Editorial: A Quick Note From Your Editor (That’s Me) Regarding Coverage


There is a devil and an angel on my shoulders right now, one of which is saying post this and try to explain your position. The other is saying post it, rant your little heart out and close off the comment section. Let’s see which voice I should have listened to:

In recent days, there have been some “complaints” on the rise in iPhone coverage, specifically after the official iPhone announcement. I just want to clarify something right from the get go, this is a T-Mobile site, not an Android blog, or a BlackBerry blog or a Windows Phone blog, but T-Mobile. I, and I’m using the first-person because you’ll recognize I write 99.9999999% of the articles here (and yes, I know I need some help) hope we recognize that means coverage will extend to every operating system T-Mobile has on their shelves.

In other words, my coverage is determined by what’s news, not by my personal feelings or opinions. For five years since the site came into existence I’ve run it the best way I see, to cover T-Mobile news. Are there times I want to branch out my Android coverage? Sure, but there’s a fine line and I don’t want to turn TmoNews into an Android site. The same goes with the iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. I don’t want any device to completely dominate news, but there are exceptions to that unwritten rule I have.

Point in case: last week there was an uptick in iPhone coverage and I saw some complaints and I scratched my head. The iPhone was just announced, T-Mobile is the last national carrier to carry the device and it’s been the one glaring omission in T-Mobile’s smartphone lineup. Did anyone honestly think I wouldn’t give it a lot of coverage? I didn’t stretch for coverage or write more iPhone articles just because I felt like it. I covered what was necessary and what I felt was worth bringing to your attention. In fact, that’s how all my coverage is determined, by what I think you all are most interested in.

As a one-man show, I do my best to pick what I think will interest the majority of readers. I know not every article excites you and I know you will skip over those that don’t and I expect that. I do the very same thing at any number of other news sites online, tech blog or otherwise. There’s no sounding board for me, but doing this for a long time has helped me gauge what’s interesting and what’s not. Some of my post choices are wins, some are losses.

The bottom line is that I don’t ask, or want anyone to read something that doesn’t interest them, but just skip over the article instead of complaining about it. I get that some of you don’t understand the interest behind iOS, or Android or Windows Phone and that’s fine, have passion for your choice, I respect that. What I do ask is that you respect the idea that someone else has a different choice and remember that just because another platform doesn’t interest you, doesn’t mean it won’t interest someone else. We could sit here all day and argue about iOS looking long in the tooth or that only 20% of the hardware can use the most advanced features etc , etc.

Moving forward there will be more iPhone coverage on the blog as the lead-up to every smartphone launch in the history of the site has overwhelmed coverage. In the next 10 days, the iPhone news will increase, then the HTC One news leading up to its launch and then the Galaxy S 4 and so on. That’s how I’ve always done it and I do it because there is a finite number of flagship launches on T-Mobile and I up my coverage for each one. But let me be clear, I won’t write Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or iPhone news just for the sake of writing news. Anyone who has been around this site long enough knows there are days I don’t post anything at all because there isn’t 365 days of T-Mobile news.

Today I could have written about iPhone 5S rumors, iOS 7 and Tim Cook apologizing to China but I didn’t, because if I covered every Android or iOS rumor I’d never stop writing. Expect to see big rumors about Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie or whatever dessert is next because it’s relevant to Android users who comprise a large part of the T-Mobile smartphone customer base. That being said, major news about the next iOS software will likely be covered moving forward. In that I mean that if someone manages to get a picture of a new iPhone homescreen, I’m going to post it. Why? Because iPhone 5 users will undoubtedly be able to update to it, which is the hopeful reason I would write about Android 5.0 rumors. That is T-Mobile related because it affects T-Mobile devices. Is that a stretch? Maybe, but it’s true.

I apologize for the rant and what I can only imagine is a dizzy read. I’ve been up for far too long and changed far too many diapers today. All I ask of you, the TmoNews reader is that you respect the idea behind my coverage and if something doesn’t interest you, don’t read it. Just don’t walk away from the site because of it. I value each and every reader TmoNews has and I take these matters personally because I’m so deeply entrenched in the site. I’ve worked very, very hard to create a relationship with my readers and that is something I value very much, so let’s all play nice mmmmkay?

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  • Brad

    Don’t even worry. Those who say they won’t visit the site still will. They always do.

    • Dane Walton, Jr.

      no, we won’t. if it weren’t for the trolls on here filling my disqus queue, i wouldn’t have remember this page even existed.

      • That’s sad…why don’t you care about the site anymore?

  • I pity the fools that care so much about phone operating systems. Seriously people, get a life.

  • J-Hop2o6

    People complained about the iPhone coverage? Smh. I don’t like or care for the iPhone, but it is pretty big news for Tmo since it took sooo long to finally carry it officially. So it was necessary to write and post Tmo iPhone related news. Don’t even sweat it David.

    • Agree completely, I’m a big time Android enthusiast since I got my first G1 the week they came out. I’d never consider an iPhone but it seems obviously that the iPhone coming to TMO after all these years is big news for TMO and as such is worthy of being written about here.

      IMO anyone who feels differently is no better than the people who wait in long lines for every new iPhone when they come out.

    • Jon

      That’s just how fanboys are. Android fanboys = iPhone fanboys = idiots.

  • WGM

    I don’t see anything wrong with any of your articles. Don’t worry David, those are ignorant readers, you don’t need them. I still love TmoNews.

  • Very excellent article David, and I couldn’t agree more. Some people just love to complain no matter how important the news.

    • gsm1900

      David, I’ve been reading this site for years, and been with TMO for three years. You have done an absolutely excellent job with your news. Haters gonna hate. Keep doing your thing.

  • Yeah, just ignore the complainers. What I don’t understand is why they feel so offended by iPhone/Android/Win 8/BB coverage that they feel obligated to stop reading your articles. It makes zero sense and you should block out the noise.

    Besides, it’s only the vocal minority. The majority of us readers read your articles either way, regardless of any OS news coverage. Thanks for your hard work David.

  • thepanttherlady

    Good read, thank you.

  • J

    Don’t stress. The fanboys were out in full effect and don’t see the positive about the Iphone coming to T-Mobile. The articles you posted about it, probably were read by many new potential customers who want the Iphone and T-Mobile service. This should not be an ” OS ” fight between T-Mobile customers. It should be T-Mobile customers coming together, praising the company for finally stepping up and bringing one of the top phones that stop people from coming to T-Mobile, to coming the company once and for all because of it.

  • tmofan503

    That’s a damn shame that people can’t grow up. I don’t like iOS but either way it’s huge for T-mobile, my favorite national carrier. I come here first, rather than Engadget or any million of tech sites for T-Mo specific news. Keep on keepin’ on David, screw the haters.

  • Eric

    Amen. I’m so sick of hearing android fans shut down the iPhone just because its the iPhone. I’m an iPhone person, but am I tempted by the galaxy s4 or the HTC one? Definitely. But we all have our preferences and I don’t just knock android because I do not prefer it. Unfortunately, many of you android fans knock iOS for no reason other than you prefer android, and its friggin annoying. We don’t have to agree what’s best, but I think we can all agree android devices and iOS devices are excellent, and we deserve to hear coverage relating to both.

    • 1stGenRex

      Not all of us (Android people) are so “Us vs Them”. Hell, my wife, who currently has a Galaxy Nexus (I have a Nexus 4) is SUPER excited to get an iPhone 5!

      Maybe the average person you are talking about would server their SO with divorce papers for being so sacrilegious.

      • Guest

        He said “many” not “all.”

        • 1stGenRex

          No kidding, what’s your point?

        • 1stGenRex

          So, what’s your point?

    • Deadeye37

      Its just fanboyism. You get fanatics on both sides. Personally, I think everyone has their choice and we need to respect that. I say let the Android fanboys rip iOS and let the Apple fanboys rip Android. Just don’t do it in a demeaning manner and definitely don’t insult people that have a different viewpoint than your own. Its called a debate or a discussion, not mud slinging!

    • M42

      I had two iPhones and outgrew its limitations. But if you go on the iPhone/Mac/Apple sites you see the same thing in reverse. “The iPhone is perfection”, “Apple invented everything and Android copied everything from them”. There is one site that I won’t name but they always show comparisons between the iPhone and Android to show how crude Android is and the photos are from the most recent iPhone OS and the first Android OS, which did look crude.

