(Update) Breaking Down T-Mobile’s New Uncarrier, No-Contract, One Rate Plan Fits All Approach

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Update: To try to bulk answer questions so many of you are wondering — unfortunately, I have no idea how this will affect existing customers. It’s impossible to know that from these images, but I would imagine standard industry practice would follow and your existing plan would be grandfathered. T-Mobile isn’t going to force anyone to change to this plan on the 24th, but they may ask you to do so with your next upgrade. That’s a pattern AT&T has followed for some time, but again, that’s just a guess on my part. As for the EIP25, I’m being told it’s actually 25 months of payments and not a new $25 tier. We’re still waiting to confirm more info, but keep in mind everything I know about this new program is on these sheets. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, assume we have to wait to find out. 

On the heels of our latest report comes a complete breakdown of T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier approach, set to be formally announced later today. It appears that our report from last Friday has panned out completely and T-Mobile will in fact cut contracts for Value Plan postpaid customers. Along with Value Plan contract customers, Mobile Broadband Customers will also find a no annual contract solution awaiting their next purchase. “No annual contract mobile broadband (MBB) is another way that T-Mobile is putting customers first and providing great customer service. T-Mobile is the only national carrier to offer all the benefits of MBB service, without requiring a restrictive contract.”

That’s not all as T-Mobile is introducing a whole new rate plan with Unlimited Talk, Text and 500MB of web included automatically. But wait, you want more data? Well, T-Mobile can help with that. For each line, you can add 2GB of data for $10 per 2GB of data each month OR you can add the $20 unlimited data plan to each line. You got that right, that’s one rate plan for the entire company, no more choosing between Value and Classic plans, it’s one rate — all the time.

So let’s break that down:

A single line will cost $50 for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of web included automatically. To add unlimited data would be an additional $20 per month totaling $70. What if you don’t want unlimited data you ask? Each month you can use as much data as you see fit and T-Mobile will bill you $10 for each 2GB of data consumed. No need to call in and ask for a certain bucket, just use the data and receive a bill. You can go up to 12GB of data per line on every postpaid account, which is perfect for the time you travel and consume more data than usual. There is no mention of caps or overages, which begs the question for how T-Mobile will handle the pay per 2GB rate plan once you hit the 12GB cap.

So how about family plans? Well, the same deal applies. Two lines will cost $80 which allows for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of web data included. Each added line will cost $10 per month and will also include 500MB of data along with unlimited talk and text. The same data rates then apply for each line: $10 per additional 2GB per line and $20 for unlimited data per line.

*Postpaid Unlimited data feature can add one of these SMHS add-ons; (capped once allotment reached); 500MB $0, 2.5GB $10 and 4.5GB $20.

Every rate plan with unlimited data includes Smartphone Mobile HotSpot, with postpaid offering lower out-of-pocket costs using the equipment installment plan. No more overages, no more surprise bills, no more activations fees and one single rate plan for the carrier. As for Mobile BroadBand, with a voice plan it’s $10 and for standalone pricing it’s $20 per month. Each MBB plan includes 500MB of data, with each additional 2GB of data costing an additional $10 up to 12 total GB. So, a standalone customer using T-Mobile’s MBB plan with 6GB of data will pay $20 + $30 ($10 per 2GB) for a total of $50.

As for that equipment installment tier we mentioned last Friday, T-Mobile will introduce a new $25 EIP tier which is likely geared toward the future launches of the Galaxy S IV, iPhone and HTC One.

So there you have it, one rate plan, less confusion, no activation fees, mobile hotspot included, T-Mobile – the uncarrier. Current intel has us looking at a March 24th date for all of these changes becoming the law of T-Mobile land. Stay tuned.

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  • scottmog

    So let me get this straight… we have 4 people. 80 for family + 20 two more lines + 40 two gigs of data for everyone (total is 2.5gigs). 140 bucks total and 35 a person a month? This is freaking amazing if I’m doing my math correctly…

    • Napster87

      That’s exactly right. AND even if you wanted to get new phones, it’d only be around $55 a month per line. that’s amazing.

  • words-of-wisdom

    I’m glad they’re getting rid of contracts but will they still have Pay-as-you-go [PAUG] or phase it out. I hope they don’t Phase it out or I’m leaving. For me PAUG fits my needs & saves me at least $400 to $600 bucks a year.

  • zak

    Question: Will they still be selling devices with SIM Locks or will they start selling all phones unlocked?

