The Day Has Arrived As The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Is Now Available On


With the in-store date pushed back all the way to May 8th for “select” stores and May 15th for all stores, online is the best way to get the Galaxy S 4 in your hands as fast as possible. That’s why it’s important that you act quickly as the Galaxy S 4 is now available through Quantities are expected to be limited so don’t hesitate. Hit the link below and have your credit card handy!


Samsung Galaxy S 4:

  • Beginning April 29th, the Galaxy S 4 will be available online.
  • Beginning May 8th, the Galaxy S 4 will be available at “select” company-owned retail stores, select T-Mobile authorized dealers and national retail stores.
  • May 15th will see the expansion of the Galaxy S 4 to all T-Mobile company-owned stores nationwide.
  • On T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan, the Galaxy S 4 will be available for $149 down with 24 monthly payments of $20.



  • pnwoutback08

    So back on the line with Tmobile and another 20min or more of wasted time with incompetent reps. Rep# 1244160 failed to follow up and now talking to a supervisor- Paul. Trying to get my phone ordered as yesterday they had some issue’s with online ordering and now I have to waste my time today calling them back. The web today states free overnight shipping and as a pissed off customer and loyal I deserve it..

    • Mad Max

      This is what the website states ” Get free ground shipping on all phones and devices. Expedited shipping is available for a fee; you can choose a shipping option during checkout. Sorry, accessory-only orders are not eligible for free shipping. ”

      I don’t see free overnight shipping here, do you?

  • daouda

    Mine is the truck out for delivery.
    I ordered yesterday around 10am CST

  • Kenan Jackson

    Delivered at 12:34pm. Ordered yesterday at 6:30am EST. Black Mist. New customer.

    • J. Williams

      Woohoo, I got black mist as well.

  • abe

    my mom and aunt are getting it tomorrow lol smh still wait for t mobile to refund my EIP

  • Will ✞

    ordered mine yesterday at 12pm chose regular shipping said estimated delivery may 7th but got a confirmation that it was shipped today and will be delivered may 1st!!!

  • deancollins


    If you are porting over from Verizon to Tmobile there is a major issue.

    Basically Tmobile are screwing up and porting over the numbers NOW even though handsets wont be arriving until next week.

    Your current Verizon handset will stop working once the order is processed and anyone who dials you for the next week will get a “this number is disconnected error” until you are able to power up your S4


  • pnwoutback08

    So after another day of wasted phone calls and Paul one of the Supervisors for Tmobile Lied to me about ordering the Galaxy 4. All morons that answer the phone for them and now I glad I did and do Not want Galaxy 4 now. It has been nothing but lies and out sourced reps all day to order a damn phone.

    Rep# 12281410 (Rachel) Liar

  • Jack

    Samsung Galaxy S4 screen is defect scrolling blur and purple/pink
    inversion treatment? did you all hear about it hahahah and they talk
    about htc read here

  • JayFromBK

    Does any one know what are the three tmobile company stores that will have the galaxy s4 on may 8th? I read an article online that said union square manhattan and midtown? Is this true and can any one be more specific if they know more information? Thanks in advance.