end of June. (It had not passed all the necessary quality checkpoints in time for this launch but we anticipate it being ready in the coming days).


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  • Shahzad Malik

    Everyday I see more and more cities getting LTE, but I don’t ever see Chicago getting lit up.. Kind of interesting that Chicago and surrounding suburbs have been dead silent….

  • troysyx

    Seeing LTE in Portland Oregon!!!!. :-D

  • Spençois

    Pawtucket, RI and Providence (Wayland Square, Blackstone Blvd, Downcity, Colleen Hill, Summit, Fox Point all with LTE service today. Fantastic !!

  • traviswoods

    Arlington tx LTE 35 down 19 up at park row and bowen

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      Now that is blazing LTE speeds fo sho!

  • Joan

    Lynn, Revere, saugus, Danvers,Peabody MA. All have LTE as of 2 days ago.

    • Josue

      Lynn city of sin lol

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      Now I just gotta replace my HTC 8x with something that supports LTE!

  • Tmobile

    Spots in Midtown West, Manhattan also has LTE popping up now!

  • Alan Gatica

    Spotted LTE in Roselle/Schaumburg today! Chicagoland area. About 40 minutes west of the city of Chicago! Unfortunately, no sighting of LTE in the city.

    • Shahzad Malik

      I had LTE in Addison for 3hrs about a month ago and then nothing since… Where in Roselle?

      • Alan Gatica

        It was pretty spotty off Plum Grove and Nerge. I had a solid LTE signal when I was on Roselle Road between Schaumburg Road and Higgins. Once I got onto 90 past Ikea/Woodfield it was gone.

  • Eric Stengrevics

    Burlington, MA now live with LTE. It’s still no faster than HSPA+ though…hoping this will change.

    • Eric Stengrevics

      Hopefully just in testing phase.

  • Guest

    Very small part of my city here in El Paso Tx. and getting speeds up to 28.11 mbps

  • Chris

    Very small part of my city here in El Paso Tx. and getting speeds up to 28.11 mbps on the download

  • arak

    LTE coverage spotty in Woburn and partially spotty in Malden. Good coverage in Everett, Chelsea and downtown Boston. Multiple speed tests on Note 2 shows around 11-13 Mpbs down and 3.5 – 4.5 Mbps up. The latency is great though compared to HSPA+.


    came up on my phone in RI yesterday!

  • Sharklover

    I had lte on my phone for the first time near Miami but not lte speed.

  • truong

    Got Lte in Wichita,ks yesterday

  • N.G.

    I got LTE turned on in Hollywood, FL today. 20mbps down/ 13.5mbps up. I normally get 3-5 down/ 1-2 up. Big Improvement. I am using an AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket w/ T-Mo Sim card.

    • BiGMERF

      nothing here kissimmee/orlando border

  • bunkbed

    That’s great news for all of us still on 2G!!!

    • Noah James

      submit your area at this website. Tell other people in your area with T-mobile to do the same.

    • Noah James

      or call t-mobile dial 611 and do a service request for your area.

  • Ĵϵṟϵṃψ Ψαñ

    The performance is not very good as far as I can tell

  • dylan

    My average speeds with two bars, Waxahachie TX

  • C.C.

    This morning I was receiving LTE signal on my Samsung Note 2 in an IHOP in Hallendale beach, South Florida….

  • ipsummm

    I got LTE signal in like an intersection in Kendall

  • jeffy

    I live in Calfiornia, I get LTE in Tracy, CA dublin, CA, Livermore, CA, Fremont, CA, I get LTE on Freeway i580.

  • Chris

    LTE in Cooper City, FL (about 15 miles west of Fort Lauderdale) turned on as of A couple hours ago. 19.09 / 1.85

  • Rodny

    Finally, LTE show in my iPhone 5 in Miramar FL.

  • George

    yeah the boston area and providence area are both working pretty good. even in the areas in between. I was travelling back and forth from boston -providence and noticed it Saturday. occasionally it would switch back to 4G, but seemed to be working good

  • Chris

    Just drove Interstate 95 from Fort Lauderdale back home to West Palm Beach. Seemed as if it switched from 4G to LTE and back to 4G at set intervals while driving…almost as if every other tower was LTE-enabled. Greatest speeds were seen at Interstate 95 and Southern Blvd near Palm Beach International Airport…46 ping / 31.01 down / 7.78 up

  • Tadinh

    I live in Boston and commute to Providence for work. I’m getting LTE speeds up to 30 down/10 up. I’m liking tmobile more and more everyday!

  • JJ

    I’m seeing “4G LTE” on my HTC One in Utah this morning!!!

    • weberduder

      Noticed LTE this morning near Ogden, UT 16.59 down 12.61 up.

  • Max

    I’m seeing 4G LTE this morning in Fort Lauderdale, 23 Down, 5 up

  • Jason

    27.36 down,12.53 up in Hollywood, FL this weekend

  • Ryan

    I have LTE here in Ft Lauderdale :D
    Test Date: Jun 17, 2013 9:29:21 am
    Connection Type: Lte
    Server: Miami, FL
    Download: 10.88 Mbps
    Upload: 3.89 Mbps
    Ping: 55 ms

  • algernon

    I started getting LTE in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area of Michigan this weekend. Haven’t been into Detroit yet to see if it’s working there, though. 36427kbps down, 6437kbps up (Winchester, VA server)

    • SparklingCyanide

      getting similar speeds on LTE in Livonia, MI.

  • C.C.

    I am seeing LTE service on my Samsung Note in the Miami area this morning…woohoo!

  • James

    I’m seeing lte service on my sister galaxy s4 22-30 Mbps in east boston/boston

  • khalidalomary

    lte in nashville

  • ProductFRED

    LTE in some NYC subways. I can confirm I get it at 47-50th Rockefeller station

  • cipher

    Whenever T-Mobile issues a statement, I’m reminded of something Harry Truman said about Nixon: “If he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.”