T-Mobile Sending Out Carrier Update Enabling LTE For Unlocked iPhone Devices On April 5th?

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Update: As some of you have mentioned, there is no mention of LTE specifically in the body of the image below. Word from our sources is that this carrier update will enable LTE and it makes sense, given that  seven LTE markets are live and a carrier .ipcc update is all that’s required to do so. 

As T-Mobile customers using unlocked AT&T or unlocked iPhone devices have had some lingering questions regarding their current device and LTE capability, we’re happy to finally provide an answer. News just hit my inbox that T-Mobile is sending out a carrier update on April 5th enabling LTE and Visual Voicemail among other features. Given that this is an Apple update, there’s no staggered rollout as the update hits iTunes or all iPhone devices around the same time. T-Mobile’s LTE-ready iPhone 5 launches April 12th.

I hope to have a more detailed look at what’s contained within the “network/device optimizations” very soon so check back as we learn more. If you are absolutely desperate to enable LTE now, jailbroken iPhone users can follow these instructions.

“The T-Mobile Carrier Update is a minor iOS software update that enables official iPhone support by T-Mobile. When installed, the software update enables a handful of capabilities like Visual Voicemail, MMS Settings and Network/Device optimizations that customers do not have access to today. On April 5, the software update will begin being pushed via OTA to all iPhone devices on the T-Mobile network with iOS 6.1.x or higher.”

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  • Bean

    What about the Verizon iPhone 5?

    • David Haas

      I’m pretty sure it will enable VVM and T-Mobile specific APN settings like it would for other iOS devices, but not enable LTE or AWS HSPA+ as that is hardware specific to at&t/T-Mobile/unlocked and ‘T-Mobile-optimized’ iPhone 5 models, respectively.

      One side effect: you should be to disable the [useless for T-Mobile purposes] LTE radio in the VZW iPhone when this carrier update gets pushed. Lets hope they keep the 3G/”4G” toggle switch too in the carrier update.

  • http://www.jmillspaysbills.com/ jeremy miller

    I still can’t get any confirmation that the A1429 will be getting this update. I know it’s the verizon version, but I can’t get anyone to confirm or deny that only the A1428 will be getting the update and LTE support.

    Anyone know??

    • taron19119

      CDMA iPhone 5 does not have the correct bans ,to run LTE for T Mobile or AT&T

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

      It will get the update but not LTE support. It does not have the required hardware to connect to T-mobile’s LTE network

  • Jesus Villafranca

    How is it going to work for users of unlocked IPhone 4/4S? SMS, MMS, iMessage works perfectly as of right now for me and been seeing 3G in my area more and more so I’m a happy camper…however we are still missing the visualvoicemail..are we also getting it?

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

      Yes you will get it

  • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

    I can confirm now that the iPhone 4S and 5 will display the “4G” icon on T-Mobile after this update.

    • Luis Medina

      why is this?

    • ghulamsameer

      Can you give evidence for your proof?

  • Pohru! :D

    So how does this update work? Is it just like any other firmware update?

  • Andymhs

    If you don’t have a data plan on tmobile and still have an iPhone on the network, will you get the update..?

    • TMoTech

      No. Your iPod will not get it with a cellular plan.

  • Roger Caramelo

    Anybody see this OTA update yet? Curious to see the impact on my 4S.

  • adeedew

    Well this didn’t happen?

  • rodrigogt87

    Im still waiting for the update