    • brian

      Good Question. Does anyone know???

  • Napster87

    As a t-mobile rep, I’m stoked about the changes. The idea of getting rid of subsidies is really the way to go. I hate when people can’t understand how EIP works or how it benefits them. Just the very phrasing of “no contracts” is great while people will jump all over the idea of financing a phone.

  • QBeastly

    It’s a new age of wireless, baby! I’m happy as hell that T-Mobile is deciding to do something drastic to shake things up. Success or failure has yet to be seen, but it’s nice to know that a corporation is giving the people what they want… I mean, obviously these people will still complain, but there’s no pleasing these people anyway lol.

  • Joseph Tongret

    Okay, so after studying this closely for a bit(and neglecting my work to do so, lol) I don’t gather that a phone call to Tmo on the 24th will result in them releasing my five lines from the current family plan contracts, all ending in contact at varying times between August of this year and December of next year? I’d love to do so, as after carefully following the pricing from the chart above, and jotting down numbers on a piece of scrap paper, the total monthly bill for the postpaid plans to fit my needs would be $140 plus associated taxes, etc. That’s quite a difference from the $260 I currently get billed! This is of course after adjusting some of the unlimited data plans we have now to be more in line with what we actually use, and dropping the two PHP insurance plans we’ve had for years and never made a single claim.

    The 2 primary lines @ $80 + $30 equaling 5 lines with talk/text/500mb. Only three of those lines needing an additional 2gb’s of data added, so that’s $30…WOW..$140 TOTAL… WOW!!! I’m going to just assume there won’t be a corporate discount any longer, because these prices already seem to be unbelievable, but if there is that’s just INCREDIBLE! Admittedly my large savings is a lot to do with having much larger data plans then necessary for my current plan, but after all these recent changes I’m really looking at cutting costs as much as possible without compromising anyone’s normal use on our account. My wife & I take care of the bill to cover service for ourselves, my Mother, and two siblings, so it’s pretty hefty! I’m gathering that we would have to agree to an EIP for all five lines in order to do this, and I’m just don’t think I’m going to be buying them all new devices? If this is the case, we will be patiently waiting for all lines to complete contract and definitely taking advantage of these savings! #Tmo Rocks!

    • thepanttherlady

      Assuming you’re on classic, you can look into the Bridge to Value where they start moving your lines over as they get closer to the end of your contract.

      Purchasing phones utilizing the EIP is only an option, not mandatory. You can continue using your phones or purchase phones elsewhere.

      • Joseph Tongret

        Unfortunately that will take around 18 months, but I’m still excited for the savings down the road! After reading the previous rumors it sounded like we would be able to request to move to the new plan pricing, but obviously they won’t be releasing ppl from contracts several months early in order to collect LESS money from us every month, lol! I can’t say I’d expect them to either, we were aware of the prices when we agreed to it.

        • thepanttherlady

          Unless I misread your original post, if one of your contracts is up in August, you should be at or over the 18 months needed for Bridge to Value without incurring a migration fee.

          It doesn’t hurt to call and ask. You may be able to start saving now versus later.

        • bob90210

          If you will be saving $120 a month, you should figure out how much the Bridge to Value will cost because you will be paying over $2000 extra by the time all the contracts are done.

  • sullim4

    As someone on a 1000 minute family value plan, this ends up costing me a lot more. Currently I have 1k Family Value at $50, unlimited txt at $10, an add-a line at $5, and 2 lines with 2GB of data at $20 total. So that’s $85. Under the new plan, it’s $80 plus $10 add a line, plus 2x 2GB of data at $20 total. In the end, the new plan is $110. That’s $25/mo I’d rather not spend since I don’t use 1000 anytime minutes a month.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Same boat… anyone with LESS THAN unlimited family minutes is screwed.

      If they keep the grandfather in the old plans… I’m happy.

  • tmoboid

    Many of you have mentioned how these plans could possibly limit the choices of a customer who wants or uses 500 or 1000 minutes. This is a valid argument for a portion of Tmo’s customers. Although this may be unfortunate, I can’t put a number on how valuable it will be to the vast majority of customers to not have to wonder or worry about overages. Most of us reading and commenting on this sight are savvy consumers–we are the minority. I have very recently worked at a T-Mobile corporate location and can’t tell you how often customers have questions on how there are billed or exactly what services they get from the plan they already have! The simplicity in minutes, texting, and no more “pay per use web” will be a huge benefit for T-Mobile, it’s current customers, and the vast majority of potential new customers.

