Samsung Says “Overwhelming Global Demand” Causing Inventory Issues


Any lingering questions that the carriers are at fault for the delays in shipping and selling the Samsung Galaxy S 4 can be put to rest. Samsung spoke to AllThingsD and blamed “overwhelming global demand of Galaxy S 4, the initial supply may be limited.”

I believe this settles the issue that T-Mobile, Sprint or any other carrier around the world is to blame for low inventory count. We knew from before the Galaxy S 4 was announced that inventory could be a problem but hoped Samsung could by some miracle, meet demand. Let’s hope they can catch up fast, there are plenty of eager customers waiting to throw money at them.

“Due to overwhelming global demand of Galaxy S 4, the initial supply may be limited,” a Samsung representative told AllThingsD. “We expect to fulfill inventory to meet demands in the coming weeks.”


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  • Edgar Gomez

    I’ve been using my MyTouch 4G for almost 1 month after I sold my nexus 4.

    • Andre Santiago

      That’s rough! lol

      • Phil

        That’s nothing, I’ve been using mine for over two years. lol

        • Impatient Waiter

          seriously! I’ve had it since November 2010…been waiting since Nov 2012 for the GS4…still waiting…

        • Steve Park

          My MyTouch 4G died two months ago, so I am back to a MyTouch 3G until I get a chance to see the HTC One and the SGS4 side by side in my local T-Mobile store. Just stopped by the store and wouldn’t you know it, they were one of the few that got the HTC One yesterday (7) and sold out in an hour.

    • I still have one of those still in it’s leather case and all it’s extras. The phone is still brand new and never been used. That is still a nice little phone that feels real solid and good in the hand. Mine is the black one.

      • Spanky

        Agreed. I bought the MT4G on the day it was released and used it until the Sensation came out. The MT4G was a nice, solid phone, especially if you got one with a good screen!

    • sincarafan247

      I dont even have a cell phone right now and havent for over a month because I’m holding out for the GS4.

    • fixxmyhead

      damn. i use to have that g@y @ss phone. f*cking hated it. worst phone

    • MatthewMurawski

      I’ve been using my Galaxy S 4G for over a month after selling my Galaxy Note. I feel your pain.

  • Verizonthunder

    I had a feeling Samsung could not handle the demand for the S4. Though they are not the only company to have a good problem.

  • souggie

    I apologize tmo, it’s not your fault, I’m sorry I jumped the gun, I just really want this phone, :)

  • ragumaster

    Isnt this a good thing sorta? Phone getting demand way more than they really thought.

    • Impatient Waiter

      yes and no. Yes, cause Samsung knows they have a strong demand, but no because they could lose a lot of potential buyers because people might get sick of waiting and just get the HTC One.

      • Onewhoknows

        Wrong, it’s a matter of days not months. People make it seem like it’s so serious. If you want it that bad you won’t mind waiting another week or so. Patience is a virtue.

  • marbo100

    I guess this is why no one seems to be advertising 32 or 64gb versions.

  • Josue

    Samsung should have predicted this

  • blkalleykat

    I think they may lose a small handful of those consumers who can’t wait for the inventory to come in to the HTC One. Some tech junkies hate waiting…

    • Razzmatazz

      True…but the HTC One isnt worth buying!

      • CRT24

        How’s that?

        • MatthewMurawski

          It’s thicker, has a smaller screen, no removable storage, no removable battery, and Sense sucks. The S4 is better.

        • Chris

          And that’s purely your opinion. On the other hand I can say that S4 sucks because of a bigger screen, no removable storage isn’t an issue anymore (32 GB/64 GB storage is plenty enough) and plus starting with ICS you can’t move apps to sd anymore unless you root. And Touchwiz sucks. Btw I have an s3 and i love it. I’m just trying to make a point that all the stuff you mentioned above are purely your opinion.

        • ok

          Too bad HTC signed an exclusivity deal with AT&T for the 64GB version. That alone puts the S4 96GB ahead. The HTC One was supposed to be the ultimate entertainment but they really shot themselves in the foot. That space fills up quickly with FLAC and HD movies.