      My point is, folks get carried away on both sides. Competition is good for everybody and I’m hoping Blackberry makes a come back and that somebody figures out a way to use WebOS.

    • AB

      To be honest… Your statement goes both ways. I work with a company where about 90% are Apple users, my company even supplies Ipads to the management team. But i have to hear all the time how my Android phone sucks from someone who has never even owned one. Like any thing in life it’s your choice to like what you like. I have actually owned Apple products(IPhone, IPad, IPod), but over time I found Android works better for me. What people need to learn is to just be respect about their opinions. Know there will always be someone out there who feels opposite. And instead of saying something negative about it, respect it as their decision.

      • Sectime

        Fanboys are losers, and they know it. That’s were all the hate comes from. Feel sorry for them, tell them and move on.

  • Big Dawes…..

    Great Article my good man ! you do a great job here covering T-Mobile and the company news.. There are always idiots out there, they get upset when mommy didn’t make their beds !!!!!! so they have to cry and whine somewhere

  • Agreed. Glad you posted this.

  • xmiro

    People just need to get over it. This is a news website that tracks news about T-Mobile.

    I don’t care for the iPhone but it’s good for T-Mobile to have it for competitive reasons. Other customers care about the iPhone, and they probably want to see what T-Mobile is doing with it, options, updates, pricing etc. Anything else is selfish.
    David you do a great job, don’t stress over imbeciles

  • rob

    Thank You! This was a much needed article. Now we just need the ranters and trolls to read it. It’s called TmoNews for a reason. The links to the other PhoneDog sites are up there on the top for you OS war starters, TiP for iOS, DroidDog for Android, PhoneDog for everything else mobile.

  • sloanie

    I appreciate all your coverage, and have especially appreciated the thoroughness with which you’ve covered the iPhone coming to T-Mobile– specifically because there are questions relating to T-Mobile that other sites don’t have as much interest in getting to the bottom of.

    I also enjoy Android and Windows Phone coverage.

    Keep up the great work. I imagine you’ll gain more viewers than you lose with T-Mobile’s device offering being more fully fleshed out.

  • tmomanager

    wow, David you finally had to sit down and write an article from scratch, instead of steal or copy/gather information from some other site .. finally some original work ..

    • jRi0T68

      Totally agree. I much prefer the enormous volume of original work you have on your site, which keeps us all so much more up to date than TMONews. What was the url again? Oh… you don’t contribute anywhere and thus should either shut up or visit a different site? Okay, then.

      • thepanttherlady

        Wish I could like this more than once. :)

    • Hahahahahaha what do I steal? That’s hilarious! Welcome to blogging 101, we have cookies. Look around and see how many recent posts include T-Mobile watermarks and oh yeah, how about the number of sites that posted our iPhone software update article today. Yup, original material. This editorial is dedicated to childish comments like this one. EVERY tech blog I’m sure you read posts from other sites, it’s called…what am I think of here, oh right…how it works.

      • John

        David I appreciate all the coverage you do on this site. Not because every article you write interests me. But because it’s relevant to T-mobile. However, one thing I think you should do is work on banning nasty rude childish people who comment on this site. For instance, I posted a comment in your Samsung GS4 article and compared it to the SG3 and IPhone 5. Some nasty poster wrote that I was a iPhone fanboy and other rude comments like why am i posting that on said article. Or on the new value plans article some EX T-Mobile rep called me a leach and said I was no good for America because I posted that I am getting a 35.00 a month loyalty discount through T-mobile. T-Mobile gives it to me because I have been with them over 8 years and always pay my bill on time. Or when some poster told me I was lucky that they weren’t my rep after I commented about how I had T-Mobile discount my phone upgrade and waive activation fees etc.

    • bisayan

      Stealing information? what info? They are the one that steal the info. from tmo news everytime there is an an article regarding tmobile. Your Crazy!

  • Aurizen

    I love your articles, I hope you keep doing these, I enjoy the iphone coverage because its tmobile related, I see you cover other tmobile related phone news. iphone is a big deal and tmobile is just getting it, and tmobile is advertising their phone so of course its gonna be the hype for tmobile. Thank you for the news and all you do.

  • Amen David! Keep doin what your doing.

  • Dustin

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for many years and have waited patiently for the day that I could purchase an iPhone without unlocking. So, I appreciate all of the iPhone coverage. Thank you!

  • Lol ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • It never actually occurred to me that you wrote everything for the site. You are truly a 1-man army. Kudos to your exceptional coverage and writing ability, and for running the site. We do sincerely appreciate you. I do tell all my friends who have T-Mobile to come here for the latest news. And quote you at T-Mobile stores. I never got why people got upset when people preferred different things than themselves. I don’t have a iPhone, don’t necessarily want one, but don’t have a issue if someone else does. Heck, I been letting my bff know about the latest iPhone news about it heading to T-Mobile for the last few months, with coverage from this very site. Am I gonna bash her from going from an Android to a iPhone? No. I actually encourage her. I’m just happy she has a smartphone, and we can connect with each other for them. You are doing your job and people are just butt hurt for no reason. Long live Dave! (considering I’m a Dave too, lol)

  • Recknize

    Love your website, keep doing it the same way. Thank you for the news…

  • Anthony Tompkins

    Very well said sir. To me, Tmonews has and always will be a T-Mobile news site, regardless of platform, that true enthusiasts look to. Keep doing what your doing David. No one can fault you for that.

  • God…enough with the editorials and explaining of things. I want more android and iPhone news and you’re clogging this up with all this talking about things.

  • Eli

    I rarely make comments, but I just want to say thank you. I forgot when I stumbled onto this site, but ever since then it’s been bookmarked and a daily check in ever since the G1 first came out. Keep up the great work, you have a lot of us behind you! :)

  • as a tmobile rep i love the fact you only cover tom news. Keep up the amazing work my friend i will keep reading!!!

  • Robert Levine

    Don’t let the clowns get you down! Most people can’t deal with change! Let’s move on! WAIT!! Where’s the LINUX phone coverage!!!!! You’re so biased!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

  • Anne Droyd

    Shove the iPhone up your ass, and STFU!! Android all the way. I’m not kissing your ass.

    • Eric

      You have serious issues.

    • bisayan

      How about gtfo??

    • Spanky

      I agree, Android all the way. However, this is a T-Mobile blog, not an Android blog.

    • Nearmsp

      Go to phandroid.com web site to read information only on Android devices. It is a pity that you never learnt some manners at home.

  • CPPCrispy

    Great article although the title deceived me a little bit. I saw coverage in the title and I thought that it was about T-Mobiles network coverage (its been a long day). Anyway, great article, great website, and keep up the good work.

  • Barry Everett

    Good read, and good points. I have used all the OS, many of the phones. I am new to T-Mobile, and am planning to go full-tilt into this bold attempt to change the cellular world. Bringing iOS into the fold is major, and deserves the coverage it has gotten. I am encouraged by the announcement of the bump to iOS for LTE.

    Perhaps it will follow with a similar effort to unleash the LTE chip in the Nexus 4?? Hmmm?

  • Louie

    That was a good read. For the record, Dave one of the reasons I like tmonews so much is that you are not completely biased by one OS or another. I really like the fact that I can get info on my carrier and have sprinklings of new phones covered as well.

  • SACK

    I love my Android OS, but if it’s sold by T-mobile, cover it! That’s your job.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    David — this may be your best piece of writing here yet. Well done, and thanks for keeping it up!

  • I’ve never understood the hatred some people have for one OS vs another. Having owned both Android and iPhones I can see the advantages for both. I seriously love reading about any new phone or device that is coming to Tmobile regardless of the OS and you do a great job of covering them all. Keep up the good work!

  • Dane Walton, Jr.

    NOPE it’s clear the hyperbole you give to the iphone. at this point, most other tech blogs (android included) are covering t-mo’s movements anyway, so rather than write a rant telling us to just skip your articles we don’t want to read, we all might as well just skip this blog entirely.

    • just me

      I’m gonna log in just to downvote you. Don’t you realize how many T-Mobile posts on other blogs can be traced back to tmonews as the original source? Glad you’re leaving, troll elsewhere.

      • bisayan

        amen brotha!

      • Dane Walton, Jr.

        yeah, none.

    • Unregistered

      Bye :)

      • Dane Walton, Jr.

        stop filling my disqus queue with your pointless nonsense.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Then be gone already.