  • Mr. Alderson

    Sprint sucks. The only reason to go to them is if you want truly slow unlimited data FOR A NEW IPHONE. They just launched LTE in the Bay Area, CA and their “LTE” speeds are SLOWER than TMO’s 4G speeds lol. Very laughable. If you ever know anyone with sprint in the bay area, they get like 56K speeds until their “LTE” launched. plus GSM is superior. Love having to be able to use my phone world wide and just buy a sim card. With TMO now offering unlimited data. they are much better network than Sprint. TMO just doesn’t have the iphone, if they did, sprint would lose so many customers cause they really truly suck.

    As for ATT and Verizon. please. you have to pay more with them. significantly more. DONT EVEN BRING UP GRANDFATHERED PLANS. we are talking PRESENT DAY ISH. and what good si 100Mbps if you get capped at 2GB bandwith HAHA.

    • TechHog

      Please stop making comments. Nobody likes obnoxious fanboys

  • Rather Confused and Surprised

    Hey guys, my friend/roommate went in to buy a phone to add to an existing account and he learned that they ARE NOT financing phones anymore. You MUST pay MSRP on the phone when you buy it. There is no in-store pricing anymore. The local store was absolutely confounded because they were not informed of this change. It was showing up on the register as full price and they called corporate and that was the answer (customers must buy in full). So, just letting you know that the rumors of them still financing a phone on payments is no more, at least right now.

    • TechHog

      Random comment from a guest that contradicts everything that has been said up to this point. Seems legit.

      At any rate, if this comment isn’t BS, he probably just wasn’t buying from a T-Mobile store.

      • Really Confused and Surprised

        Oh, no. It is a T-Mobile branded store. I bought my phone personally from there last weekend and I was able to finance my phone. My roommate was absolutely confused. I tweeted the Tmobile help twitter to see about an answer. But apparently the store supervisor was absolutely surprised to hear that this policy changed without any information given to them. He went into the store today. Also, the HTC 8X disappeared from the online store (as well as device help? This one I only heard about, uncertain), and the online store doesn’t seem to show any discounts either now (except for the $50 online ones).

        • Really Confused and Surprised

          Oh nevermind about the website thing. But honestly, I’m not sure about the store thing. I might go in and talk to the store myself and see what the deal is.

        • Really Confused and Surprised

          (Might note, that the computer wouldn’t allow for any financing options or in-store prices for them. The supervisor for the store called T-Mobile corporate and the corporate “help” said that people had to buy it for full price, no more in-store pricing. They also wouldn’t allow him to finance a phone. The friend also doesn’t have too bad of credit either. So the computer and a corporate person both basically “said” that these options did not exist.)

        • Really Surprised

          Alright, after confirming more of what they were saying and getting more information from another person that was there that was also on the account,it sounds like when they changed the other policies, they may have changed some policies it regarding the financing, but it wouldn’t be significant for most people depending on your credit. People a bit more lacking in credit might want to consider buying their phones outright now because they are requiring a bit more deposit and down payment on the phones than before (the rep was surprised at the cost compared to before). Although, the rep didn’t give my roommate a very clear answer to the roommate about what was going on since he didn’t seem to understand.

          The one who holds the account (which isn’t me) figured it was because her credit wasn’t great, but not bad is why the roommate would have to pay nearly the phone’s cost if he tried to finance it, unlike the other two phones on the account. (The phone in question is the HTC 8X, he would have had to pay nearly $500 just to finance it with the changed “insurance [of payment?]” policy, so he’s just going to buy it outright.)

          T-mobile said that it depends on the rate plan from their Twitter. He’d be getting the $70 plan on their account with the other roommates, and the other roommates didn’t pay as much for nearly as expensive of phones with the same plans. So that’s why I question if something changed in the financial policy a bit.

          Ah well, just disregard this unless they did actually change the policy a bit. (I’m leaning towards maybe, but they aren’t specifying about it.)

        • Really confused

          Wait, what? Now they are telling me that the $70 Monthly4G plan does not allow for financing. Huh? Now I am confused again. Was that always true?

        • Travis Hill

          The Monthly4G plans have never allowed device financing as far as I know.

    • http://tmonews.com David

      Yeah, no. You must be thinking about MetroPCS.

  • T-mobile Rep

    Current customer will NOT be forced to change there rate plans, however if you’re on classic plan you will not get a discounted device any more after the 24th of this month.
    Your option to save money and switch to value or stay on the more costly plan,
    pay full price upfront for your device while on classic.

