Buying A 16GB Samsung Galaxy S 4? Make Sure To Get A Memory Card With It


Anyone hoping to pickup a Samsung Galaxy S 4 better be ready to purchase a microSD card along with it. As there’s been no mention of any size higher than the 16GB on T-Mobile, it’s worth noting that the device comes with just 8.82GB of free memory available to the user. That number accounts for the pre-loaded applications, with the remainder of the 16GB memory not even accessible on the Storage info screen. As far as your Galaxy S 4 is concerned, it only has 8.82GB of free memory available.

Ultimately, if you want to load music or store pictures to leave memory available for all the apps you’ll want to have, a microSD card is going to be a must-have with the entry-level 16GB model.

Let’s hope T-Mobile changes its tune and introduces a 32GB or 64GB model down the road.

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  • Wicked1

    That’s ridiculous, 16GB models of any phone shouldn’t even be getting introduced anymore. I’m gonna go with the HTC I think, even though I would prefer to have a sd card slot

  • Ginadagelatina

    Dang i guess all upeople complaining have nothingg betta to do 8 gigs is still alot. I guess u guys need more storage for all dem porno vids.

    • thinmanXXS


      • Ginadagelatina

        That 8 gigs is still alot.

        • watkins

          8 gbs is Jack shit and appalling. Considering they removed the ability to install apps to sd. Are you on drugs?

  • kalel33

    If this was a major issue for most people to have more storage than this then the number one selling phone on Verizon wouldn’t be the Apple Iphone 4 8GB but it is. I just like having the microSD card so I can back up my phone and just move all my media from one phone to another by just changing the card.

  • fanbot

    This is exactly why you shouldn’t go with the HTC One! At least Samsung gives you the option to expand your memory with a card, but just imagine getting stuck with a 16gb HTC phone. Even if you have 32gb on HTC’s phone, you’ll be lucky if get to use half of that.

    • ssl48

      The 32gb HTC One comes with about 26gb of free space so I don’t see the problem.

  • Jason

    Just root and get rid of the bloatware, problem solved.

  • ssl48

    This phone is $50 more than the HTC One and has half the data, no thanks.

    • Jason

      Who cares? It’s a whopping 16 GB of memory. You can get a 16 GB SD card on eBay for $8. You will be singing a different tune when you finally want to customize your HTC One and realize that HTC has locked down the bootloader and then when you are trying to follow all the instructions on how to register the phone with HTC to void warranty and use ADB to unlock the bootloader and end up bricking it (HTC phones are VERY UNFORGIVING), you will wish you had a S4 so you could just have used ODIN and un-bricked your phone in a matter of minutes. Very naive statement you made there. Android Rookie.

      • mikej

        Amen to that, anyone who would purchase a HTC over a Sammy knows NOTHING about Android phones. People complain Sammys feel cheap, who cares, your going to put an Otterbox on it anyway. Unlocked bootloaders, easy to root, easy to fix if soft bricked, and very developer friendly (and developer supported, many more Sammy compatible custom roms comparted to HTC). Sammy is the way to go, hands down.

        • thegoogle

          and then you realize the vast majority of users will never root their phone. his comment wasn’t naive it was true and accurate. users shouldn’t have to root just to get the memory they paid for. 8 gb of bloatware is inexcusable

  • Noel

    To all these OEMs..How much more does it cost to put 16GB more storage on a device. Why should someone spend all that money on a very good device with only 8.82GB available for use?? It is about time these devices come with 32GB/64GB or as much as 128GB.

  • bearfludd55

    Jus ordered my s4 I couldnt wait on tye HTC one anymors

  • Nick

    I’m not a big government guy, but I wish a government agency would require phone/computer/hard drive/etc manufacturers to advertise amount of storage available to user. And not in fine print or spoken 100 mph at the end of the commercial. Big bold print, right alongside total capacity…”16gb memory, 8.82 available” or “1tb memory, 910 gb available”

    • Nolan

      In Hard drives, the unusable space is file pointers. Obviously on phones the storage is used by the OS and other applications, it shouldn’t really need to be said.

      • V Kain

        The consumers who demand to be notified how much free space is in use makes me laugh.

        It’s the equivalent to complaining furnished apartment square feet isn’t accurate because of the furniture.

    • sean

      hahaha hilarious

  • Randall Lind

    that sucks that they use 8GB for T-mo and samsung apps wtf kind of crap is that?

    • Jason

      Just root it and remove the bloatware, Samsung phones take a matter of minutes to root and the process is very simple. Check out the xda developers website for details.

  • steveb944

    Bloatware galore. Glad I got plenty of space with my clean Nexus.

  • tommest

    I just got my galaxy s4 today. It seems like there is issue with the screen auto dimm by itself, even though the brightness it all the way up and all setting to the max brightness ,and it gets really hot. Anybody experience this problem . Thnx

  • WhippetNYC

    Re: Samsung S4’s Micro USB to Standard USB cable —

    I have a technical question regarding the white Micro USB to Standard USB white cable that comes with the S4: Does it have a non-standard, internally reversed wiring that the S3’s black Micro USB to Standard USB does? I know for certain that the S3’s black cable has internally REVERSED cabling. I’m asking because i need a 2nd white Samsung S4 micro usb to standard usb cable (it only comes with one) due to my specific circumstances and they are kind of tough to come by.

    If there’s any chance whatsoever that you guys have spares that are actually ORIGINAL Samsung S4 cables, I would be MOST grateful if you don’t mind sending one to me.

    Back in the S3 days, I did my research and Samsung did indeed reverse 2 internal cables INSIDE their black S3 usb cable. Hence, it was imperative that one would only use ORIGINAL Samsung S3 usb cables, and NOT ordinary micro usb to standard usb cables.

    Thank you so much in advance.