      • Dane Walton, Jr.

        what a useless comment…considering i’m trying to leave, you twats just fill up my disqus. seriously though, there’s no new info here.

    • Dane Walton, Jr.

      Just to let everyone know: I’m losing nothing but iPhone articles by dropping this blog. The only tech blog I follow who’s worse than this is MobileCrunch.

  • kIng iPhone

    The Android witch is dead. Long live the iPhone! ;-)

  • Jesus Puga

    I found this site about a year ago and, ever since, I’ve never looked elsewhere for news regarding T-mo. Thanks for all your hard work David!! Never go longer than 2-days before taking a look at what’s new at T-mo News.

  • cybersedan

    Rant away David, you do a great job keeping all informed where T-Mobile news it’s concerned. Whether it’s a device or coverage or plans, if it’s T-Mobile related we can find it here.

    Keep up the good work, no rant apology needed, it was fun to read :-)

  • Alvin Brinson

    Good job man, don’t let the haters hatin’ get you down.

    And ya know, it’s not nearly as bad as when you thought you’d have to rename the site AT&T News…

  • David is just an Apple shill. We know the truth!

    Edit: 8 people don’t get sarcasm and don’t visit /r/androidcirclejerk.

    • just me

      Gtfo, -9000/10 shitpost

  • just me

    I’m actually really surprised to hear that there were complaints. Your coverage has been very relevant and I don’t think overbearing at all. Maybe people are just used to T-mobile being the only carrier without the iPhone?

    Well anyway, I and many others appreciate this blog, don’t let the haters and trolls get ya down man :)

  • Dezertedsky

    Well said. Although I’m an iPhone user apple fan. Because tech is my livelihood I enjoy reading all the articles you post it keeps me in the know.

    Thanks for filling my feedly with what you write. Wish other could respect it as we’ll

  • Palus85

    David, keep doing what you’re doing. I have read this site since day one and for the past two years as a tmo rep I have learned more here than I have at the store about upcoming devices and plans. My store manager hates that I know more than her because of this site. David, u r the best. Don’t change anything and keep up the awesome work.

  • Aaron Peromsik

    No complaint about the article content, or needing to skip over iphone-related articles, but the headline made me think this would be an article about coverage on T-Mobile’s network.

    • RonJeezy

      Wishful thinking. As I pop in and out of G and Edge when I cross state line.

    • Been with T-mobile for ten years, live in a “RURAL” area and lucky to get gprs most days with decent Data /so live with it or change carrier nuff said, great rant Dave give em he’ll lol

      • Jose Hernandez

        Nicely said. A lot of people just can not stop complaining about bad coverage. Live with it or change carrier, nuff said indeed.

      • Dion Mac

        But how about those commentors that arent even with T-Mobile and are happy with their carrier ummmm…. why are you here? But some people don’t have the ability to NOT complain!

      • cubanito151

        Very true. I used to be the same, where I only got edge all the time and to even get 3g I’d have to drive an hour away. Either ways I decided to stick with T-Mobile and not complain and now wait is over 3g was turned on where I live about 3 yes ago.

    • Same, I thought the same.

    • Mark

      Same here. Consider this comment to be me complaining about David covering people complaining about what he covers. :)

    • rfgenerator

      Yup, that’s what I thought. Was expecting a discussion of the proverbial elephant in the room that is T-Mobile’s rural and suburban coverage. As for the IPhone coverage in the blog, well I didn’t realize that many people were getting themselves all worked up over the Iphone coverage. This from one who is a big Android supporter and thinks that the IPhone is indeed an over-rated device, however enough people are interested in it, that David would be a fool to ignore it.

    • cubanito151

      Lol same here.

    • Joe Hartley

      I too thought this was about coverage on their network not about the iphone. I live in Louisville which is a rather large city yet my HSPA+ coverage is crappy here. I get better coverage on HSPA+ in other towns that are nowhere near as big as here. I’ve also watched a number of markets smaller than Louisville get updated to the 1900mhz before it’s gone live here.

    • Yep, that’s me

      Funny…no complaint, except………….

  • Alex

    For being one man to run this site you are doing an amazing job. The news you but up here is always great because it covers a range up items that is within T-mobile. If people want to complain about what you put up here then let them make their own site so they can put whatever they want up. Please keep doing what you’re doing, i am a T-Mobile employee and i am on this site like 4 or 5 times a day just to see what new stuff is up that i can share with my team. Keep up the amazing ONE MAN job and if you ever need an extra writer please let me know lol!

  • RonJeezy

    David F them and keep up the good work hopefully you break a story soon about how T mobile doesn’t have G & Edge anymore been experiencing them quite frequently lately. Sad days. Keep dropping knowledge on the T.

  • I’m cool with the level and quality of the news on this site, no matter how frustrating it has been waiting on T-Mobile to release more HTC One information. Just like us you are at the mercy of the carrier. Since I’m not getting an iPhone I do ignore that news and focus on the things I want to know about.

    Keep up the good work.

  • RJC72

    Thank you, I’ve been with Tmobile for 15 years (back in the voicestream days lol), I’ve been waiting for the Iphone as well, and I think you have been doing a wonderful job!! You have not given too much attention to this subject. You do your job very well, so please keep up the excellent work!!! You are awesome, I appreciate you, and obviously multiple readers feel the same way too !!!!! :-)

  • Guest

    I’ve busted your chops in the past regarding the Android/Samsung coverage, David. All in jest.

  • KaneHusky

    You’ve always done a great job covering relevant T-Mobile news. I’ll admit, I despise the iPhone and everything Apple, but it’s T-Mobile news – and big news at that – so by all means you have every right to cover it! Keep doing what you’re doing. Haters gonna hate.

  • You’re doing great work here. I check everyday to see what TMO news there is and I love reading. They’re just haters. Keep up the excellent work.

  • William Cron

    Ve got no issue with the added iPhone coverage as long as you don’t go posting articles about blurry pics of revamped home buttons to lock switches. :-)

  • JB

    Great rant David!

    I can’t remember when or how I came across your site, but you sir, have hands down one of the best blogs on the internet. .Not only is it my go to site, When I’m having T-Mobile related discussions, I direct people to check your site out, because it’s for sure going to have the most relevant info on Magenta you’re going to find ANYWHERE!

    Let’s face it, anyone that gets a special shoutout from the CEO of the company is doing something right (Though we seriously need to hound Legere to get you an invite next time!) So keep on keeping on, man. I think it’s stupid you have to waste your valuable time writing this. It’s 951 words of your life that could’ve been used to write another excellent article.

  • Winski

    It’s astounding you do as much as you do !!! Fan boys/girls of all flavors are gonna give you grief because their fav of the month hasn’t got .000072% more coverage than the next flavor of mobile device…

    Only advice… invest in some earplugs….

    Keep up the great work.

    • M42

      love your avatar

  • sweed19

    I’ve been a committed reader of your site since the first rumor of the original G1. I think that the way you have covered every t-mo story has been just perfect. I’m not an apple fan, but I think your coverage of the launch has been totally fine. When the G1 first came out, that’s all you wrote about b/c it was all to write about. Right now the top story happens to be the iPhone (which is a big deal, and will more than likely save Tmo) and the new rate plans.

    Keep up the good job, and I’ll be checking my feed every day for any new stories.

  • Chris

    Why would people complain about iphone posts? You have to be pretty stupid to not realize this is a blog about TMOBILE not a specific phone operating system…lmao…I thought this editorial was gonna be about T-Mobile’s coverage. A little disappointed but guess what…I just didn’t read it! :D

  • Torrey Morgan

    I for one do not agree with your streamline leaks. Those are for internal viewing only. How you haven’t received a cease and desist letter from tmobile is beyond me. I hope your site gets closed down for it is what you deserve.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Them don’t visit the site. Bye

  • jonathan3579

    I love this site for staying true to it’s roots. Thanks David for not abandoning that! I’ve been following T-Mobile news here for over 3 years and I’m happy about anything new I see. (Even if it doesn’t relate to me.)

  • CJ

    David, I found your site while I was getting my Masters degree 4 years ago and have enjoyed it ever since. I appreciate that it is geared to T-Mobile and not IPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone. I go to a lot of sites for IT news and find yours well done. It has helped me keep my rates on T-Mobile down and understand the changes that are occurring. I have not been happy with T-Mobile in the last two years but your site has helped me find positives within T-Mobile. I have been a customer for 10 years with T-Mobile and before that 4 years with Verizon. I feel T-Mobile should recognize you more and writing skills you have to get positive press ( they need that now). Anyways I just wanted to say I enjoy your site and keep writing about T-Mobile! Thanks for your hard work and sorry for the long winded post.