    You can take advantage of the bridge to value if all of your lines can’t switch over without paying migration fee.Remember 18 or plus month since last discount per line, you can switch over tovalue with OUT any migration fees. Any lines with less than 18 month will havemigration fee and that fee is less the closer you are to 18th month. Also After
    the 24th T-Mobile will only have Unlimited talk plan. No longer will their be
    any minute’s plans. So if that is important to you then get on the minute plan
    you want before the 24th.
    Please don’t not yell at any of the sales reps in store or customer care. We have been told next to nothing about what going to change. T-Mobile is holding a 5 hour training for all sales employees in retail store for each market during the morning hours of 24th. Most retail stores will open later then normal due to I.T. pushing software upgrades to our computers to reflect the changes. You will need to call your local store to see if they plan to open late on the 24th. The Kansas city market will not be opening stores till after 2 pm when our meeting is over.

    • sushimane

      so i just recently switch the value plan from the classic plan to get the note 2 with 500 minute unlimited text and data am i safe?

      • T-mobile rep

        What plan you have now, will stay.

    • bluestar

      Regarding there no longer being any limited minute plans for new customers as of March 24…does this include the $30 Monthly4G 100 min/UNL text/5 GB high-speed data plan, AKA “The Walmart Plan?” I ask because of the special nature of this plan (available only at Walmart, walmart.com, and t-mobile.com) – don’t know if that makes a difference or not. My mom isn’t quite ready to make the switch from Verizon to this plan just yet, so it’d be preferable to activate an account on t-mobile.com in a few months instead of doing it now to get grandfathered in. Thanks!

      • T-mobile rep

        Nothing has been said about T-mobile prepaid plans or walmart plans. So not much help on that. Maybe more info will come later on.

        • bluestar

          Thank you!

  • rubi76

    I wonder why nobody is commenting on the $ 5 plus $ 15 discount…. every month on a recurring basis for current customers who switch from a classic plan… that’s huge savings…

    Does anybody know if this is a discount per account or per line? Meaning if a family plan with 3 lines switches, do they get $20 off every month or $ 60?

    • Crusher

      People are just flat out dumb thats why. Some People go for the free phone or big discount not seeing that they are getting bent over by Verizon and At&T in the long run. Sheeple!

    • Crusher

      let’s see, Samsung Galaxy 3 on Verizon $130 mo with unlimited Talk Text and “overage web”. Samsung Galaxy 3 on T-Mobile with unlimited everything “no overage no cap web” with installments of $20mo, $90 mo payment for 20 months. then $70 month. No brainer!!!!! The industry is about to get rocked!

  • AvarageJoe

    T-Mobile is going to make a big splash this summer. I have been a customer for 18 months and I’ll tell you coming from Verizon and before then At&T that T-Mobile is the best carrier I had in my ten years of having cell phones. Price is great coverage is great, no complaints at all. I currently have a value plan and I pay $205 for 5 lines with Unlimited Everything with 2gb of overage free web for each line for my plan. I can tell you that you can’t touch that price on any other major carrier, so why do people bitch is beyond me. If people did some homework they would stop overpaying for the SAME service.

    • korama12

      Some people are “bitching” because they aren’t in the same situation that you’re in. I’m glad that these new plans will net you some savings but you should understand that not all of us are on the same plan that you are, with the same number of lines, and the same data needs. Obviously if that were the case for all of us then there would be a lot less negatively towards this announcement. Unfortunately these plans will cost me MORE. I won’t “bitch” though because I know that I have prepaid options to fall back on. I just felt like I should explain the viewpoint of those of us who are dissapointed since there seems to be a growing contingent of commenters who are angry at us for not celebrating the news that these new plans do not fit our needs the way we had hoped. Of course T-Mobile can’t please everyone so I’m not going to hold it against them. I’ll go the prepaid route and pay for the services I need, not pay for those that I don’t, save money, and wish you all well who are making out better under these new plans.

      • xmiro

        they say poaching family accounts away is the bread and butter. Multi-line customers, families in particular, tend to stick around long because it’s harder to move.
        For us it’s true, only 2 lines but i’m the one who made the case for staying with tmobile. My partner would have bailed in 2008 for AT&T or Verizon


    I’m reading some of these comments and no one has mention anything about MBB which you can get with voice for $10.00 bucks a month if this the case why go with unlimited.

