Early T-Mobile LTE Sightings Continue In Oklahoma City, Dallas And Miami

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While news has been a little slow in the last few days, T-Mobile is still hard at work building out their LTE network to make their 100 million POPs before the end of Summer goal. With that, another round of LTE sightings has popped up in and around Oklahoma City; Dallas, Texas and some scattered sightings in Miami, Florida.

As per our usual warning, these sightings are unofficial and represent what we believe is T-Mobile’s “fine tuning” and “testing” stage prior to launch. However, all three of these markets are listed as set to launch before the end of June so there’s a good indicator we aren’t far off from an official launch. So I wouldn’t jump too far ahead and assume that a LTE sighting means an entire market is live.

Let’s recap the list we have for May and June LTE market launches:

  • Atlanta and Sandy Springs, Marietta, San Antonio
  • Austin and Round Rock, San Marcos (May Launch)
  • Part of the Carolinas – Charlotte, Rock Hill
  • Chicago and Joliet, Naperville
  • Cincinnati and Dayton
  • Cleveland
  • Connecticut – Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
  • Columbus and Mentor
  • Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington
  • Denver and Aurora, Broomfield
  • Detroit and Warren
  • Honolulu and Maui (May Launch)
  • Long Island, New York and New Jersey – specific areas unknown
  • Los Angeles and Pasadena, West Covina, West LA, Metro LA, Burbank, Beverly Hills
  • Oklahoma City
  • Orlando
  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • Minneapolis and St Paul, Bloomington (May Launch)
  • New England – Boston, Cambridge
  • Philadelphia and Camden, Wilmington (May Launch)
  • Sacramento and Arden, Arcade, Roseville, Fresno
  • San Diego and Carlsbad, San Marcos
  • San Francisco and Oakland
  • Seattle and Tacoma, Bellevue
  • Tampa
  • Tulsa – (May Launch)
  • Phoenix and Tucson (May Launch)

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  • http://about.me/daylondeon Deacon

    as soon as Dallas launches LTE, i’ll make plans to get an LTE phone.

  • Daniel Duran

    Living here in Bakersfield, Ca. I’ve noticed some LTE-like speed tests in some areas also… 22mbps down, 10mbps up.

    • Z


  • Aurizen

    I seen LTE in philly about 1 am I was shocked.

  • CRT24

    We have LTE here in Oklahoma City…..not sure if this is still in the testing phase or if its final, and also not sure if all of the towers are lit up yet but the performance is impressive. The speed test numbers have not been out of this world but there is a huge increase in upload…..getting around 20mbs down and 10mbs up this morning. Regardles of that the actual performance is smoking fast…noticeable difference from hspa+ 4g!

  • DLow

    Spotted LTE is ceader hill tx off 67/belt line 29down 13up as of this morning

    • http://about.me/daylondeon Deacon

      oh yeah … i’m near there in Duncanville … i guess i need to go ahead and plan for an LTE phone ..

  • Alfonso

    Average 15 down 10 up in Philadelphia

  • http://www.youtube.com/#/mrjlwilliams J. Williams

    It’s live in the ATX now. 28+ down and 11+ up.

  • Aurizen

    This is just a disgrace, I’m getting LTE in philadelphia but my speeds are 4 up 3 down….

    • jjs81

      Same here. If it even connects…

      Been getting “network connection issue’ when I try to do a speed test with LTE on and showing in my status bar. I’m sure it will get better in a few days, as more LTE sites come online.

      • Aurizen

        I hope it will, 4g is bad too, 1up 2 down. I cant wait till Tmobile uses metro spectrum.

        • jjs81

          I was getting the same slow speeds with my “4g” after I enabled LTE. I turned off LTE and I started getting 6-8 down and 2 up.

        • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

          guys chill out, they’re just testing it that’s why its not working at its full potential yet. It will once its turned on.

        • jjs81

          I know that. That’s why I said ” I’m sure it will get better in a few days, as more LTE sites come online.”

        • Aurizen

          what APN setting do you have?

        • jjs81

          The one for the “hacked” carrier update. epc.t-mobile.com.

        • Aurizen

          for LTE as well?

        • jjs81


        • Aurizen

          the hack doesnt work for me little to no change, tmobile needs more spectrum in my area.

        • jjs81


        • Aurizen

          my 4g has been slow, at this point I think thats all im gonna get in my area.

    • Quan Bui

      T-Mobile has one of the best data connections in Philly… well, at least in the NE and the burbs. I live in Olney and I get 11+MBPS down easily

      • Aurizen

        I was told AT&T and verizon would are better because they have more spectrum here. maybe its the APN settings I have, what do you have for yours?

  • Cobalt

    LTE showed up yesterday in part of Dayton.

    • Justin Hubbard

      Speedtest results?

    • sidekicker89

      I’m in Fairborn! still on HSPA+ .. been kinda slow though :/

      • Name

        Had LTE yesterday in Beavercreek and Dayton at 4 bars yesterday! Tmobile store manager told me it’s about to launch full force next month!