  • bisayan

    Excellent article David! keep up the good work as theyre so many us would still read your blog weather its about android,ios,bb or wp article! Haters gonna hate even more! Thank you for keeping us inform about tmobile!

  • Anthony Vaughn Merchant

    I appreciate the coverage

  • Joseph Tongret

    Lmao, the internet will always be full of ppl who love to discourage the work of others. I suppose you have to be tolerant of them to some extent, and take it all with a grain of salt. I enjoy your style of writing, but unfortunately negative comments will probably always be a part of sharing your work.

  • PiotrButkiewicz

    good on ya. ignore the trolls. there’s never a way to placate them.

  • Jose Hernandez

    I’m with you David. No worries here.

  • Herb

    The overwhelming positivity in the comment section is kind of touching. David, you do a great job and I love the blog. If people would just stop feeding the trolls!

  • jbhotnessmon

    tell ’em david



  • Josue E. Rivera

    Wise words, thanks for everything!

  • Is there a give away?

  • scuttlefield

    Good job, David. I really didn’t think it was too ranty. I’m a huge Android fanboy and personally have a lot of negative things to say about iOS but that is beside the point. I follow this site because I’m a big fan of T-Mobile. I actually look forward to the iOS/iPhone coverage. Since I don’t follow any iOS sites, it will actually be nice to have some a bit more iOS info. I believe that any fanatic needs to stay at least marginally up-to-date on the competition or else how would you defend your fanboyism. Again, thank you for your continued efforts keeping us (all of us) T-Mobile fans up to date with ALL things T-Mobile.

  • I appreciate the iPhone coverage. Tmobile is finally getting the device and it is a really big deal considering how long we have been without it. Some people forget that despite their feelings about Apple and the iPhone, it remains the most popular device on the market and is extremely important for Tmobile. Keep doing what you do David.

  • lovingmyGN2

    Easy Dave your doing a great job with this site and I for one am truly grateful to you for it. I honestly believe that you have covered everything in the up most unbiased way and encourage you to continue doing so. Aside from that I’m pretty sure you got a life And maybe you need a vacation? How bout taking a break for a while and going on a vacation? You do deserve it and hell’ it’s not like their’s anything relevant to report for now. What the merger issues? If it happens or not I think tmo will still be alright. Seriously there must be nothing relevant to cover for now, just take 2 or 3 weeks off and I do mean off as in no smartphone vacation in the sun and “F” the stupid arrogant haters.

  • Anthony

    Being a minority OS on TMO..(Windows Phone) ..I am happy with any news that we get from TMOnews ( Android/IOS/BB/and WinPhone 7, 7.8 and 8)…so David..keep posting news that you feel is relevant for TMO…. and thank you…. SIDEBAR: The only thing that makes me crazy is when people from other carrier’s ( ATT/VERIZON/SPRINT) come her talking SMACK….I hate that…LOL…obviously not an issue with TMO NEWS…but i never understood why people from other carriers need to come here…. If you are happy with your service…so be it….stay over there and let US alone….I can pretty much take any belly aching from any TMO user (BECAUSE they are TMO and have a right to bellyache) but for people who are not on TMO…Please just stay away…no one cares about you or your phone or your opinion…if you not with US (TMO) then you are AGAINST US!!! so just Shut UP and GO Away !!!

    • Spanky

      I’m with AT&T. Before that, I was with T-Mobile for over 7 years. Why do I come here? Let’s see…it’s a well-written, informative blog that may possibly provide information on the coverage improvement in my area. After all, horrible data coverage is the reason why I switched carriers after all these years. Quit it with the elitist fanboyism, you’re not impressing anyone.

      • Anthony

        Lets get one thing straight..if you dont like what i say TOUGH!!! Second…take your ass back to ATT since you have a problem with TMOBILE..MY post was directed to the many people who feel the need to bash (operative word BASH) TMOBILE while not being TMOBILE customers… Once you leave, you leave thats IT!! we don’t care what your feelings are about TMOBILE and how horrible you felt the service was. You’ve moved on…. LET IT GO!!! If you generally have legitimate criticisms about TMO then its always welcomed because it can only improve the Carrier/Service

        Obviously my post struck a nerve with you because you may well be one of those people I was referring too..so if you feel I am ELITIST or a FANBOY, TOO BAD…Seems like a personal problem you need to get over!! This is a SITE for TMO I have a right to be a FANBOY in a forum that allows me to be because i am a TMO customer…. Please get over yourself …Quickly!!!

        • Anthony

          For the Record, My original Post did not mention the word BASH as in my reply when saying: “MY post was directed to the many people who feel the need to bash (operative word BASH) TMOBILE while not being TMOBILE customers”. I think from my original post, it should have been clear that this is what I meant. If you didn’t take it that way when you first read it…here is my chance to acknowledge my omission, and incorporate my correction…if you still don’t take it that way after reading my correction… OH Well!!

        • Spanky

          Keep flexing those internet muscles! First you say “if you’re not with us, you’re against us”, then you quickly backpedal when called out. You seem to be very insecure with yourself, considering how defensive you are of your service provider. Typical internet behavior!
          “You’ve moved on…LET IT GO!” “Please get over yourself…Quickly!!!” Seems like I’m the one who struck a personal nerve with YOU, doesn’t it?
          With regards to my criticisms, I live in the largest city in the U.S., in an area that supposedly has the best possible 4G coverage (look up the 11214 zip code on the T-Mobile coverage map). The downstream data speeds top out at 0.5 Mbps, and T-Mobile is not acknowledging the issue. I’ve made this criticism many times on this forum.
          You obviously still have quite a bit of growing up to do. Let me guess…you’re still in high school, right?

        • Anthony

          Actually you have struck a reaction in me, and I am not at all ashamed to say it. But let me correct you on a few things…First..I didn’t backpedal on anything as I stand by my original comment. Only stating that if someone did not understand what I meant from my first post, here’s a correction of an omission, IF it wasn’t already clear. I fail to see how that would be considered backpedaling?

          Please clarify since obviously you feel you are above people in High-school. Anyone in Highschool would have understood at least that.

          Second, I am not defensive but I will defend my comments if necessary and if by being defensive of my service provider equates to being insecure..well then so be it!

          Seems like i struck a nerve with you too…as you felt the need to reply to my post when apparently, it wouldn’t have applied to you.

          You didn’t read or comprehend my post or my correction from the beginning. I think I made it quite clear that I was speaking of people who aren’t TMO customers who come to THIS forum to take Shots at TMO for no reason, bogus claims, Trolling or just because they can.

          Instead YOU decided to be the defender of all other carriers, put an S on your chest and come in to SAVE the day. You failed Superman!!

          If you have a legitimate gripe and can prove it then my post wasn’t
          meant for you.

          You obviously still have quite a bit of reading comprehension to accomplish. Let me guess they didn’t cover reading comprehension in your class right or maybe you skipped that day??

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Not to intrude on you two’s little debate but spanky stated that he was with AT&T already so he can’t go back to them…

        • Anthony

          Hi Wilma!! LOLOL…you are always welcomed to intrude :) or to correct me… but my comment wasn’t about Sparky returning to ATT..he is already on ATT as believe he murmured something about being a former TMO customer…..it was for anyone who is on another carrier that comes to a TMO forum to Bash TMO.. with baseless reasons….

          Thank you for catching that though…
          P.S. I love your red hair… :)

  • Bennion

    I rarely read the comments, but I think your coverage has been great. I bet most of your readers are like me, and don’t comment, but like your coverage. Don’t let any complaints in the comments get to you, you’re doing great and the iPhone coverage is very reasonable.

  • Albert

    Keep up the good job David.a

  • T-Fan!

    David, I’ve been on this site for only a few months now and I love it! I love T-mobile and I love the fact that someone is writing about T-mobile things, news, etc… Keep up the good work!
    And yes I change a lot if diapers too during the day…

  • Guest Reader

    Thank You DAVID!!! I enjoy ALL of your articles, Windows, Android, and Apple! Keep up the GREAT Work!!!!!