      • says the troll with the spec bumped phone

      • Niqueeeee

        hey guys remember how samsung got in trouble for bashing the htc one overseas? well looks like they will settle for doing it in the us

    • moises1204

      htc is going through the same short supply high demand thing.

  • Well looks like the HTC will have a nice little window to sell before the S4 comes out after all. I’m surprised Samsung couldn’t accurately anticipate demand. I had read that they were planning to sell a massive number of these and had ordered many of them as a result.


    Don’t quite understand how they wouldn’t expect a high demand. I’d like to see an article comparing Swype to Swift Key now that both apps are out there promising predictive text for a fee.

  • Verhouze

    Perception. Maybe there really isn’t a demand problem but Samsung wants us to think so?

    • Spanky

      Nintendo did it with the Wii, so why not?

      • murdoxin

        So if Nintendo did it that makes it ok? How does that logic work?

  • Chris

    Hope it’s not really due to bug related issues..

  • I really want the SGS4 in the 32 or 64gb version. I’m probably just sucking wind hoping for a 64 version but I must have at least the 32gb. I have the SGS3 in the 32gb version and I just won’t settle for the 16. Just hoping T-Mobile didn’t pull the same move on the SGS4 as they did with the HTC One. AT&T got the exclusive on the 64gb and T-Mobile settled for the 32gb model. Take care of your customers T-Mobile.

    • Jose Hernandez

      If HTC decided to take AT&T’s money and give then the exclusive on the 64gb version, what in the he’ll is T-Mobile supposed to do about it? They didn’t settle for anything, the got the phones they were able to get. That’s it.

      • They should have gotten the 64 gb htc one.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Did you read my post at all? HTC decided to sign a deal with AT&T. No one else but AT&T got the 64gb version, do you understand that? There is nothing T-Mobile or another carrier could do about it, nothing. This happens all the time, HTC loves to sign exclusive contracts with AT&T and Verizon.

      • Lol you really don’t know how it works. T-Mobile and Sprint chose not to carry the 64gb versions.

    • gentleman559

      Um………SD slot is there so who cares how much internal it has?

  • OnlineRefugee

    I agree with what some in here say, Samsung’s story is a load of boshtommyrock. Chalk it up to typical “creative marketing.” Everyone does it, so I’ll give Samsung a pass. (Creating false demand.)

    Besides, they must be going batty with a nutcase 110 miles away (as the crow, I mean missile, flies) threatening to launch a few newbie nukes toward Seoul.

    Anyway, word is out that the SGS 4 (sans gimmicks) ain’t all that much different from the SGS III, so demand for the SGS IV might not be as high, at least not as it was for the III. Moreover, IMO the economy continues to suck. I know people making in the six figures, with all the expenses of bringing up a family, for example, they are not rushing out to get the latest SGS iteration. (And I know a lot of people who are perfectly happy with their Samsung Galaxy S II handsets.)

    In regards to professional reception (not all that great on the SGS 4) the consuming public is not as critical or demanding as professional reviewers, nor us trolls. Like Apple bots feel about the iPhone, SGS users simply want the phone to work, basic functionality, for it to look cool, and most important, to feel good in the hand. Most subscribers use 1/20th of the features and functionality these super phones offer.

    Oh, ditto on High Tech Computer. Maybe the beneficiary of now-lackluster appeal of the iPhone 5, and anticipated lukewarm reception to the SGS IV will be… drum roll please… the HTC One.

    After all, everyone is raving about THAT phone. Consumers like the way the new HTC One feels in the hand, it has a tighter resolution, and it looks cool. The HTC has all the things that are important to the plain ol’ vanilla users out there (aka 90% of the market for Android phones). Will the One help HTC gain traction in 2013? Hell, don’t ask me, I dunno.

  • Impatient Waiter

    Really Samsung? Someone on their supply chain management team just lost their job.

  • MatthewMurawski

    “there’s plenty of eager customers waiting to throw money at them.” there are*

  • I am still waiting on the jelly beans udate
    On my LG l9 :-) :-) :-)

    • Jose Hernandez

      And what does that have to do with this article?

