How To Enable LTE On Your Jailbroken iPhone 5 Right Now


With T-Mobile’s LTE market already live in seven cities and plenty of factory unlocked or AT&T unlocked iPhone 5s already in the wild, enabling LTE is as easy as being jailbroken. If you aren’t jailbroken on your iPhone 5, not to worry as an official method for supporting LTE should come from T-Mobile or Apple very soon. A quick reminder that these steps will not work with iPhone 5 models unlocked from Verizon. We’ve got a complete look at why that is in yesterdays iPhone 5 model breakdown.

Now all that’s left is following the instructions below thanks to Lei Mobile and hopefully residing in one of the seven live LTE cities. If not, who knows — maybe you’ll find some pockets of LTE in your area as work continues.

This is the guide to enabling LTE on your iPhone 5 model A1428 for T-Mobile.

1. Open Cydia
2. Tap “Manage” and then tap “Sources”
3. Tap “Edit” then tap “Add” and put the following URL into the text box:
4. Once the URL is entered in tap “Add Source” and allow for it to download all of the repo’s info and packages.
5. After your iPhone has refreshed, tap the field or go to the search bar and find the package CommCenter* patch…
6. Once you have found it, install it and then reboot your iPhone once completed.

7. After the iPhone has restarted, open Cydia once again.
8. Search for iFile. The free version includes basic features. You will want to purchase it to take advantage of all of the features.
9. Once you have found it, install it. No reboot is required, though you can do it just to be on the safe side.

10. Once iFile has been installed, close Cydia and click on this file from your iPhone and click “Open in iFile”
11. Once you’re in iFile tap “Unarchiver” and 3 files will show up above T-Mobile
12. At the top, tap “edit”and tap the dots with a check mark next to carrier.plist, overrides_N41_N42.plist, and overrides_N41_N42.pri
13. Tap the clipboard icon at the bottom and tap “cut”
14. Now tap “done” at the top and tap the house icon at the bottom then tap Library, then tap Carrier Bundle.bundle (the one in blue), and then tap edit at the top again and tap the clipboard icon. Tap “paste” and it will auto inject the carrier files into the carrier folder overwriting the other files.

15. After the files have been placed, exit iFile and restart iPhone. After the iPhone restarts, allow it to acquire signal and display the T-Mobile logo then go to where you edit the APN settings (Settings –>General–>Cellular) Once that is done, enable the LTE toggle and you’re good to go.

Lei Mobile


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  • RedGeminiPA


    Is it a little odd for the ping time to be higher with full bars versus the one with only 2 bars?

    • iansltx

      On a mobile network with any sort of load on it, 3ms of latency difference is well within statistical error. Nothing to wonder about.

  • Derp

    What about visual voicemail…

    • RedGeminiPA

      Most likely only for the revamped A1428 launching April 12th. We should know more soon if anything is updated for the current models when they push the LTE update.

  • mdosu

    Was there an anticipated date for the OTA to enable LTE for exisiting Iphone5s on T-Mobile?

  • James

    I think iOS 6.14 is coming soon and it will fix the pass code unlock and the battery drainage and also enable LTE for T-Mobile, so if you aren’t jail broken, don’t jailbreak just for LTE when an update is coming because you will mess up you phone like I did when I jailbroke mine :(

  • Rafael

    When did the Iphone 5s come out? I heard it wasn’t out until June.

    • That’s the plural, iPhone 5S would be a new model.

      • bob90210

        What if there were more than one iPhone 5S?

        If you had more than one One which one One of the Ones would you pick?

    • Tbui

      He is referring to more than one iPhone 5


    we are updating our guide with newer files right now. visit our site to stay updated.

    • Let me know if you make any changes, I’ll update our post.


        So far our guide we have posted on our site now is the most current version. We are working on iPad support next.


        Awesome .. Works like a charm. 20 down and 12 up.

        • Ali

          Ok . So it says LTE. But I was only able to use for 3 hours. Now it say “cannot access cellular data network”. So I had turn off the LTE toggle.

        • Ali

          Ok . So it says LTE. But I was only able to use for 3 hours. Now it say “cannot access cellular data network”. So I had turn off the LTE toggle.

      • galaxydude

        Hey Dave do you have a Time frame for a LTE launch in West Palm beach Florida. ?:-)

  • David

    I updated it and I use to get “3G” in my area. Now I get “4G” and not “LTE” symbol is that right?

  • droidsoup

    I wonder if David will unlock his iPhone and use it on Tmobile now? I find it funny that the guy who created this site actually uses an iPhone with another carrier…

    • Wow……really…How can he not have T-Mobile coverage yet be so vested in T-Mobile. I smell a sham

  • Vinney

    Is the commcenter path necessary I was able to load the carrier bundle with no issues now it says 4G instead of 3G,

    • Vinney

      Will this also work for a 4s or just a 5?

      • Will

        The 4s does not have LTE. So there really is not any point other than to enable tethering. But I think that is enable by default on T-Mobile.

    • Vinney

      Will this also work for a 4s or just a 5?

  • Vinney

    Is the commcenter path necessary I was able to load the carrier bundle with no issues now it says 4G instead of 3G,

  • MatthewMurawski

    Thanks so much. My friend used this and is getting “4G” signal instead of “3G” and is getting faster speeds.

  • weezy

    Will be interesting to see how long it takes to get an official WiFi Calling app from Tmobile on their iPhone5.

  • marco valdez

    I have a verizon factoty unlock iphone 5 and works very good!!!

    • David Q

      How did you get LTE on verizon phone?

  • Odd, didn’t work for me. Not going to worry about it too much, as I test drove T-Mobile today with a pre-paid SIM and I just don’t feel the network is up to par in my area. Phone signal is good, but EDGE in far too many places, and only 3G otherwise…not even HSPA+. Perhaps in the future, and maybe with a phone that has the AWS bands enabled.

  • Dinghy

  • Okay, I’d really like to know how to undo this…my APN is really screwed up, I can’t undo the changes, and my phone is saying I’m not subscribed to a data plan on AT&T. What I really need are the original carrier bundle files. Any help?

  • Today I recieved the updated OS for Tmobiles network and what a disappointment! My Apple purchased unlocked phone settings were changed by the update and when I phone the Customer Service, they advised that there were receiving many calls regarding this update! Why is it so hard to properly test a product before you push it out to the users?

  • juozas

    has anybody tried tris trick outside USA? i mean does it work only particulary with TMobile, or it just enables LTE for other networks also (for example in Europe)?

  • Adam Daieh

    I was able to make it work in my jailbroken phone. I downloaded the speedtest in Cydia just to make sure it works.