  • David Woods

    i love tmonews and think u are doing a great job. it is always about tmobile news and the iphone coming to tmobile is a big deal. thank u for all the work u do.

  • craZDude91

    Thank you for writing this; I think you should keep doing what you feel is appropriate!


    Thank you David for saying this. Everyone’s views and opinions should be respected. If folks want to get mad about certain phones and os being covered more than others then go to Engadget, bgr or Today’s iPhone. David has to cover all aspects of T-Mobile related news and his freedom of speech should be respected. This blogs existence is a privilege, so be nice.

  • Jared

    I’ve been reading this site for over a year now, and this is the first post I’ve ever made. This is without a doubt the best article David has ever written and it’s something that has crossed my mind EVERY time I read an article of interest and then scroll down to the comments that follow. Thank you Editor for finally addressing this, and even though it won’t sink in to every reader, if it manages to hit home with just one reader, then I call that Mission Accomplished! And thank you for making the time to write these as often as you do, as this is a site I plan on visiting as long as you’re still writing for it.

  • HiyaBuddy

    I’m surprised people complain about the iPhone coverage. Don’t most tmonews followers know David used/uses an iPhone and it’s probably his preferred device? How can you hate a site that is T-Mobile oriented, which is a CARRIER and NOT a MOBILE PLATFORM. This website is for ALL things T-Mobile NOT for mobile operating systems, that’s why there are fan sites for the different platforms.

  • Guest

    anyone else think David is probably cute when he’s annoyed

  • Andy

    Great article David! This is my first comment and I been visiting your site daily for 4 years. Your site is one of the reasons I’m still on Tmobile. I love reading about rumors and news regarding tmo. I have never owned a iphone(nexus 4 currently) before but am pretty excited to see it on tmobile finally! My wife is happy to finally get one soon. Keep up the good work and thanks for staying true to “Tmonews”.


    David I’ve been with Tmo/Voicestream for 11 years. You are the site I come to so that I can keep the customer service people on their toes and make informed decisions. Thank you for not posting nonsense every day and thank you for keeping your information focused to TMO and TMO related devices. Many other tech site admins never read the comments, and I think that might be your biggest downfall. It is also one of your most admiral traits, because you really care and respond. Just don’t let the negative nacy’s get to you. You know whats right to post, and its your name on the site :-) Now get back to work!

  • t$

    I only clicked on this article because I thought was about T-Mobile’s cell coverage compared to competitors.

  • timdawg919

    The name of the site is tmonews so I expect news about tmobile be it android blackberry ios. I subscribe to the android sites for my android news I also subscribe to ios sites cause I want to be informed of all technology. If readers have a problem with what you post they can try other sites. I am very pleased with your coverage.

  • Kahlayoh

    I could only imagine what kind of comments people posted that lead you to write this. People will always have something negative to say, especially about the iPhone. I appreciate this website and what it has to offer. But like you said, some post just doesn’t interest me. And like you said, skip it is what I do. But majority of the time, I read it anyway just to read it. On behalf of the Tmonews readers, I really appreciate what you do and the news you post. Tmonews is one of the website I look forward to checking on a daily basis. Thank you David

  • DJ Chameleon

    http://WWW.TMONEWS.com is the URL, TMONEWS is the name of this blog and TMONEWS is the mission statement so enough said. I’m often impressed at how often TMONEWS is sourced on TheVerge, Engadget, Android Central and other major blogs. That is testimony to the fantastic job David does unearthing leaks and original content regarding all subjects relating to T-Mobile. If you only want to read about Android related T-Mobile news them there are many sites that will provide you with their second hand versions of David’s original reporting. If you only want t hear the singing from your own choir then I suggest you segregate yourself into the insular community that shares your OS bigoted mindset. From the comments here it would appear the vast majority of the readers believe in tolerance for people who believe in different operating systems. It’s enlightening to compare blind faith to a phone OS and blind faith to a religion, isn’t it?

  • Mo

    I do not post much but i have been an avid reader since 07ish. I come to this site literally everyday to find out Tmobile news cuz thats my carrier. I want to know all the latest: phones, coverage, updates. When i want android news specifically i hit up Phandroid, for example. Great job David. U keep me in the know and i hope this site continues until phones are a thing of the past and we can speak telepathically.

  • Guest

    It’s disappointing to see how many people are actually admitting they only clicked on the article because they read the word coverage. I don’t see the word NETWORK anywhere in the title.

  • Been a reader of this site for years. Keep doing what you do! One thing I’ve learned is that people are gonna hate no matter what you do! Fuck it! I’m the biggest Android fanboy there is but if people are getting butthurt about relevant T-Mobile news they need to grow up

  • “And yes I know I need some help”
    I’ve only been trying for a couple years to join your staff. I’m so into this I started my own blog. Still would love to join Tmonews.

  • J

    Dave,keep doing a great job. This site has kept me on me on my game with T-Mo info. I don’t go around like a douche trying to trump anyone, but it’s cool to see what I know versus the reps. And I do like that we’re sort of the underdog. We’ve got a story; the big guys,they’re sort of…corny. We’ve got stories, sagas really; best example being the potential AT&T acquisition (the Ma Bell Deathstar graphic, priceless), I was on pins on needles during those FCC courtroom proceedings. I think overall we as customers have turned into fans of the this little carrier that could.

  • bob90210

    This site is the only place where iPhones get good coverage on T-Mobile.

  • weliketoys

    T-Mobile has a large Android fan base as you know David, as a result of which you are going to get readers that know you favor the Iphone and immediately jump to accusations of favoritism towards the Iphone and news surrounding it. It is relevant to T-Mobile and big news but they won’t be able to disengage from the Android IOS war. In short; you are the messenger getting shot, it’s not your fault haha.

    Keep up the good work, been coming here and mostly lurking for years and I enjoy your time effort and passion for T-Mobile and all the cool gadgets it encompasses Android and IOS alike. Now put down that silly Iphone and get texting on an S3 with swiftkey until the S4 arrives, after all, you have a little one who is learning from you now ;)

  • Mark Hennessey

    I clicked in from Google+ because I thought this was about network coverage; as in why I drop to Edge in places that used to have good 3G…

    I’m a little surprised that David has to put up with complaints about covering one of the most important hardware announcements in recent T-Mobile history…

  • Jeffrey Jacob

    Well said

  • TMoNewsFan

    David…you do a GREAT job…EVERYTIME! If any whiners don’t like it, its their problem…not yours. You don’t need to explain anything, that’s why this site is called TMONEWS meaning covering T-Mobile news people!?!?! Ugh people will always have something to bitch about, bit you always have great coverage. I check my Flipboard app everyday and this site is always the first on my list to check. So thanks or always having the best coverage news. T-Mobile reps have even recommended me to you site in the past. Keep up the great work David!

  • Ali Khan

    You Are appreciated sir I’ve been reading for a while and even though I don’t like iphones I wouldn’t expect u to not report on it and there’s no reason anyone else should either but keep up the good work bro hope you get some help if you need it

  • mnaz105

    Keep doing what you’re doing David! Tmonews is the only site that actually gives T-Mobile customers information about what’s going on, even better than T-Mobile itself. I read your articles and then I go inform the T-Mobile sales people about what’s happening. Don’t change a thing!

  • Deadeye37

    Wait…….The World Wide Web doesn’t revolve around me? People write blogs for other people to read, not just for me? I can’t insult the intelligence & lineage of the person writing a blog and people commenting on the blog because its something that doesn’t interest me?


    Great article! I agree 110! It bugs me when you get people that think everything revolves around them. You do an excellent job covering everything related to T-mobile. I don’t think you play favorites or write articles just because.

    Personally, I’m not interested in Blackberry, so I tend to skip most of your Blackberry articles. I know others are die hard Blackberry fans and they’re probably hopping on that article & gobbling it all up. Different strokes for different folks. The important thing is that we respect each other & especially respect you!

  • Get_at_Me

    Everything you post is relevant David. Whether its ios, metro pcs news, android, bb etc. Don’t let the trolls get under your skin. Keep up the great work.

  • Spanky

    I’m not even on T-Mo anymore, yet I still read this site every day. The iPhone is a big deal for T-Mo, so it certainly warrants coverage. Like many others here, I don’t care for the iPhone, yet I realize that many do. It’s all about having choice.

  • D4niel

    Oh, I thought the title was in regards to T-Mobile’s network coverage, not the content of the articles on this site.

