HTC Blog Post Highlights ‘One Day’ With The New HTC One

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There’s little question the HTC One is one of the most feature-rich Android devices to hit the market. With BlinkFeed, Zoe, BoomSound and the new UltraPixel camera, there’s plenty to keep you occupied during the course of any given day. So what does “One” day with the HTC One look like? It looks a little like the infographic above.

Whether it’s your morning alarm, latest news, or your music and video player, your HTC One is an essential accessory to help you take on the day. From BlinkFeed, to BoomSound, to the UltraPixel camera, it gives you the tools to stay connected, entertained, and capture and share memories with your friends and family.

It’s One Day with the new HTC One. How does your HTC help you make it through “One Day?”

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  • Oscar Alvarado

    Unfortunately it doesn’t/won’t go through One day without a charge. :c
    But neither does my Nexus 4. :s

    • You have the HTC One? I heard it can get through a day without a charge from about 2 reviews online. But I also heard it alters depending on your usage level.

      • tomarone

        That is correct.

        • I wish I could have my hands on one now, lol

      • superg05

        that’s most new age devices

    • dom

      read some reviews especially user ones the battery from many of the reviews i have read/watched were surprised how long it did last while only being a 230 mAh

      • g2a5b0e

        2300 mAh

    • I get 24 hrs or more daily and weekends 60hrs + on my nexus 4. Try a different ROM and Franco.kernel. I think Google and LG ships these configured badly.

  • I wish T-Mobile would post their release date of it. Sprint & AT&T have both posted theirs will be April 19th. Come on nah T-Mobile.

  • Nolia

    HTC needs to stop bullshitting and give us a release date. It’s either that or I’m buying an iPhone 5. I’m getting tired of my HTC G2

    • tomarone

      They can keep their ‘release date’ as long as they do a good job. The hardest engineering work requires flexible release dates. so * you nitwit. They announced delays due to availability of the 12 mp camera unit pieces nincompoop.

      • du22ty

        att and sprint have announced release dates and what is this 12 mp camera you speak of nincompooop?

        • tomarone

          I don’t know where I read about 12 mp cameras but I think I read there was a delay with the camera sensor suppliers to HTC. Now I read it’s a 4 mp ‘ultrapixel’ camera. I’m wrong you’re right. I was trying to make a general comment about ‘release dates’.

    • Chris

      I really miss my G2 actually…

      • Nolia

        I love my HTC G2 also. It doesnt give me any problems and after 2 years its just as fast as any new phone. Its just time for it to retire. I would like to remain loyal to HTC by buying an HTC One but I can’t wait any longer and the iPhone 5 is calling my name

        • Black TheBadGuy

          I felt the same way but HTC disappointed me when they went off the radar. I do miss free hotspot and tethering since I moved from the G2 to the S3. Had the screen been bigger, better battery life, and screencap w/o rooting and I would’ve stayed with it

        • NuShrike

          I’m moving from G2/HD2 to GS4/N4. HTC can suck it with their no sdcard and slow updates policy.

        • steveb944

          It’s only like a month or less left. I wouldn’t choose a device from last year vs a brand spanking new one. The One is worth the wait imho

    • DDroid45

      I thought they said April 19 for att and sprint

  • Goliath King

    Tmobile will launch on the 19th also.. They most likely have yet to say so due to the iPhone. Once iPhone comes out or around that date TMO will announce they too will Launch the One on the 19th also… I just hope they get the black one.. it just looks better to me…

    • That’s some bs. I need to know now, so I can know when to sell this HTC One S. Don’t want to be phoneless for too long.

  • tomarone

    I hope the video and audio recording is better than a damn samsung that’s probably the only real reason I’d want it. Given they can’t seem to upgrade the OS it’s just a piece of HW if a really nice one. Still love my One-S. If frustrated by their inability to upgrade their Android to the latest. They must be having personnel problems.

  • Kit Pogi

    David, no news on release date yet? AT&T and spring already got theirs… -_-

    • Nothing, at least nothing official. I suspect it’ll be around the 19th but I don’t know why T-Mobile didn’t quickly chime in today.

      • HTC_ROX

        Maybe they don’t want to take away any excitement from the iPhone launch?

        • Adrayven

          I agree, They’re probably trying to not detract from the iPhone launch on the 12th.

  • keasycase

    Htc just need to do what apple does with updates… HTC one s still no jelly bean :-/:-/

    • Adrayven

      You know, I would probably still be enjoying my HTC One S if I had gotten consistent updates and enhancements through the software. They were simply too slow at releasing updates even to fix minor bugs and quirks to keep It running efficiently. Such as exchange support was very quirky.