  • Mark-Anthony

    My head hurts.

    • http://www.facebook.com/unfazedrebel Jé Be (Here but Gone)

      Why! Did T-Mobile hit you? Call the authorities

  • Sharklover

    1 benefit if I read it right is that now with the $20 unlimited data you also get 4.5gb of hotspot. Is that correct? 1 big downside which may cost t-mobile a lot of customers is some businesses pay for phone service but not phones. So this may cause some people to switch carriers.

    • corepreacher

      No when the new plans come and you get umlimted data you get 500MB of hotspot for free and you pay $20 for 4.5 GB of hotshot

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    This would make perfect sense for someone who gets great t mobile coverage where you live or work…It would even better if they kept the same deal after launching LTE service..As for now T Mobile does not work very well at my work address so no for for now…At home it works great but i usually use WIFI at home so I don’t really need it at home

  • pissah

    heres my problem: there isnt any 4g for 100 fucking miles in any direction! why the fuck do i have to pay the same amount for an inferior service! for the record, i live in the largest city of a new england state. 10 minutes out of the city and its edge if i’m lucky. us cellular has had 4g here for almost a year, time to buck up tmo.

    • CRT24

      Then don’t use T-Mobile service if it doesnt work for you…..pretty simple solution! No carrier has coverage that works for everyone, everywhere so use the one that works best for YOU!

  • Jimmy

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does the BTV stack when multiple lines have it? For example, each line that has it will have $5 voice off and $15 data off?

    • corepreacher


  • Spokker

    My current plan is: 4G Unlimited EM+ – $25

    Even More Plus 500 Talk – $29.99 (I would love a 100 minute plan)

    I don’t need unlimited talk and I even block text messages. I wouldn’t want to pay $70 a month if I were a new customer, and I think the new plans will alienate customers who have such a situation.

  • jimmywangyang

    I Don’t Want Unlimited Minutes But These Plans Are Amazing… $60 for unlimited talk, text, and 2 gigs of internet?

  • jimmywangyang

    EIP = Subsidy? It’s confusing.

    • thepanttherlady

      EIP = Equipment Installment Plan. It’s not a subsidy.

  • kiblawi2000

    “T-Mobile will bill you $10 for each 2GB of data consumed. No need to call in and ask for a certain bucket, just use the data and receive a bill.”

    I don’t think this is valid, but correct me if I’m wrong. It makes no sense. It doesn’t mention anything like that in the posters, and the whole point of this un-carrier is no overages. Why would they make it possible for you to be charged more than you really were expecting? Especially for people who don’t monitor their data usage, of course they will be surprised when they see another $10 added on their bill. They also use the wording “high-speed data” just like they have in the past to show a cap of 3G/4G data that is then throttled when hit. I think the $10 levels is to show that a person can go up to 12gb of high speed data, and for every 2gb you go up, it’ll just be $10 more. And once you hit 12gb, you’re going to be throttled regardless because you’ll be a liability for congesting the network. But then I don’t understand why anyone would pay $20 for 4gb when you can pay $20 for truly unlimited. Am I right?

    • CRT24

      If you were to use 12 gb then this is the same price that is currently charged for 10 gb, plus this includes tethering as well…..if you dont need tethering then subscribe to unlimited data for $20 so not quite sure what doesn’t make sense about this

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    For those who were wondering…the $70 a month value plan with unlimited data will include 500MB of tethering. a 2 GB add-on can be purchased for $10 (total = 2.5 GB) and a 4GB add-on can be purchased for $20 (total = 4.5 GB).

    I am sssooo excited for the new plans! I will be switching my old grandfathered plan to this. it will cost me the same amount, but I don’t need $5.99 T-Zones any more! (if I kept it and did an upgrade, I’d lose the $5.99 T-zones and be forced to add data)

    Blackberry Z10, HERE I COME!!!

  • ticket

    Current plan (1,000 w/ unlimited nights/weekend mins at $40, android preferred 5G cap at $20, No text, plus subsidize phone).

    The new plan has unlimited data for $20, would I be able to add on this unlimited data plan to my current 1,000 minute plan and drop the android preferred data plan or is it only for the new unlimited minite plan

    Will my current plan still be subsidize ?
    If the unlimited data can be added on as I asked above will the phone be subsidized ?
    Will there be a discount to my current plan if the phone if my current plan will no longer be subsidized like the classic plan?