  • kev2684

    i have huge bias for Android but i welcome iPhones to the network. i think this will hugely help T-Mobile a lot. moar customers = moar monies to expand coverage. lots of people are whining why T-Mo didn’t push Nexus 4 as much as they push iPhone 5… i bet majority of those people didn’t even buy N4 on T-Mobile.
    Tmonews has been one of the websites i visit on a regular basis. everything t-mo is right here. keep it up!

  • Mschmal

    Don’t take the complaints to seriously…its more like just being upset that http://www.tmonews.com just became one more place were one could not escape the ubiquitious coverage of the iPhone. It still feels like the world is iPhone crazed, although less so today than in the past.

    I actually hope t-mobile didn’t pay to much for the “privilege” of selling iPhones as I think they are going the way of the Model-T.

    The iPhone was the perfect smartphone for the undeveloped market. Just like the Model T was the perfect car for someone who never owned a car before. Moving forward, I think people are going to seek diversity. They will look for the phone that best meets their needs and be less worried about making sure they get the phone that everyone else has.

  • timmyjoe42

    Haha, am I the only one who thought this was going to be about tower coverage?

    I just moved 5 miles and my T-Mobile coverage is terrible. I have 1 bar in my house, 2 bars outside, and there are many parts of the neighborhood with none. :( The worst part is that my Nexus 4 doesn’t have wifi calling.

    Anyway, I think this was an uncecessary post because for every 1 person that complains about what you cover, there are 5,000 that don’t give a shit and read it because we like the site. The best consumers are the ones that have been informed on a broad range of subjects.

  • Jonathan Turner

    Just want to echo what everyone else had already said. What you describe in the post above is exactly what you should be doing, covering T-Mobile related news. You do a great job, but some people are still jerks about things. I wish I knew how to fix that, but I don’t. So instead I’ll do what little I can: offer words of encouragement to you and to all the jerks out there say, “Calm down. Phones are just little chunks of plastic and metal. They aren’t worth starting up some personal crusade against people who don’t use the same chunk of plastic and metal you do. Sheesh!”

  • Nearmsp

    I am lusting for iPhone news. In fact the number of comments should give you a good idea in the interest. If I did a Pareto cart for number of comments and OS, one will find comments for windows and BBRY are very low. Strong interest in iPhone Samsung, HTC. I own both an android and iPhone cell phone. I do see some passionate people on both sides. But we all share a common loyalty and interest in Tmobile. Every one of the last several end of year investor reports gave non availability as the cause for drop in contracts. The iPhone is the biggest deal for Tmobile. Android owners might feel that having the iPhone reduces Android news, but they should see this as another child in the family and one needs to learn to share space.

  • Guest

    Thank you David. I have been following your site for years and appreciate all the hard work you put into maintaining it on a regular basis. Kudos—and keep up the great work!

  • ghulamsameer

    David, you definitely don’t have to explain yourself to people who don’t understand the concept of this website. Now that the iPhone is an official part of T-Mo, complainers will just have to deal with it.

  • iamnumbersix

    Keep the faith and keep up the good work David. I have been reading this site for years and posting for maybe 6 months and have always enjoyed it.

  • TheTamuza

    You do a GREAT job with this site; please don’t let a few rotten apples (or androids) convince you otherwise for a second. Thank you!

  • Mike

    If iPhone are in the minority as far a tmobile is concerned why does it seem to be getting the majority of the coverage. You seem to be promoting the iPhone and apple. I can get tmobile news anywhere so lets keep it balanced so you don’t look like a tmobile schill

    • Guest911

      Are you really this dumb or just pretending so that people call you a moron?

    • Hi Mike, I’m assuming you didn’t actually read the editorial then? Specifically the part about how every flagship device that launches on T-Mobile gets ramped up coverage right before launch? You can’t call it a minority device yet given that it hasn’t been available for sale. Please make sure to read, or re-read the editorial again and hopefully it will make more sense. I really don’t see how I promote Apple and the iPhone anymore than the HTC One and HTC, or Samsung and the Galaxy S 4 considering they will each get equal coverage in the lead up to their launch dates.

  • Justin

    David I’m a frequent reader of this site you are doing what most carriers should be doing, now lets think about what people are say about this iPhone coverage, now had you stop or even slowed down talking about it then they would probably start crying about that too so don’t worry about what other have to say just keep doing what you do best.

  • jon

    I used to complain to David about iphone rumors. I am pretty sure I even referred to David as beating that “dead horse”. Well sir, since it is no longer rumor and is important to tmob’s future; I say cover the sh!t out of the iphone story. I will never own one because I fell for android back when we were getting RC updates for our G1s and the market had about 20 apps. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the iphone. Keep up the great work David!

  • Mirad77

    Hey David good write and good read. Keep up the good work you do for us the fans that come here multiple times daily. We come here because you do what most of us can’t and mostly don’t have the time or know how to do.
    I’ll be the first to apologize if some of my comments pull a hair of yours for it was intended at bringing fun to the comment line more so than insulting your integrity.
    Hope the diaper change is as fun for you as it was for me. Keep it up.

  • danny

    No, David, you made the right decision to allow comments on this article. First of all, this is YOUR playground. If people come here to b*tch about the posted articles, I have an idea, hmmmm….ban ’em!

    Now, I know you don’t want to waste your time with losers, but the world if full of them.

    I greatly appreciate you and the hard work you put into this site. I personally am not an apple fan, I don’t own one, and never will, but I enjoy “all news T-Mobile”.
    Again, I thank you for every article.
    Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    You do a fine job and I feel I use your blog a lot for information amongst my team at work for heads up. I’d also say you have great insight on things that are going to be happening. Iphone is a big deal for tmobile Right Now And Is very important for the coverage.
    Hats off to you sir!!!

  • ShoeVixen

    Love, love, love this site. i stumbled upon it many years ago and and check it first thing in the morning to get my daily dose of cell phone/tmobile news. Rarely do I comment but I do appreciate all that you David! Been with Tmo for nine years and counting.

  • Gabriel Soto

    David, I cannot remember when exactly I discovered your blog and subscribed, but I have been with T-Mobile ever since I decided (i.e. could afford) to have a mobile phone, back around 2002/03. I have never left a comment on your blog and, frankly, very rarely even read comments precisely because of the issues you raise in your editorial. Sometimes it’s like a bunch of very unhappy or restless kids had nothing better to do than to post negative comments about other people’s opinions. But I wanted to make the effort now to thank you VERY much for the excellent work you do and for the important – and sometimes not so important but at least interesting – information you provide us T-Mobile customers. THANK YOU!

  • dislike iphone.

    Time to unfollow Tmonews from twitter, and follow droiddog instead.

  • Mark

    Actually, I think the true imbalance on this blog is of smartphone coverage in general! You should run more articles on TMo’s feature phone lineup! (Of course, any such articles would improve over the approx. zero coverage they have gotten in the past year or two.)

  • jaysliceee

    T-Mobile employee/been reading the site since 2008. Anyone complaining about too much iPhone coverage is a fool. It’s been covered from time-to-time but not in excess. T-Mobile themselves has stated that there are millions of unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile’s network. It has always been a relevant part of T-Mobile and will play a more important role now than ever since it is officially for T-Mobile. With all that being said, I am not looking to purchase the new iPhone when it is released, but am glad that my options have expanded as a T-Mobile user and that this (along with expanded 4G/LTE) may help with our “little-brother” image we’ve had for years.

  • Nathan S.

    No Complaints from me.

  • dontdeletemycomentplease.

    Time to unfollow Tmonews from twitter and follow Droiddog instead.

  • Keep fighting the good fight. It’s idiotic to complain about this site covering T-Mobile news of the iPhone. My god people can be ridiculous.

  • Ike

    You’re absolutely right about
    your coverage of the iPhone. I for one expected it when T-mobile picked it up.
    If I still worked for T-mobile I would sell the crap out of the iPhone but
    personal I would still hate it. Please Understand though that T-mobile is the
    last carrier to get the iPhone and for a long time the culture was anti-iPhone.
    Don’t be surprised that many T-mobile consumers are still anti-iPhone.

    With Apple slitting Samsungs throat
    with a judicial knife people have more reason to hate the iPhone and many of
    them are viewers on this site. This altogether explains the criticism for the
    coverage of the iPhone on this site. I think both you and the complainers on
    this site need to be more understanding of each other.