      • Why is it supposed to.?

        • Jose Hernandez

          Oh, your one of those. Never mind.

  • i get so sick of these ridiculous “overwhelming demand” responses .. so they want people to believe that after DOZENS of launches of phones that they’ve sold MILLIONS of that somehow they keep underestimating the demand lol .. c’mon man.

    • Adrayven

      They usually stagger the release to carriers.. This time they released as many they could at same time. It’s likely you’re right though.. It’s some what intentional …

  • Bknight

    This is pretty typical for high demand electronic devices. It keeps the demand very high and customers pliable to price as well. I used to work at a SONY exclusive store. Its all we sold and They would do this all the time. Give us like 10 units and then like 6 weeks later ship a bit more keeps interest and demand high and loyal consumers will wait and even pay more if need be. I remember this happened on the GS3 as well and The Nexus and LG and Sony and Blackberry even HTC. Everyone does it. Many times they will say its delayed and then turn around and ship it on time or early using Scotty logic….. Always says it will take longer so when you do it quicker you look like a hero.

  • brendan soliwoda

    You would think that Samsung would have learned from the GS3 shortage last year, but I guess not.

  • haru280

    after the horrible experience i had with my htc amaze(apart from the camera), i refuse to buy another HTC phone, let alone the HTC One. i will hold out as long as i need to to get the GS4

  • Ashkid

    Seems like a publicity stunt.. :S

  • This phone is gonna do so well, wow. I’m not gonna do any pre order though, just gonna wait until it gets in the store since I’ve never had it in hand.

  • This is BS sorry not buying that line. If Apple can release phones then android makers need to get it together.

  • OnlineRefugee

    Those who think this is not contrived, well isn’t it interesting that this “shortage, we can’t meet demand” made the national news.

    As Apple says, there’s nothing like free advertising.


    I hate it how companies give the ‘HIGH DEMAND’ as their bullshit reason for delay.
    The pre-ordering just started. What the heck does that have to do with inventory batch coming in stock?!??

  • SalvyPride

    I’ll wait for the next Note… O.o

    • superg05

      same here Samsungs processor tech aways skip the galaxy s models in the united states but the notes receive it

    • OnlineRefugee

      I am skipping everything. I use Straight Talk’s AT&T prepaid plan, so any phone I want, it is coming out of my pocket (aka payment in full, immediately, if not sooner).

      I love my SGS II Skyrocket, but want the Note’s larger display (to read PDF and Word files). I saw a Note 2 in action (friend’s unit). Super nice, but I refuse to pay $450++ for a Note 2. Besides, I don’t forget that $500++ for a phone? That buys a fairly nice notebook computer.

      So I am buying a used “like new” Note for $275 (yeah, I’m a skin flint), selling the SGS II for $200 on eBay… and will go to bed tonight thinking all is well in SGS used phone land.

  • Robert

    I love the s3 and the s4 looks awesome… but I think I will wait for the Google I/O conference to see what Google has in store for the Nexus 5. Especially if they keep the price point of previous models.

  • Kenan Jackson

    According to @TMobileHelp the in-store launch is delayed. In select stores on the 8th and all retailers the 15th.

  • djclove007

    hope while were waiting t mobile will give the s3 the premeium suit like sprint rolled out today multi screen n other nice things on the s3

  • GinaDee

    Another fabricated supply shortage issue.

    OEM’s like Samsung know that they are going to sell millions well ahead of time. They are selling direct to major international carriers who pre-order in advance.

    To artificially keep phone prices high and to make users tinge with excitement they announce and purposely hold back on units. Carriers and customers fall for it every time.

  • legits916

    what happened to the “we can produce more phones faster using the plastic material’?

  • Also if Apple is able to simultaneously launch their iPhone on every carrier at the same time and stick to a SOLID release date, then why can’t Samsung? They are almost just as big. There’s really no excuse for this. It might possibly just be a publicity stunt.

  • Bangincrazy

    I talked to a Walmart rep who works behind the cell phone counter and he told me they should be getting some phones by the end of the week. I will have to go back and see.