        • Jesito473

          I’m hoping to see a “lte” icon flicker here in Cincinnati too, I’d be happy just to see a flicker :-)

  • Jazzyjeff215

    I’m getting great lte speeds in Philly, about 19-20 down and 12-16 up

    • jjs81

      What part of Philly? I’m in the lower NE and LTE is pretty slow and sporadic.

      • Jazzyjeff215

        I’m in North philly around temple University.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      +1 for the name

    • Quan Bui

      Nothing yet in Olney

  • J

    I had one bar of LTE when I woke up this morning in san Antonio tx, I guess it was picking up San Marcos which is pretty far from me

    • FMA9

      Where at in San Antonio?

  • CC Philly

    Center City Philadelphia (Near City Hall) Ping:66ms Download: 278.4kb/s Upload: 72.8kb/s do you call this LTE? is not even 4G!!!

    • CC Philly

      I will do another test in the afternoon near Cottman and Algon (NE Philly).

  • Sonic

    San Francisco peninsula sighting. Had LTE for about 20 minutes in Foster City last night.

  • riDIRKulous

    Been on LTE in Austin all morning: 15-25 DL 5-8 UL with low 30s ping

  • Joe Gualtieri

    Has anybody seen LTE in Northeastern New Jersey such as the “Oranges”, Clifton, Montclair, Wayne, or Secaucus?? Or etc..

    • HelloGello

      I live in the Newark/Jersey City area and I have not seen any signs of LTE yet. However, quality of service has been poor recently, so I’d assume they’re getting ready to flip the switch!

    • Roger Sales

      It’s definitely on its way this month,as there’s been significant changes in the way the network has responded inline with what HG said. I’m less than a mile away from NYC as is a lot of NNJ so they will need to hedge out and cover us before they can rubberstamp the NYC area LTE is up and running. Also, There’s at least one tower active in I believe Edgewater or Fort Lee according to sensorly.

  • Joshua R

    LTE just came on around midnight last night here in San Antonio’s Monte Vista area (around San Antonio College near downtown SA)… I’ll be driving up to Austin this evening to see how coverage is on 35 between SA & ATX….

  • mike

    LTE working in Philadelphia Northeast

  • mike

    philly Cottman and frankford 20meg down 10meg up for that area its great also full bars and steady LTE very happy

  • D_Wall__

    Come on Orlando!

  • Aurizen

    what apn settings you guys have?

  • anon

    I can confirm Philadelphia is up!

    • anon

      30th St station Univeristy city area.

  • luis

    In nj is up

  • luis

    Lte is up in camden nj today

  • m4ff3w

    I picked up 4 bars of LTE at 410 & Ingram in San Antonio this morning on the way into work. By the time I got speedtest opened I’d hit the next tower. I’ll be ready for it today.

    • m4ff3w

      And I just got 1 bar LTE at work, 281 & Bitters.

  • T-Mobile LTE

    Houston Tx. Ping 24ms. Download: 23.44Mbps. Upload: 13.54 Mbps. Full signal on 4G LTE. I would upload the screenshot, just don’t know how.

    • Oscar Alvarado

      Upload to Dropbox and post the link you receive from sharing it.

  • jose

    I am still on hspa+ in north west Palm beach Florida. Yesterday I averaged 13.5 and 6.5 on three tests.

  • yolanda

    Lte in dwtwn LOS Angeles well kinda its a mixed bag lol im at work and i noticed my s4 only shows 1 little bar of lte i tought maybe its low cuz im in a building but i walked outside took the elevator to the lobby wentout in the street but still showed one bar tried running many speed tests but it didnt work at all i mean NADA, 35 mins later tgat little bar completely gone now have full hspa and can do everything fine run speed tests etc .. Does anyone know why i couldn’t do anything when the phone displayed lte and why was the lte signal really low even outside?

    • oscar

      I’m also getting 1 bar of LTE, I think it’s normal because i think theyre still on testing mode.

  • oscar

    picked up 1 bar this morning around 8 am, city next to Pasadena CA. super excited.

    • remister

      Exact location/coordinates?

  • M0nk

    So far in NYC, Park Slope Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn and Lower East Side Manhattan. Downtown Brooklyn is the fastest speeds of 23 meg down and 9 meg up. Park Slope Brooklyn is 12 Down 6 up and Lower East side Manhattan is 18 down and 7 up.

  • Marcelo_L

    I call fake in Miami unless I see GPS coordinates of where it’s being reported.

  • tony

    Will it be the new “truly unlimited” or will the cap LTE and slow it down to just 4g after certain usage?

  • Billy Jingles

    I saw LTE in Celina, TX this morning. Its 40 miles north of downtown Dallas. Now that I am in my office in Downtown Dallas its just 4G.

  • bchildress

    I got LTE in Mid-Cities on way to work but it stopped when I got to Dallas proper. At lunch I saw int pop up and now at work in Deep Ellum it’s active.

  • Jeff Tarnawsky

    It’s up in Cleveland! Got it at the Cinemark in Valley View on my HTC One, not sure about downtown though. 10 down 13 up, had a weak signal though, only two bars.