  • Paul

    You do good work, and we know this.

  • LC

    Well said, David. You can’t please them all, but you do a great job of keeping the content on this site balanced and I can’t wait to continue to see the blog grow.

  • Just keep reporting the T-Mobile news. Haters going to hate.

  • ThatDevilzSonInLaw

    GETTTEM, I personally despise iPhone, but hey just like I like hearing my daily android info, news, updates, or coverage, there’s allot of iPhone users that I’m sure are thrilled to hear about iPhone info Here on Tmonews, specially since it’s official now. So keep them coming I don’t mind, plus at the end of the day we probably read it here first then share the info with even T-Mobile reps that don’t even have this info.

  • M42

    Good article, but when I saw the headline I was hoping you had something to say news wise about T-Mobile expanding their network, bringing new 4G towers online, etc.

    • voodo

      once a troll….

  • jingoro

    You do a fine job. All I’d ever ask is sending complete articles to the RSS feed, not that you change a word in them.

  • steveb944

    I Want to thank you for all your hard work David. You’ve notified me of great changes to my service and devices as well as saved me quite a bit of money with the deals you post.

    I’m a die hard Android fan, but it was KNOWN there was going to be more iPhone coverage. DUH! It’s the biggest manufacturer release on T-Mobile since Android with the G1.

    Side note, I thought at first you were talking about actual carrier coverage on the network for the iPhone. (Doesn’t he have HSPA on his iPhone now?) Haha

  • James

    Beautifully written!! Thank you so much for your honesty and hard work. I’m a long time reader and will continue to make TmoNews a place I swing by daily. Keep up the fantastic work, David!! :-)

  • Bangincrazy

    Amen brother

  • Dakota

    It would be nice if there was also less name calling when people disagree with others’ opinions

  • D Velasquez

    i don’t know what the big deal is, people wanted the iPhone so bad and now that the Magenta iPhone is getting coverage everybody seems to hate it………..what the hell? is just a device that happens to be on T-Mobile now , so what’s the deal? the preferences of the blog editor/admin have nothing to do with the constant iPhone news, it just happens those are the news that are “everywhere” right now…

  • Encino Stan

    Like others, I read the headline, then the entire editorial, but was disappointed that you weren’t addressing the poor coverage that T-Mobile has. Even RootMetrics (the company T-Mobile has partnered with) reports that T-Mobile come in 5th in San Antonio, TX behind Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and Cricket in call coverage.

  • can’t imagine anyone not understanding that you report on things concerning TMO .. the iPhone is among that. mind blown at people.

  • Jim Moore

    I was hoping you would address t-mobiles lack of coverage (especially 4g on the interstates), boy was i wrong

    • Dion Mac


  • John Rumph

    Your blog, your thoughts, your call. You do an excellent job despite the fact you couldn’t save Carly.lol Like people who complain what’s on tv. Don’t like it? Change the channel. For me, staying tuned in right here. Good work.

  • Stefano

    Keep doing your thing. I’m glad to see such a positive show of support from the readers. I’m a G1 guy that went iPhone last Fall to see how the rollout would go. It’s an interesting process that this site keeps me knowledgeable about. Now I may go back to Android. It’s balanced here…and all TMo. Just like I like it :-)

  • Jeremy

    If you don’t like the article don’t read it. But, don’t flame those that have an interest in it.
    And I agree, this just might be your best piece of writing.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Agreed. Most articles that I have no interest in, I just don’t bother to read them. Saves me time as well as doesn’t waste other people’s time.

  • wilde_ride

    Bravo David! I once criticized you for covering too much Galaxy news instead of HTC One S, I was wrong. You do a great job. I just wish some of the Android folks would realize, it isn’t a war. iOS, Android and Windows Phone can co-exist. One doesn’t need to be destroyed for the other to succeed. Written on my iPad, using the wifi hotspot on my HTC One S.

  • Keep up the great work!!! U Rock!!!

  • support!

  • Roger Difuré

    Been on Tmonews everyday consistently for the last 2 years. Its become apart of my daily ritual. Shower Eat Tmonews. I cant imagine life without it. Your doing a great Job David and never let anyone tell you different!!

    • Dion Mac

      *votes up*

    • LC

      Amen to that!!

  • GwapoAko

    Good job David!!!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I was a Meego fan (ask basically anyone here), and when the N9 was confirmed to work with Tmo, it got an article which was more than I expected actually so I was fine with it.

    David likes the iPhone, ok, the iPhone is coming to Tmo, ok, iphone articles are on “Tmo”News, ok, iPhone will generate revenue for Tmo, ok. I don’t see a problem here.

    I’m now an Ubuntu for Mobiles fan and this October, I’ll be amazed if I see an article here about it but if not then that’s cool too. It doesn’t affect my choice nor chance to buy the device at all so complaining on a site about it’s creator and what they decide to post is pointless but you know, fanboys will be fanboys, no matter the OS.

  • Dion Mac


  • Sam Huffman

    No complaints here. Keep the coverage and articles coming!

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    Now the big question for you, David…will you be switching back to the iPhone because it is coming out on T-Mobile?!

  • NateinDenver

    I have started following this site to keep up to date on news about … THE ONE… I promise I am joking. I am going to get it when it comes out. I am not a huge fan of the ihone although i work at an apple used reseller and repair shop and have a Macbook and an iPad. That being aid. Thank you. This is the first article I have responded to. I am signing up for allerts, etc. This was a gtreat editorial page reminder of what the editor of the site is supposed to do. Keep up the great work.

  • keep doing what your doing brother. no complaints here!!

  • angelo

    At the end of the day David this is your website. You have had great success thus far so keep doing what u believe is right. I am a huge android fan (nexus 4 and nexus 7) and have no intention of buying and iOS device, but the iPhone coming to T-Mobile is a huge game changer for T-Mobile and as a T-Mobile news site I would expect you to cover that information. This website has been part of my daily routine for the last 5 years so from a loyal fan I think you are doing an outstanding job.

  • Clarkkent113

    I check out TmoNews everyday. Sometimes I see things that interest me, sometimes I don’t. I’m not going to cry about it.

  • I’ve never posted on TmoNews, but now I feel the need to after using TmoNews for as long as I can remember. David, you have been nothing less than excellent. I come here to read news about T-Mobile and you have successfully provided that for me I really appreciate all of your articles and I hope you never change the coverage of your articles. You have every right to rant because some people just haven’t been appreciative enough. Thank you for providing me with such great news I throughly enjoy your articles your intuition and you style of writing.

  • OcalaFlGuy

    If you as a reader can find time to bitch and moan, Take the time to be constructive and offer helpful suggestions instead of ill will.

  • You really don’t need to explain yourself to us, or apologize for your rant when you do. Remember, haters gonna hate. There’s nothing that’s going to change that. The idiots who gave you guff for posting more iPhone news are still going to find a reason to criticize it, so just ignore them.

  • WW

    Apple has left a rather foul taste in my mouth with their closed system (that goes for WP [there’s at least open hardware] and BB as well) and litigiousness (patents on rectangular devices and such) so I’m no fan but I fully expect to see increased iPhone coverage here as T-Mobile moves towards carrying it.

    David, you mention that you write stories that you think people would be interested in, but based on the complaints you reference above, it appears that the iPhone stories are of lower interest than perhaps a story on the HTC One or GS4 (unless you also get similar complaints when you write about those). I submit that you continue writing stories that are of interest to you and relevant to T-Mobile regardless of weather they are interesting to segments or individuals of your audience. I generally skip the articles related to iOS but I don’t go complaining about the story and they don’t stop me from coming here looking for TMo related news.

    If you switched carriers and started ranting hostile about T-Mobile, that would drive away your audience but not legitimate TMo/iOS articles.

  • Oscar Alvarado

    This is the first website I go to whenever I’m looking into some T-Mobile related news and if I wanted other news that isn’t on here because it’s not relevant to T-mobile I’ll look for it. You do a great job and you’re underappreciated. Looking forward to the upcoming weeks for T-mobile.

  • Daniel

    Thank you David for all your efforts. This sure is definitely my go to sure to learning anything new about T-Mobile, not to mention, it’s the first and last suite I visit each day.
    Thank you again for all your efforts and keep doing what you do.

  • Marcelo_L

    David, ( and the rest of you listen up, this pertains to you too )

    I’ve been around this site for longer than most everyone. Well, maybe except PantherLady, Wilma Flintstone, and a few others. Are you sure it’s only been 5 years ? Geeze, feels longer.