  • Lydia Fucknutt

    HTC is definitely going to lose a few sales to the iPhone 5 if they don’t release their phone soon

    • You really think just because of an OEM delay people will just leave a handset ecosystem they have been using and just migrate to iOS. I think not.

  • CactoesGel

    A rep at a T-Mobile store told me HTC One would be on sale on May 1. Can anyone else confirm?

    • Nothing is official. That rep was probably just guessing that it would be out by May 1st at the latest. It should be here this month though.

    • Herb

      That’s the day the Galaxy S4 goes on sale. I would probably guess the HTC comes out a week earlier.

    • ant

      yea if they told u a date i asked two in tmobile store they both said any day

  • They should have gotten it out in March. Releasing it so close to the iPhone launch is going to seriously hurt sales (at least on T-Mobile).

  • Swoosh0217

    i talked to a Tmobile rep and said it will be released May 1st

  • Mystery Man

    Why does that picture suggest driving and watching TV? “on the way to work”….

    • Herb

      I think it means public transportation.

  • DDroid45

    Welp at least apple nor Sammy can boast about how much better there battery is because they actually lose to htc in web browsing and barely beats it in the other test, and In talk time apple don’t even compare. I say HTC has fixed its battery issue and the future for htc batt life is looking promising, plus the camera update HTC has before the phone even released, I say htc is the best phone if the yr in my opinion, Sense over Touchwiz, screw any other opinion

    • kalel33

      Really? because the reviews I read show:

      THE VERGE: “For all the things the phone does well, it doesn’t do much of anything for very long. The combination of a fast processor, high-res screen, and always-updating software is an ugly one for battery life, and indeed I struggled to make the One last a full day.”

      TECHRADAR: “But in our like for like tests, the HTC One is only just about satisfactory when it comes to battery life, and you can’t replace the battery to boost performance either – best get a portable battery charger pronto if you know you’re going to be home late.” They also said the Galaxy S3 did better on battery tests.

      ENGADGET: ” Now for the moment of truth: in our rundown endurance test, in which we play an HD video on endless loop, the One made it through six and a half hours before all of its juice was sucked dry — an average result.”

      GIZMODO: “We are somewhat concerned about battery life, however.”

      • DDroid45

        I’m actually speaking about websites that show the actual graphical comparison. Numbers don’t lie, people and there opinions do.

        • corona10

          Hes been on here that last few days bashing the One.

        • DDroid45

          That’s why when u speak about numbers. It makes people look dumb when they try to explain how they opinion is right,. Corona I got people like him figured out

        • kalel33

          Link to these numbers? I’ve got many many sources. All I see is words from you with nothing to back it up. Real reviews that are done independent of the manufacturer are much more precise than anything you can come up with. And Corona10, I’ve had 3 HTC devices. How many have you had?

        • DDroid45

          4 including samsung and motorola. like i said numbers speak, words ain’t spit, fanboy or girl, whoeva u r. numbas dont lie. back down

        • kalel33

          You really had to go with a UK website? Couldn’t find one site that tested a US version? None of those tests included the LTE being turned on, which is why the US review sites are much more reliable. You’re right, numbers don’t lie. Read the reviews from the US reviews showed and all of them give the numbers, with the HTC One being average to poor battery life. I had shown 4 different and very well regarded tech sites and you bring me a foreign site using a global version, not the US version.

        • DDroid45

          Dude look I’m drunk on some ciroc right nah, I ain’t got time for yo lame a$$. Just post those u.s. links if they even exist. Dueces Lamo

        • kalel33

          Not too hard to find. I gave you the sites I got the quotes from, but I guess that typing in each tech site with HTC One review in Google is too much for you.

          Gizmodo was using the international version and didn’t have the US version yet.

        • DDroid45

          yea dude, its not worth my time, like i said, i have a life. still, htc all the way, now go get some nuckie and go to sleep if u even capable of it, LAME-O

        • DDroid45
  • ant

    im never rushing to spend money i dont have to but idk they kilt their own buzz by waiting it out

  • Steve Park

    “One Day with the HTC One”….yea, yea….but what is that day, give us a release date already! We have dates for the iPhone, G4, Z10, but not the most anticipated phone in T-Mobile’s Smart Phone lineup. My HTC Amaze 4G is getting a little long in the tooth, having been released on Oct 2, 2011, same day as the Samsung Galaxy S2…that seems like forever.

  • russ

    Thanks tmobile for the new phone rrg667@gmail com