  • http://qwirkie.com/ Kyrie Elayne Tompkins

    I have a question about this – the flowcart says you get “Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web + 500mb High-speed data” – what exactly does that mean? Everyone’s saying you only get 500mb data, but that’s not what the sheet implies…

    I know it seems silly, but my boyfriend and I live in Maine and don’t get higher than a 2G signal anywhere. We’re currently on prepaid and spending $60 for both our phones. We’re on the 100 Min. Unlimited text/web plan, but we’re running out of minutes each month – I’d gladly pay $20 more for the unlimited minutes/unlimited “Web” (which I’m assuming is 2G?) and sacrifice our “5GB of 4G” that we can’t even use…

    • xmiro

      Yu, in the new plans, each line comes with 500MB of data at full speed. But you’ll pay $80+taxes, I don’t know if pre-paid is taxed or not – your total monthly bill would be around $90-95 I think.

      • galactix

        Actually, no family plans will be available on pre paid. So it would be 2 $50 plans for unlimited talk text and 500mb. Only post paid customers can get the $80 2 line deal.

  • Randall Lind

    If I read this right my bill will be $70+tax for unlimited everything right? I am fine with that I pay $110.58 now. Allowing payments for new phones is also cool.

    • xmiro

      true, though if it is important to you you cannot tether on Unlimited 4G past 500MB monthly.

  • adeedew

    Sorry but I can’t seem to figure this out clearly at all. I currently pay $70/month for truly unlimited everything on an unlocked iPhone 5. No contract month to month plan. Will anything change? Can i now add tethering? Isn’t all of tmobile new plans going to be no contracts so why is there talk of postpaid, different type accounts etc? Thanks.

  • Genecio

    The purpose of the credit check is to see if you’re credit worthy, i.e. do you pay your bills on time etc. Remember even without EIP you’re still a postpaid customer meaning you use the service first then you get billed. This is why a credit check would still be needed. For Monthly 4G it is prepaid meaning you fund your account (Pay the bill in advance) then you get service. No contract or credit check needed because if you don’t pay for the next month of service then your phone will just stop working (Disconnected).

  • marbles

    Let me get this straight.. i will be paying 70 dollars for everything included and no contract but the phone will be full price? I’ll be coming to Tmobile once the htc one is out and i need to know this lol

  • Bill Berry

    I can answer existing customers…you have to wait until your contract expires. I asked my local kiosk point blank this very question.

  • Anthony Tarantino

    I chose T-Mobile over Sprint because their Unlimited 4G plan is cheaper, plus they have Windows Phones.

    AT&T and Verizon don’t have unlimited data anymore, so they’re out of the picture.

    So with these new “Uncarrier” plans, does this make Sprint’s unlimited data plan cheaper?

    I’d rather have a contract plan and get a subsidized phone than be forced to pay for an overpriced phone upfront.

  • Anthony Tarantino

    I chose T-Mobile over Sprint because their Unlimited 4G plan is cheaper, plus they have Windows Phones.

    AT&T and Verizon don’t have unlimited data anymore, so they’re out of the picture.

    So with these new “Uncarrier” plans, does this make Sprint’s unlimited data plan cheaper?

    I’d rather have a contract plan and get a subsidized phone than be forced to pay for an overpriced phone upfront.

    • http://www.androidheadlines.com/ Alexander Maxham

      No, Sprint is still more expensive

  • http://www.androidheadlines.com/ Alexander Maxham

    Funny how Android Authority just posted this as an exclusive lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/cesuh Cesar Benito

    I want to clear up a few things about this. First thing is yes there is no activation fees but there is a $10 SIM starter kit fee.
    Secondly, the data is not 2gb with overage… It will do the same as before…. Throttle. The biggest thing here is you will pay per 2gb should you choose to. Why would someone go with 4, 6, 8, or 10/12 GB??? Its simple. These have full mobile hotspot.
    as far as the unlimited data goes…. 500 mb of hotspot is included and if you want more 2gbs is $10 and 4gbs is $20.
    last but not least…. Prepaid will not have hotspot at all.
    hope this helps.
    if you don’t believe me that’s fine. But I just sold a bunch of these plans today. I’m a manager btw.

  • dottie

    the new contractless rate is not for me. I have been with t-mobile from the beginning, and this is just going to cost me more with no incentives. I am looking for a new carrier.

  • Betty

    It’s no contract but when you cancel, Tmobile charge you $200 for cancellation fee if you don’t stay with them for 2 years.