    But I digress. Let me just come right out and say it.

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    There, I said it. That being said, anyone who’d look at a history of my posts. I’ve had just as many disagreements with editorials, comments from the editor, or “news-worthiness” of certain stories, as I have agreed with you on. The ONE thing that sets this one apart from any….other…one is exactly what you’re saying in this post. Anyone with a pulse, that’s been on TMo for as long as I have, immediately asked themselves the day that Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. “When’s it coming to TMobile ?”. Of COURSE, it coming to TMobile is news on a TMobile front. If “other” news sites reported it, and with some gusto I might add, why wouldn’t you ?

    For the record, I currently use a Samsung Galaxy Note II which succeeded my Nexus 1 on the throne, which inherited it’s place from a Samsung Behold II (anyone here who’s seen my posts knows all too well my position on Samsung after the debacle of dropping support for Android 2.1 on that handset) who took over when an unlocked HTC 8525 abdicated the thrown over a broken camera button, who succeeded an unlocked XDA IIs I imported from the UK, which took the place an HTC Windows Mobile Smartphone, who supplanted a Nokia 3650 (Symbian, anyone?), who snatched the throne away from a Nokia 6910, that been preceded by a Nokia 3210. ALL. I might add. While I’ve been with Omnipoint nee VoiceStream nee T-Mobile. Heck, I even beta tested the Windows Mobile HTC Shadow ( Oh, those crazy HTC kids with their EDGE data speeds!) during and right after Hurricane Wilma. Or the first UMA phone, the Samsung [I can’t remember the model number it was so long ago]. This month marks 14 years (put that in your pipe and smoke it) with this company. Ok, so officially it’ll be 14 years in 6 days, but who cares.

    The point of THIS rant is, “Give David a break will ya???” If I can b###h and kvetch about TMobile, and still appreciate the fact that this man culls this information in on place (Even if I couldn’t care less that Blackberry was coming out with a Flip Blackberry months before the G1 was going to be announced), then anyone else should be able to.

    You keep working on what you’re working on David. More exciting things to come, I’m sure, especially if this buy-out of MetroPCS goes through.

    And you kids in the back settle down. You’ll get your iPhone 5 LTE on TMo soon enough.

  • Rick Rudge

    I hear you, David. I’m an iPhone user on T-Mobile and naturally, have been loving the latest news. I hope that those complainers will remember this the next time there’s a bunch of news about their particular platform. I won’t be reading those articles, but I won’t be complaining about the coverage either. You’re doing a great job, David. Please keep up the good work and don’t let these Bozos get you down.

  • Gabriel

    I have been reading your blog for about 6 months I have been with tmobile. even though the iPhone, and blackberrys don’t interest me it cool to see and read about other phones and features and what tmobile is up too. congrats on the site I have you bookmarked and in flipboard. don’t worry about complainers, keep on doing what you do

  • Lynette LeFleur

    I’ve only followed you about 2 years. I have come to rely on you as a great source for T-Mobile information. Sometimes I get better info from you than my own company (I rep for T-Mobile). Like you suggest, I skip articles I don’t care about. I also rarely read comments on articles, because apparently people find it too easy to say stuff in comments that they would never say face to face. This is one of my biggest pet peeves with online media. Kudos to you for standing up for yourself!

  • ceegii63

    Some people are just hard to please or are simply just pricks

  • maanshu

    I started coming to this blog since past 2 years. I check it most often, probably twice a day. I love the articles that interest me and skip the one’s that are just seen on other blogs or sites. I recommend you to bring more exclusives to build onto the site. I am saying this, because im a regular reader at engadget and they take my attention by bringing some hot and spicy news, which is mostly exclusive. Although im not gonna waste much of your time, but just going to say keep it hot and interesting. I will be loyal visitor. Thanks

  • David, the force is with you brother.

  • Gunnar

    David you are spot on, I love Android, and would never get an iPhone (i have an iPad, it is OK), i like my Nokia N8 better, in terms of OS. But i am interested in iPhone news so keep it coming. BTW I am very happy TMobile is refarming it’s network cause of the iPhone. this is a great blog. but some people always complain.

  • Seattleite

    Great post! I have waited since spring of 2010 for the iPhone to come to Tmobile. Frankly I think there could have been a lot more coverage here.

  • DK

    Don’t change a thing! I enjoy readying your articles, and send many people to this sight daily because it is my most trustworthy resource on T-Mobile information.

  • unbearablepleasures

    You’re awesome Dave!

  • TMO News and David Fan

    David – keep doing what you do. Great site, lots of great coverage from a TMO observer (not insider). Big bro-hug for you. Actually, the fact that you have heard complaints means you are doing a great job and creating a great site. Because, it could be the opposite – you could write something and nobody notices.

  • JJ Clark

    I’m not an iPhone fan, but I’m also not an a**h*** and realize your job is to cover ALL things T-Mobile. You’re doing a great job and thanks for ALL the information you provide. Lord knows TMO doesn’t provide any to us customers.

  • mannup

    Thank you for your work. I enjoy reading this site on a daily basis. I usually skip the iOS new because it does not pertain to me.

  • normn3116

    David, very well-written. I didn’t even understand this was an issue. The iPhone being released for T-Mobile is a big deal, whether people care for the device or not (for the record, proud GS3 owner here). Arguably, this was among the biggest ways T-Mobile lagged behind other companies, since the iPhone is considered the “idiot-proof” smartphone. No reason not to cover it.

  • jnkmail239

    This site is grate I check it every day you do a grate job. And it’s ok if u talk about apple just make sure u put a disclaimer n say android is better I mean. Lol… Keep up the good. Job

  • OnlineRefugee

    Sheesh… this article could have been 99.9999999% shorter. Here is what I mean:

    “To those readers who are nuttier than squirrel sheet, if you don’t like what I write, make like a tree and leave. In the alternative, please post your complaints, so I know who to ban.”

    • Haha no doubt about that! I just ranted and went on and on and on.

      • and on and on and on……


  • charlieboy808


  • Ihearttech

    Well expressed David… but I think “I will run my site the way I damn well please!!” would have been equally effective! lol

  • TMO SR

    I’ve been visiting this website for two years. You’ve done a great job with it. Sometimes I read through the comments just to entertain myself with the ignorance of some idiots. Ignore those idiots complaining.

  • Mobilewolf789

    I will say this. When your headlines had started to get inundated with iPhone news I did start to get a little annoyed because I felt like I knew everything I needed to know about the I phone’s release and will have to take a backseat, as an android user, waiting until something exciting related to android was announced. However I always did remind myself it’s related to tmobile therefore you have a right to post it (besides I’m looking to migrate my parent’s iPhones over to the network – note not change their phones). The other thing I will say, as others may have mentioned, that it’s actually amazing you are able to maintain all these news and read /respond to all these comments. This is a massive amount of work for one man to do on a website that can be accessed to and read by millions of readers. I’m impressed and kudos to both you and moderator pantherlady for keeping things running smoothly. But you know what, what’s life without a troll to bash over the head, they are so much apart of the blogging universe I might miss not having someone to get annoyed at (the balance between good and evil must be maintained)

  • MikeAndersonWA

    This article is brilliant, and it relates to far more than just this website, it relates to how people should act on all websites, and how people should act in person. Nobody is forcing you to do/read any of this stuff, so if you aren’t interested in article then move along…

  • BobsYourUncleBob

    Now, I haven’t gone back through this post to conduct a formal or accurate tally, but David, I have to say that in reading this post I came away with the distinct impression that in your ranting about all the ranting, you certainly seemed to reference iPhone ranting & Android ranting significantly more than WP ranting. I’d like to go on record in an effort to ensure that rants about WP are afforded every BIT as much respect & curmudgeonly ill temper as are rants about any other OS out there.

    In fact, as a loyal T-Mo subscriber for probably 8 or 10 years now, and as someone waiting very impatiently for the WP OS to develop the functionality set I need (… and it’s SO damn close … argh!!) well I think that maybe us WP wannabe’s deserve an extra ration of rant.

    So There! AND the horse you rode in on!

    • Yes sir, more Windows Phone ranting in the future, sir!

  • mastersyrron

    Keep up the great work. End of story.

  • Gary Martin

    Take the complaints with a grain of salt, you are doing an excellent job!